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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Head day .... Sessions (1) ... Short erotic story ... In Prose ....

Teach me...


He walked up to the black board and wrote two words, "Today's Lesson",
When he turned around, his eyes was met with the naked body of a gorgeous young lady with light green eyes,
She had thick smooth thighs, ample firm breast, and two sets of moist soft lips that had kiss me written across them,
He could smell her feminine perfume of ripeness, but today was for only lesson number one, so picking her fruit, had to wait

Pants strained to ease past his erection,
Once off, he urgently kicked them to the side,
He unfasten his shirt, but he had became too excited to take it completely off,
He quickly sat down before her, then motion her down on bended knees in front of him,
Her center lips started to leak, as her eyes feasted on the rippled muscles flowing across his stomach, his broad chest, the enormity between his legs that was pointed straight at her wanting lips

No words were spoken as his hands grasp the two long ponytails on the side of her head,
He kept moving them from side to side, back and forward, moving her head until she accepted and followed his hands movement without hesitation

Her head suddenly jerked hard forward, bringing her face up close to his pulsating erection,
Her eyes watched the long extension of his dick softly wobble in the air,
Its girth soft smooth flesh was so stretched it looked paper thin, 
Her nose overflowed with the pungent smell of his sex, rushing sensations of lust into her loins, 
Making her mouth water in anticipation

His facial expression motioned her to lick him, and lick him she did,
She licked him clumsily, but with enthusiasm,
Each flick of her tongue made his body shiver with sensations,
The heat from her tongue made the tip of his dick, feel as if it was going to burn off

Loud articulating moans escaped his throat, as the pink flesh of her tongue followed the trail of his erection ridge,
Just as she thought she was getting the hang of licking his dick, his body began to tremble

Her head quickly pulled back in "what's happening", before he could reel her head forward so he could slide his palpitating dick head inside her mouth, his hot cream spewed forcefully into her face,
Her body froze in shock

Once it was over, she watched his chest heave heavily in and out as he tried to catch his breath so he could speak,
When his body finally resume its composure, he spoke out

That was lesson one, it's called a facial,
"Oh really" she replied, when I use to spy on my sister giving head to her boyfriend and that would happen, she would say, that was a little premature wasn't it?
A blushed streaked across the professor face, before he could think of a quick reply she said, "I have so much to learn"

Next week same time professor?
He smiled and nodded his head yes....

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Erotic indeed. Thank you.


    1. Thank you ronnie :)

      peace and love

    2. Thank you very much Desthotpussy fot the comment, it was appreciated...

      peave and love

  2. Loved it. Can't wait for next weeks lesson.

    1. Hello young lady, nice to see you again. And Thanks for leaving me a comment.
      It's going to be nice seeing your head day also...


  3. Oh! This was a good one, indeed! I'll be here for the next lesson. ;-)

    1. Me too. :)
      Thanks and see you next week...

      peace and love

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks trinity, it's nice to see you.

      peace and love

  5. It might be time for me to sign up for some classes... ;-)

    1. hehe.. Thanks Cheeky Minx, I appreciate you stopping in...

  6. Describes de una manera muy sensual.

    Un beso grande.

    1. Gracious Misterio .....


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