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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spanky Neighbor (1) ....... Prose poem

She heard the sound of someone being firmly spanked coming through her window,
She heard her whimpering cries and low moans, 
But the spanking did not stop,
Wakk, wakk, wakk kept coming through the open window

She heard her say she was sorry,
She heard her say I won't do it anymore,
She heard her say, oh please stop,
But the sounds of her spanking kept going

Wakk, wakk, wakk kept coming from her neighbor butt cheeks through the window,
Hold still was the only thing she heard him say,
"I promise to behave" flooded into the room,
But the sound of the hard firm spanking did not stop

In the distance, she heard, wakk, wakk, wakkk, 
Her stomach tighten,
Her pulse raced,
Her flesh begin to sweat as she listen to what was happening, 
What was she suppose to do, raced through her mind,
Then it all suddenly stopped

Moments later, instead of the sound of a hand smacking flesh,
It was the sound of flesh popping against flesh she now heard,
It was moans of his and hers passion, that floated through her window

She had heard it all,
And now she was watching them from her upstairs window, 
Him taking her, in the backdoor position,
And the way he was forcefully sexually taking her, with urgent deep long strokes, She must make up her mind real soon,
Fingers, or vibrator....,

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  1. Replies
    1. I'll take that comment with a smile any day :)

  2. Sex, Delicioso...

    Beijos Quentes

  3. LOL! Love the ending. Yes, fingers or vibrator, after hearing the entire performance.

    1. Thank you Sweets. It was one of those had the ending, but had to figure out the middle. :)