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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

No Need To Talk ......... Repetitive poem ........

This poem is a response to TenptingSweet99 poem:

No need to talk

As I stretch your mouth wide open,
With the thickness of my pulsating cock,
While I watch it's uncut skin glistering from the slippery liquid wetness 
spilling from your mouth,
Making its easy for my cock length to slide and glide back and forth between the softness of your inner lips,
To plunge it's total length into the back of your throat with deep thrust of my hips

No need to talk

As I take my slippery wet cock from the heat of your mouth,
And slide it between the over bearing of pillow softness of your bosom,
And stoke it up and down the deep valley between it's peak,
While watching your lips time the capture of the head of my cock on it's up strokes

No need to talk

As your leg lean against the top of on my shoulders,
While my tongue slide deep into the overflowing banks of your pink garden,
Making licking and sucking sounds that entice the excitement of your lust, 
Fuel the greed of your desire

No need to talk
While your hand pull my head closer to your garden opening,
As your hips grind hard into my face, 
While the thickness of your thighs tighten around my ears, only letting them hear the muffled sounds of your groan and moans as my tongue flicker, dive, stroke, slice and taste inside the wetness of your center,
Enticing an articulated scream to pierce into the air, as your body tremble and quake on the elastic tip of my tongue

No need to talk

As my body quickly slide between the deep shivers of your thighs,
Ram the swollen head of my cock deep into the wet pink darkness between your legs,
Cries from the sensation of your pink walls stretching to accommodate the girth of the python slithering into your tightness, will be heard only by the walls,
As my loud greedy grunts follow stroke after stroke, that sails deep into your pink depths, until spasms grip your inner walls, that tightens securely around my cock girth, while your body tremor like a earthquake under mines

No need to talk
As I flip your body over into the "head down as up" position,
Listen to the uncertain gulp that slide pass your lips,
As the swollen head of my cock push against the forbidden door of your darkest offering of your orifices

No need to talk

As deep moans slip into the air, as the slick head of my dick slowly open the virginity of your dark hole, and slowly slither into its dark tight confine of forbidden zone,
Your loud moans will overshadow my loud groans as my length slowly glide up and down the chocolate corridor of your anus,
Excitement, enticement, will fuel the subliminal sensations flooding into our loins,
As my length reach far into your darkest depths 

No need to talk

As whispering moans become silent, as colored white hot ejaculated sperm, 
paint your chocolate walls with its mass white intrusion, as bodies deeply shake and quake

No need to talk
As sexual sleep grabs our bodies that lay in a heap of one...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Head Day ......... Headder .......... Prose poem

Body straddled,
Soft, on top of firm,
Tall, hard, pulsating dick wavers in my hand,
Entice by his thickness, my mouth drooled from wanting, waiting for first taste,
As my head leaned downward close enough to smell his masculine musk,
The feel of firm hands is felt on the side of my breast,
"No", he whispers..

He quickly manipulates my body into another position,
His body wiggles and twist until our bodies are chest too breast,
Strong arms sweep around me in a tight embrace,
The hardness between his legs is felt pulsating between us, as his lips devour mines

Kiss after kiss is bestowed upon my lips,
A soft squeezed is felt on my left breast as a fingertip circle on my right breast hardening nipple,
Quiet moans escape my lips as his right hand firmly cupped the bottom curvature of my left breast

Left hand journey down the slight curve of my stomach, to the smooth mound of my center opening,
Body arch,
Breath hitch, 
As his fingertips enter into the heated resistance of my moistness

Hot tingling sensations run up my spine, while fiery sensations rushed too the center of my wet, as lubricated fingertips ease on the inside of my labia, 
Exquisite sensations rush up my spine as his fingertips eased quickly down the center of my domain

Feverish kisses rain on my lips as his finger roamed inside my pink walls,
Hips gyrate franticly in the rhythm of his fingers motion, thighs tighten and quiver, as waves of sharp sensations wash through my loins

Just as my sexual lust heightens, he stops,
Lungs moan in none approval

Quickly he unseats me, 
He spins my body around, then lays on his back,
A gentle pull on my hips, seat my libra softly on his lips,
My body shudder from his tongue following the small space between my swollen lips

A sudden jerk from my body makes his hand grip firmer on my hips,
As his tongue slither through my folds opening and into my wetness,
My body trembles as my opening perspires continuously, as his tongue pushes deeper into my wet depths

Again he manipulates my body position, 
My body leans upward with my back against the bed headboard, while straddling his face,  
Giving the tip of his tongue a straight flight into my wet domain

His licks flows inside me in a smooth steady rhythm, a rhythm my hips now gyrate in,
A small tingle of orgasmic flow, slowly builds up to a thunders blow,
My arms lean hard on the headboard as my hips grind harder on each sweet deep lick of his tongue

Hips gyration are wider, harder, faster, 
My quiet moans are now loud groans,
He knows I'm there, 
He now how to get me there,
He knows my orgasm is just a few licks away

Quick flicks of his tongue, ease on the top of my protruding clitoris,
My body starts to shake uncontrollably, the strength of his hands hold my body in place as his tongue sharp shoot on my clit, when I feel the heat of his mouth surround it, my orgasm explodes

Pink walls clench then pulsate as my orgasm leaves my womb in a rush,
Staggered cries screams into the air as my body shudders from his tongue precise staggering touches, 
After one last hard shudder, my body sexually collapse  

His strength directs my body into his arms,
As miniature quakes flow through my extremities, his arms holds me tight to his bosom

Strong arms and deep breaths comforts me to a calm, my eyes opens to a none wavering tower of strength between his legs,
Thoughts of his hard thick mass between my thighs entice my womb to weep, then spasm...

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Moaning ....... She's Fresh ..... Prose poem

Purity of essence invades their lungs,
Close, is not nearly close enough,
As bodies embrace becomes intertwine

Soft flesh on side of neck, inherits a stolen kiss, that inflames their desires,
Carnal needs expose their lust for one another

Clothes become none,
Naked flesh against naked flesh, fuel inner flames of animalistic  lust

Sexual acts of adulterated love,
Sooth their souls, 
As moans of passion consummates their vows....

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love reposed ...... Prose poem

Solemn promise in jeopardy,
A hug of remorse,
Tears of regret,
kisses of forgiveness

Touches stimulate,
Passion steps out of the dark,
Spark of love ignites,
Words of love spoken,
Naked flesh of desire exposed

Hips urgently gyrate,
Legs rise then wrap around waist,
Harden flesh thrust deeply,
Womb weeps tears of lust,
Words of endearment overrun the once abundance of silence in the room,
Power of love, steps forth

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Touch me Thursday .... Desperate ways (1) ... Prose poem

I would like for you to know, how much I'm missing you,
Missing the soft firm feel of your fingertips, roaming over the bareness of my flesh,
While tenderly touching all my spots that need to be touched, in the way I like to be touched

I would like for you to know, how much I miss your manly stud,
Its rigid elongatedness penetrating deep into my darken depths,
Its girth stretching my insides to the edge of their worthiness,
The passion pain of having intercourse with the likes of my well hung stud

I would like for you to know, I'm miserably, desperately, sexually, horny,
And I'm doing what I have to do to relieve it all by myself, 
Because you are not here, 
To delicately touch me there,
And bring forth the lightening, thunder and rain, residing inside my thighs....

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Too close? ............ Prose poem .......

Pleasure Principle had posted these lyrics from the song Too Close by Alex clare on her blog, the words triggered a response from me...  :) You can find the song on YouTube

And it feels like I am just too close to love you
There's nothing I can really say
I can lie no more
I can hide no more
Got to be true to myself
And it feels like I am just too close to love you
So I'll be on my way

You've given me more than I can return
Yet there's oh so much you deserve
Nothing to say
Nothing to do
I've nothing to give
I must live without you
You know we're heading separate ways

Too close?
I thought that was what love was about,
Close enough to want some of the things in life I want,
Close enough to share those things together,
Close enough to share our need of one another,
Close enough to share the love of two that has become the love of one

If I deserve more, then why are you leaving me?
You are all that I want, all that I need

Have I asked you for more?
Did I say I needed more then you can give?
What's better then having someone who gives you one hundredth percent of what they have to offer?

I do not need more, 
I do not want more, 
I do not deserve more then you can provide me,
All I ask of you is to love me totally,
And if you can fulfill this one request, then stay,
Because without your closeness, 
My life has no meaning, no love, no air to breath....

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Head Day... Tattle Tale Trail ..... Prose poem...

All day its been patiently standing next to me,
With the beats of its heavy heart, pulsating on my leg,
The weight of its flight, 
kept reminding me of its plight

I can feel Its ache of hunger to please,
Its not stop will to dive into hot tight places

I can't wait for you to reach out for it,
To hold it,
To caress it with your gentle soft touch,
To slowly stroke it, while your lips warm it from the bottom up,
To envolope it, while caressing it with the softness of your moisten lips,
Bath it in your mouth warm moist heat,
Taste its smooth white creamy offering, after it loses its sweet mind, 
From enduring too much of your suffocating oral pleasure...

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Moaning ......... Taken ........ Prose poem





I patiently waited,
In anticipation

Of this once only moment,
Of tantalizing sensations,
That leaves legs shaken,
Back arching,
Voice moaning,
Mind blown

From his first, long, deep, thrust,
Of first penetration....

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spanky Neighbor (1) ....... Prose poem

She heard the sound of someone being firmly spanked coming through her window,
She heard her whimpering cries and low moans, 
But the spanking did not stop,
Wakk, wakk, wakk kept coming through the open window

She heard her say she was sorry,
She heard her say I won't do it anymore,
She heard her say, oh please stop,
But the sounds of her spanking kept going

Wakk, wakk, wakk kept coming from her neighbor butt cheeks through the window,
Hold still was the only thing she heard him say,
"I promise to behave" flooded into the room,
But the sound of the hard firm spanking did not stop

In the distance, she heard, wakk, wakk, wakkk, 
Her stomach tighten,
Her pulse raced,
Her flesh begin to sweat as she listen to what was happening, 
What was she suppose to do, raced through her mind,
Then it all suddenly stopped

Moments later, instead of the sound of a hand smacking flesh,
It was the sound of flesh popping against flesh she now heard,
It was moans of his and hers passion, that floated through her window

She had heard it all,
And now she was watching them from her upstairs window, 
Him taking her, in the backdoor position,
And the way he was forcefully sexually taking her, with urgent deep long strokes, She must make up her mind real soon,
Fingers, or vibrator....,

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Head day ....... Creammer ...... Prose poem

He says I'm greedy

I say I'm needy

Can I help that it's taste is so good

It's good to the last drop

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