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Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Moaning ....... She's Fresh ..... Prose poem

Purity of essence invades their lungs,
Close, is not nearly close enough,
As bodies embrace becomes intertwine

Soft flesh on side of neck, inherits a stolen kiss, that inflames their desires,
Carnal needs expose their lust for one another

Clothes become none,
Naked flesh against naked flesh, fuel inner flames of animalistic  lust

Sexual acts of adulterated love,
Sooth their souls, 
As moans of passion consummates their vows....

1Manview © 1999 – 2013


  1. "Close, is not nearly close enough,"

    I know that feeling.

    I love this part, too:
    " As moans of passion consummates their vows...."
    One couldn't have a better sound to consumate one's vows. :)

    BTW, have you checked your email, lately?

    1. Thank you Sweets, and yes I finally did... :)

  2. Mi piace molto. Qualche volta ti rubo una poesia. :)

    1. Spregiudicatezza ragazza ... :) Grazie per il bel commento ...

  3. Pretty hot ~ I hope you are well ~

  4. Thank you for the visit and comment Heaven. And yes, I am well, thanks for asking...