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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Heads up (2) .... Sensual short erotic in Prose ....

Softness of her hand, slowly followed the length of his flaccid manhood, while cupping his flaccidity in one hand, she gently squeezed his scrotum with the other, 
Mmm, purred in her throat as she felt his limp meat rising from the dead under the palm of her hand,
As her fingertips pulled his trouser zipper down, the once soft membrane between his legs stiffened hard and lifted upwards, 
After reaching her hand through the zipper opening, she realize his penis had stiffen so hard, she couldn't bulge it out of his trousers, 
Oh shoot she pouted, I can't pull the dang thing out, I'll have to unfasten your trousers,
He laughed as she pulled hard on his pants, playfully trying to make him spill his wine

Trouser belt opened, his shorts are now exposed,
She smiled at him as she pulled his trousers slowly down to his thighs,
This won't do she said, while looking at his tight fitting shorts, after a quick sigh and a hard tug, she had a excess to her favorite hard caramel candy

Once she had his hard throbbing manhood out in the open, it stood straight out with pride towards her,  
She quickly kneeled down onto her knees, then brought her face within an inch of his pulsating meat,
Mmm, she moaned deeply as her tongue slid over the clear liquid oozing from the vertical slit in the center of his blood filled penile,
Now that's what I'm talking about her voice mumbled,
After being amused by her sexy silliness he remarked, "You going to talk or suck some head? 

Hazel brown eyes pierced deep into his, just as he thought maybe he had said the wrong thing, her lips quickly wrapped around the smooth bald head of his pulsating penis, 
As she sucked the first inch of his hard mass between her full lips, sharp sensation bombarded his loins, making his knees feel weak,
Audible groans spill past parted lips as the fiery sensations washed through his extremities,
His grip on the glass of wine loosened, it took a last second effort to gain control of it before it edged over, and spill its contents,
Damn those sweet lips, went through his mind

Light chuckles in her throat was heard as she sucked the tip of his dick with all her might,
Not only did he feel the tight pull of suction on the head of his penis, he could see the deep dish of her cute little dimples in her cheeks, as she sucked with her all,
A slow swivel of her head side to side, slid her lips directly on the sensitive surface of his penile ridge

Legs start to shiver,
Hands tremble, 
But not one drop of wine shook out of his glass,
It almost worked he thought to himself, he almost dropped the glass, but now the head of his hard mass was adjusting to the ultra tight grip of her lips on its flesh

Pop! .. Disturbed the quiet moans floating in the room after she unexpectedly jerked his hard flesh from her hungry mouth,
She smiled at him as her left hand eased up and down the soft flesh of his penis shaft, 
Once she had his shaft girth hard as steel, she released it and watched his swollen head do a erotic pulsating dance for her,
She loved the way his shaft slightly wobbled side to side, while its head throbbed in and out,
It was like watching a venomous snake doing its "back off me dance" before it stroke out, And boy did his big carmel delight of a cock have some bite in it she thought

Juices puddling between her legs was felt easing past her folds, time to make him spill some wine raced through her mind,
She whispered, "It's show and tell time baby", his eyes widen with excitement while his grip on the glass of wine grew tighter

Now it was her turn to show him her special tongue snake dance, 
With quick strikes, her tongue darted on his swollen head ridge, it followed the ridge trail until she felt his legs shiver, giving away his swollen head most sensitive spot, 
Soft tongue lashings concentrated on the spot, she followed with quick darts, and quick lips suction

His legs started to tremble, 
His body was jerking, 
His lungs gasp for air, but not one drop of wine did he spill

Mmm, caught his attention, as she accidently let a deep moan vibrate in her throat as tingling sensations of his thick dick smoothly sliding deep into her mouth, rushed up her spine, 
Wide open eyes now watched the dark complexion of his harden shaft ease back and forth, between her thick red painted lips,
Not only was he watching her thick red lips ease over his girth flesh, he marveled at the deep valley between her firm round breast, the yellow twins he called them, because the complexion of her skin had a light yellow tone too it, 
Her eyes glanced upward, catching him staring at her monuments, a temptress growl rattled in her throat, while she gave her Mount Rushmore an extra shake to tease his mind

Suddenly her head bobs becomes doormat, 
She slowly moves her head straight back, letting his long hard Tootsie Roll slither slowly out of her mouth, the erotic feel of the smooth flesh of his girth sliding past her lips, spontaneously start a fire between her thighs,
She smiles as her eyes fixated of his caramel beast pointing straight out at her, she twist her head to one side and slowly wet his bulging membrane from top to bottom, quiet giggles erupt inside her body as the tip of her tongue playfully follow the thick blood vessel running down his girth, 
Long legs stretch as her tongue slowly ease up the backside of his hardness, when her tongue comes to the tip of his penis head, she swirls its tip across its vertical slit, tasting the salty taste of his precum,
A taste that made her want his hard caramel delight, erupting deep inside her mouth

Lips part wider as her tongue wets his shaft solidly with her saliva,
After a firm grip encase his girth, her hand slides up and down his length while her tongue engage his scrotum flesh with hit and run flickers, a loud gasp rips into the air, as her lips suck his left testicle deep into the heat of her mouth

Hint of pain, turns into enormous pleasure, as her lips deep suction hold his testicle captive between her soft lips grip, while her tongue swirled on its smooth shaved flesh, 
His lungs sighed when she released his left testicle, then groaned when she instantly sucked his right testicle deep into her mouth,
As his body raised up on its toes, her eyes glance up at the wine glass that was slightly tilting, but not one drop of wine spilled out of it,
Her mind was pleased he didn't spill the wine, because she desperately wanted to taste the thick rich white cream inside of her Tootsie Roll, to quench the insatiable thirst in her throat, and somehow calm the fire roaring between her thighs

With her hands down by her side, her mouth opens wide, her head leans forward, letting the fat head of his dick penetrate deep into the moist heat of her mouth, 
Never before has the head of his hard mass been so close to the opening of her throat,
Baritone voice groans in pleasure ecstasy, while her tenor voice moan from the erotic feel of his dick slithering down her tongue into uncharted waters deep in her mouth

While her lips held his mass between them with a firm grip, her head moved smooth, deep, steady and slow on his wet glistering shaft,
A rhythm he preferred, because it brought him from a slow smoldering burn in his loins, to a delayed thunderous climax

As his eyes watched her head slowly bob back and forth, he marveled how she had held his man pride in her mouth without the use of her hands, while her lips manipulated his mass to a climax,
His mind was astonished at how much of his dark meat disappeared between the fullness of her lips, something she had tried to do many times before but failed,
Each time his girth flesh eased into her mouth, the red lipstick on her lips rubbed off onto his swollen mass flesh,
Watching her exploits of his hard shaft excited him, his loins started to broil as his eyes focused on the erotics of her lips devouring his dark mass,
Each time his shaft disappear between the tight grip of her full red lips, the surreal sensations rushing into his loins felt more glorious then the last

Eyes closed as his mind took in the indulgence of the sharp sensations slowly racing through his extremities,
His legs quivered when the softness of her hand massage and squeezed his scrotum, while her other hand eased gently up and down the back of his left leg,
The sublime sensations were starting to be unbearable, but he didn't what her to stop,
He wanted her to go on and on some more, he wanted to feel this surreal pleasure last as long as possible

A slight disturbance in her rhythm caused him to open his eyes,
After his eyes adjusted, they fixated on her red lips flowing up and down his gleaming wet swollen shaft without missing a beat, 
He notice she was hiking her dress up her creamy thighs, 
Her right hand moved unto her exposed folds, 
By her body language he knew she was now pleasuring herself, and if there was one thing about her he did know, she wasn't going to let him come until she came 

Audible moans, grace the room walls with their persistence presence, as her lips pleasured his swollen shaft, while her fingers pleasured her sobbing wet womb ,
Slurping and suction sounds mixed in with their moans, as her lips tugged and slid across the dark flesh of his erection,
As their eyes looked deep into one another, her body launch forward then stiffen, 
With her mouth full of his hard meat, her orgasmic scream went silent in her throat, while her body tremble with velocity,
When her body went limp, her lips grip weakened, her head barely moved

Two hands quickly gripped the side of her head and held it straight, his hips gyrated slow and deep, keeping the hot burning sensations flowing into his loins,
Loud slurps and too many broken suctions sounds flew into the air, as her orgasm ravage her body,
Once her orgasm release her body of its powerful grip, she gather herself, and took back the task of quenching her thirst

Fingertips reached deep into the flesh of his buttocks, holding his body still, 
Her lips gripped the head of his shaft, while her tongue circled around its smooth surface,
She felt his legs shake, then vibrate on her fingertips, she knew this meant he was near to his destination of orgasmic bliss

Long, deep, bobs of her head, stroked the tight grip of her soft lips over the hard surface of his large Toosie Roll, each stroke of her head sucked his shaft deeper into her mouth heat,
She momentarily remove her hands from his buttocks, then pushed his hands off the side of her head, she was now back in full control of this cock sucking procedure

When he felt the warmth of her hands return to the back of his buttocks, he slightly leaned his body back into a relax posture, letting his body indulged in the bombardment of the burning sensations slowly easing through his loins, 
His mind relaxed in wait, in wait for the tranquil calm of his body, after the storm

His eyes wanted to close, but he kept them open so he could see each inch of his carmel flesh slide into her wanting mouth, correlating the sensations with each dip of her head, and the sliding of his penis head down her slippery tongue, 
The burning sensation between his legs was building higher and higher each time his dark flesh disappeared into the darkness inside her mouth

Each slow stroke of her head, made him groan from burning pleasure, but the pressure inside his loins was now more then he could bare,
His eyes watched her lips slide over his glistening dark flesh again and again, he was so close to release, it was just a matter of how many more times his dark swollen meat would disappear into her mouth before his loins exploded,
Would it be one, would it be two, or..
His legs stiffen, a growl erupted from his lungs simultaneously with the release of his hot white cream, she kept her head strokes steady and slow, giving him that slow burn he loved, all the way to his orgasmic demise 

The weight of his body lean on her left shoulder, as his legs buckled while his body quaked and tremor from the enormous eruption within,
Ropes of thick white cum flooded into her mouth, the volume of his eruption took her by surprise as his cum ejaculated hard and deep into the front of her throat, she struggle to keep stoking his shaft in rhythm while swallowing every drop of his sweet tart thick seed

A flash of pain enters her left shoulder as his hand gripped her shoulder too tight, as his body struggles to keep its balance,
She tightens her hands grip on his backside to help him steady himself,
Her eyes glare up and watch his facial expressions, as she slowly suck on the head of his deflating shaft,
Sucking on his penis head after he comes is one of her favorite things to do, she loves watching his face contort, his voice groan, hearing the deep full breaths his lungs take while his body shiver from the miniature sharp sensations erupting from the tip of his penis sensitive head,
She will keep sucking until he moans deep and loud, letting her know his penis head has become to sensitive to endure anymore of her playfulness 

After drinking his last drop, 
She pulls his limpness out of her mouth with a pop, 
Then opens it wide to show him she hadn't missed a drop,
See notice his right hand is leaning on the counter next to his wine glass, her eyes quickly glanced down on the floor expecting to see some spilled wine, but it was bare, 
She looked closely at his suit coat, then the counter were his glass was sitting, when she glared at him, he smiled while shaking his head

He retrieved the glass then slowly poured out its contents, a single drop fell to the floor, 
What she thought was a full glass of red wine, was a red wine glass that was empty, they both broke out in laughter,
After catching her breath, she stood up and kissed her man deeply while eagerly stroking his half limp caramel treat, you owe me big time mister, she whispered into his ear,
Yes my lady, I do he replied, as his erection swelled tight in her hand

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  1. Hands up... and mouth rules :-D

    Beijos de luar

  2. Thank you, it was wonderful to see you again luna ...


  3. Oh wow! This was goooood! So glad you continued it.

  4. Thank you Sweets... I was going to continue this, but the response was low and it was a lot of work for me to try and be descriptive, so I'm stopping here. It would of been nice for her to get more then her lips wet on her Birthday. :)

  5. It IS a lot of work to write. Whatever you decide to write for us, we will gladly read.

    1. :) I know I can always count on you my friend ...