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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Head Day Heads up (1) ... Short sensual erotica in Prose

After glaring at her empty wine glass, she quietly sat down,
Her mouth still felt dry after consuming three glasses of her favorite red wine, her mind was feeling a little tipsy, but it was her Birthday, so why not?
As she took a deep breath, her belly felt uncomfortably full from her over indulgence of the tasty feast of a meal her husband had prepared for her, 
From the comfort of the thick cushion dining room chairs, her eyes roam the dining room from one side to the other, watching the flicker of the candlelight's off the walls that gave the room a romantic charm, while soft smooth jazz played in the background,
Her glare returned to her glass of wine and her face suddenly frowned,
Because for some reason, her thirst for her favorite wine seemed unquenchable tonight

Noise of dishes being remove from the table redirected her attention,
She smiled as she watched her man clear the table fast and efficient, she had taught him well
ran through her mind, 
Well, the clean up part that is, 
She couldn't cook water without burning it, but he hadn't marry her for her kitchen cooking skills, He married her because her cooking skills were best under the sheets,
And while under the sheets, she always brought the heat

The flow of his body as he walked around the table made her smile, he was all dressed up, but had nowhere to go,
But that's what she admired about him, first he served her food while wearing a beautiful new apron with cherry red hearts all over it, once he was finish serving her, he went back into the kitchen and came out looking all handsome in a new black suit, she loved how he always went the extra mile for her,
She pored another glass of wine and took a big sip, it tasted all so good, but it still didn't hit the spot, 
After another dry swallow, she realized she was serving the wrong thirst, and drinking the wrong wine

Eyes wondered looking for him, but he was nowhere to be seen,
On unsteady legs, she walked into the kitchen and found him sipping on a glass of wine while looking out the window, she could tell his mind was far away as his eyes looked upward into the sky while he admired the brightness of the stars, the glow ring around the moon,
 "Aren't you supposing to be attending your host of the night" she remarked,
After a second of being startled, he turned toward her voice then laughed, he then took a quick sip of wine then replied,
Well, I was just taking a moment to enjoy this sweet tasty red wine of yours before I serve myself the real good stuff, 
After all, we both know I prefer clear wine that has a little tartness to it,
She blushed at his words, then lightly cuddled into his arms,
As they cuddled, she whispered into his ear,  today is my birthday, and I get to drink the first sip of "any" wine in this house tonight

After taking a shaky step back she articulated, "and I won't spill a drop", after putting the glass of wine in her hand down on the kitchen counter she added, and I don't mean a drop of the red wine either,
He smiled and reached out to put his wine glass down next to hers,  but she quickly grab his arm and said "oh- no", you have to hold on to it, and if you spill a drop before I'm done with you, I'll stop and leave you high and dry tonight my caramel delight,
Caught off guard with her words, his body froze in place

Look for climaxing ending on Friday :)
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