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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Moaning ..... In hand ...... Prose poem .....

In the middle of a sentence, he kissed me,
Soft, with firmness,
Tenderly, but with passion warmth

Breath hitched, 
Hands drifted to my sides idled,
My legs became soft as putty moist,
My mind went to a place I only know when he is near me

Covered breast, became a victim of his docile kisses,
My world twirled,
My liquid pooled in my center space

Fingertips wondered under my panties elastic,
They touched me softly here, they touched me firmly there,
Each touch felt more sensuous then the last

My breath flowed quickly past his ear, as he held my body all so close to his bosom, 
While his fingertips roamed my hills, my valleys, my erect mountain tops, 
When they dipped into the wake of my moisten pool, he whispered into my ear, 
I'm going to make you cum

My body rose up on it's toes,
My breath inhaled deeply, then abruptly came to an end,
My body shook, as a whole,
"My soul came, audaciously" ...

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  1. Hummmm delicia ...rsrs*

    vim me deliciar com teu blog.


    1. Obrigado pelo comentário delicioso ...

  2. There is something so fucking HOT about getting fingered like that. Feeling the wetness and scent linger afterward is such a turn on.

    1. Now you got me hot and bothered... :)

  3. Two favorite lines:

    "... became a victim of his docile kisses."

    "My soul came, audaciously."

    Love them.

  4. Thanks Sweet, I also liked that last line. I have been trying hard to come up with some new lines... I appreciate it when someone notice it.. :)