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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Head Day ......... Just for me ....... Prose poem ...

Soft wrap of fingertips, secured its pulsing rapture,
Stroking its sides slowly, firmly, tenderly,
Bringing it to a complete wholeness of fullness

Inhale was my breath,
Vibrating was my legs,
As sear sensations projected through my loins,
Contested up my spine

Rhythm steady,
Grip firm,
Scrotum squeezed, while tongue tease the tip of
my distended membrane,
Fingertips enmesh deeply into her hair

Lips encircle,
Heart beats with urgency,
Voice become numb form unbearable pleasure pain,
As head gestures slowly move back and forth,
Easing soft wet lips over the velvet soft flesh of swollen membrane

Lips manipulate,
Fingertips tingle-late, 
As motions of gesture sends my body to the edge of orgasmic completion

Body cling to sensations of pleasurable affliction,
Toes curl,
Buttocks tighten,
Legs involuntarily vibrate,
As swirling sensations bombard the inside of my loins

Lips gip tighter,
Rhythm of gestures quickens,
Body becomes compliant,
Loins flood then explode

Shakes inhibits body movements,
As violent expulsion of white substance,
Ejaculates into the heat of her mouth

Vision blurred,
Lungs burn,
Drum beats articulate from my heart,
Legs too weak to stand,
Again, anticipates through my mind

1Manview © 1999 – 2013


  1. This makes me moan and it's not even Monday.

  2. Glad you liked it Sweets. I was playing with some line changes, but I forgot the translation really sucks when I do that. Oh well....

  3. Mmmmm makes me want to be where she is :-)

    1. And I would like to be where he is... :-) Thank you for the comment..