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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Head Day ... Home alone ... Erotica (spank) In Prose ........

This piece was inspired by "Such A Slut "posted by 

"It's time my pet,
Meet me upstairs, 
Ready and bare with nylons"

A big smile cross my face, as I walked urgently 
up the stairs to our bedroom

Not knowing if he wanted me standing, or kneeling,
My body shivered with nervousness and excited at the same time,
As I dared standing in silence,
With flesh bare, wearing black nylons in wait

Footsteps were heard coming up the stairs,
Each step moved my heart higher up in my throat,
My hands shivered,
My womb perspire with excitement,
My lungs took deep breaths trying to hold my body eagerness inside

The bedroom door slowly swung open,
His body presence stepped in the room with authority,
A jurisdictional stare from his eyes, immediately calmed my mind and body,
His fixated stare took the clothes off my already bare flesh, one thought at a time,
Then he stepped so close into my face, his deeply inhaling breath took my breath away,
Then his lips kissed mine with the hunger of a lion,
The heat of hot flowing lava flowing down the side of a erupting volcano,
With the audacity, of himself

His deep animalistic rough kiss surged into my soul, 
His slippery tongue penetrated deep into my mouth,
While his mouth fluids exchanged with mine, his tongue tasted every corner, every inch of my mouth texture

His cupped right hand pulled hard on the dark strains of my free flowing hair, 
Jerking my head hard backwards while twisting it to one side, exposing my neck tender flesh to his lips, 
Lips that feasted on it until my delicate soft flesh became tenderized and rose up with color

My body was felt lifting up on its tippy-toes, as his hand groped underneath the round portion of my breast,
His lips slid downward until they came in contact with my breast flesh, then drew it urgently into the heat of his hungry mouth,
Deeply sucking on the erect tip of my thick pink nipples,
First one, then the other, feeding his hunger for one of his favorite body parts

Fingertips slithered around my body like a snake,
Easing on and around my body curves, my broad valley, my flesh creases and crevasses,
A quiet moan left my lips as a single finger eased down my slippery slit,
Toes curled when the tip of a fingertip pushed into my center passage,
Just as I thought my voice was going to scream, his lips completely covered my mouth, taking my breath away once again,
His rough passion made my mind dizzy, my knees weak,
But as abruptly as he took me, his rough tactics came to a crisp halt

His eyes wondered to the foot of the bed, 
Without speaking a word,
He walked quickly away from me, leaving my body standing in a sexual frenzy while gasping for air,
His eyes scanned the bed that was covered with implements for his choosing,
He reached out and hesitantly chose a black leather belt,
His lips didn't smile, but my eyes could see by his body swagger, his choice pleased him 

His head turned as his eyes spanned the room,
They stopped at a couch in the corner,
Again with out speaking, he walked up to it and stood at one end of it, facing directly at it, then his body movements became still as a hesitant deer,
With urgency, I walked up to the couch and slid myself on top of it on my stomach
facing him,
Like him, I brought my body and thoughts to a still,
Suddenly sounds of the belt was heard slapping lightly against his leg, 
It was my signal to begin

As he held the belt quietly by his side, eager fingertips unzipped his trousers and pulled out his manly pride,
Normally his pride would be hard and pulsating in wanting,  but at this time it was not,
It was his way of saying not only was he was in complete control of the moment, he had total control of his emotions, and mine,
Not only did his self control amaze me, it also kept his woman in check

Body relaxed,
Penis secured in my fingers grip,
I waited for his next command

Whiss--slap, whiss--slap, whiss--slap,
In threes was his number, always in three's,
Three spanks of the belt meant start

Just as the head of his limp dick slid between wet waiting lips,
The sound of the coming of the belt was heard,
Whiss--slap, whiss--slap, whiss--slap,
A moan vibrated in my throat as my lips slid the head of his penis deeper into my mouth,
Just as my tongue started to swirl on his penis bald head, the coming of the belt was heard once again,
Whiss--slap, whiss--slap, whiss--slap,
This time it hit harder and stung deeper,
My audible moan deeply vibrated on his penis, which reacted by swelling quickly and hard as steel,
As his shaft slid deeper into my mouth, my eyes glanced up expecting to see his eyes glare looking back at mine,
But instead his eyes were closed, and his head was tilted back, as he took a moment of blissful pleasure from my lips divine suction

Small moans passing his lips floated in the air,
His hips start to deeply gyrate in the rhythm of my head bobs,
Just as my concentration was on giving him ultra pleasure of deep wet fellatio, the coming of the belt was heard slicing through the air,
Whiss--slap, whiss--slap, whiss--slap,
Again my lungs moaned, but this time it moaned not only in pleasure of the stinging sensations on my azz, but the pleasure I was receiving from the smooth flesh of his manhood sliding back and forth on my lips flesh, 
Just for an instant, thoughts of what gave me the most pleasure entered my mind,
Was it getting a solid hard spanking, or giving him mind blowing fellatio?
Both wins every time, it was the ultimate pleasure not only for myself, but for him too, 
Because every time he received head while he spank me, his pride always swelled bigger and harder then normal, and he always came with a intense quaking orgasm,
Then afterwards, he would would engage me with rough sex like a wild animal, that lasted throughout the rest of the night

The coming of the belt seem to be missing,
And his body rhythm was moving strangely,
As my eyes glanced upward, they could see his arm coming downward, 
But before my thoughts of where did that come from finish,
Whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop,

My body turned almost on its side trying to get away from the deep painful sting from the black wooden paddle in his hand,
I knew I had made a mistake by moving, and it was quickly corrected as the coming of the paddle was heard coming again immediately,
Whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop,

My butt muscles tighten, my back arched, my voice wanted to scream from the ecstatic sensations of the stinging pain that seem to be rushing into my loins, racing across my extremities, but my mouth was full of his hard mass that was swelling towards release,
Although my killer fellatio hadn't missed a beat during the fierce paddling, that didn't keep him from seeing my body small movements,  his punishment was swift in coming,
Whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop,
The second to last hit of the paddle sent me over my orgasmic edge, my body stiffen then deeply vibrated

I was coming, he was about to come,
Just as my left hand slid under my body and massage the crown of my womanhood, his left hand grab the back of my head and held it still, while his hips deeply pumped with the urgency of release,
My right arm reached up, as I had to put my hand firmly on his hip to try and hold their deep pumping action back, before he push his hard pulsating mass completely through my mouth, 

After a loud guttural gasp, his body stiffened, then his loins flooded my mouth full of its thick white seed, almost drowning me with its abrupt volume, choking me with its immense thickness,
But my mouth managed to swallowed every drop, every sweet tangy morsel of his sweet tart ejaculating cream 

Sounds of the paddle falling on the floor brought my mind out of its orgasmic trance,
His body was still as his left hand was softly combing through the dark contrast of my hair,
My tongue was softly licking up the last of his creamy drops,  while my lips suckled up the last of his body miniature tremors

After a long moment of silence had passed,
His commanding voice articulated,
"Rise my pet, and get my bed in order,
It's time to have my wine and quench my thirst" ....

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Wow, you went all in on this poem, is fantastic, my friend. It makes you see what a moment of pure passion/fury should be.

    Congrats for this one.
    Un abrazo!

    1. Thanks a lot SYD, I appreciate your comment...

      Un abrazo!

  2. Wonderful writing and pictures go perfectly. Thank you.


    1. Thank you Ronnie, I really appreciate the comment coming from someone who knows about getting spanked first hand... :)


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, please visit me again..


  4. Ok...first let me say I'm honored by the shout out.

    Now...holy f**k! That was hot!!!! Now I have to go and beg Master for the belt or cane or something while I suck him off (I'm sure he'll be VERY upset by my request lol). You captured beautifully the feelings it creates.


    btw for some reason blogger unfollowed this blog and I see I've missed a few posts...I'll be checking those out too :)

    1. You are welcomed, you have a great blog. .. And thank you, I've been hesitant to drift out of my comfort zone, but blogs like yours push me on... :)

      peace and love

  5. Three spanks of the belt meant start. :-)

    1. Hi sweets, nice to see you. As always, you caught my little diversion.. :)

      Thank you