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Friday, December 6, 2013

Times to rub off the rust

I'm on the way back. I've been gone too long. I have missed everyone. I did not get that new computer I was looking at, it cost more then a use car, but I got a stand bye for now. I'm hoping Santa is going to be real good to me. (hint-hint sweetie) There is so much work in changing computers. I use to hit a bookmark, now I have to chase to find anything. And pass words, I forgot them all. Duh :)

 I want to give AT&T a big "shout out". It only took almost two months to get me back on the internet. First they sold me a pagage that they haven't install in my area. Then they were suppose to mail me a new modem, but I got wires instead. Only took two weeks to get that straighten out. Yet, they got paid the hold time my internet was down. I was quiet about it, but now that its up and running, I feel sorry for the ear on the end of the phone Monday as I verbally show them my backside.

Anyway, I'm back, My mind is rusty as heck, but after catching up on some of your blogs, the mind is turning again.  Hopefully you will hear me roar real soon.  lol ....! .... 1ManView


  1. So glad you're back, my friend! Big hug!

  2. Me alegro muchísimo de su regreso, espero que no nos dejes otra vez.



    1. Yo también lo espero ... Estoy tan feliz de verte de nuevo Lunna...

  3. We've missed you. Welcome back.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Thanks Ronnie,
    It's nice being back...

    Peace and love