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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Monday Moaning....... Have me your way... Repetitive poem

Panties gingerly pulled down legs,

Heavy legs spread my legs open,

Hard pulsating sex, pushes against my butt flesh,

The heat of his lips, is felt pressing firmly on my neck,

His breaths of desire, breathing heavily close to my ear,

Awakens me, in the dark of the night

Aggravated moan escapes my lips,
As he push the head of his hard mass between the dryness of my lobes,
Without foreplay,
Without lube,
Without hesitation,
Without a reservation,
He pushes it into me with brute force of passion,
But it doesn't matter,
Because after years of togetherness,
It always feel so good to be waken like this,
To still be wanted like this,
To still be needed like this, 
To still be lusted for like this,
To still stir the raw passion inside his soul like this

As my butt cheeks spread, his hands pull hard on the flair of my hips,
My voice cry out,
As penetrating pain rush through me, 
As he pushes the swollen head of his mass, pass my tight vulva lips, into my pinkness,
Lungs groan, as his uncut mass forces itself deep inside me

Womb spasm as it feels him pull his massiveness of his hard mass out of it,
Then stroke his first thrust ever deep into me,
Causing an exhale groan to reverberate in my chest,
His second stroke makes me grunt, as the pain intensify,
His third stroke leave my womb tingling, my lungs gasping,
His forth stroke leaves my womb humming with surreal sensations,
His fifth stroke brings my womb to life, with sensations of fire,
His mass is felt swelling, meaning he won't last much longer,
But I don't care,
Because it's not about making my body come to release,
But him having me his way,
About him asserting his passion of me, on me,
About him, taking me lustfully,
About him, fulfilling his moment of desire for me,
About him, exploding his white liquified seed inside the cramp confinement of my pink walls,
About him, shaking with orgasmic tremors, while the heat of his seed penetrates into the sensitivity of my womb walls, causing my voice to scream his name,
About him, gasping for breath, as he lies on top of me, while his massive spent seed seeps pass my seams,
About him, still wanting, me, 
About him, whispering "I love you so much" in my ear, after twenty years of having me like a Burger King sandwich,
His way ....

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Very touching, to hear about a woman's strong feeling towards her man even after so many years!

    1. Thanks for the read and comment

      peace and love

  2. Yes!! I love that after all the time we've been together that Daddy still wants to be with me. In the age of divorce, it's a miracle to me. Beautiful as always.


    1. Marriage is starting to become rare. Not only as far as getting married, but staying married. It's much easier to opt out... But people are starting to realize, true love is worth trying to keep... That's for the read P.S .

      peace and love

  3. good morning, indeed!

    1. Beats waking up to a alarm clock any day. :)
      Thanks for stopping in Sweets ...


  4. Oh my goodness...and I do mean goodness ...that was sooooo sexy!!!!
    I could feel it.


  5. Thank you Hedone, I appreciate the read, it's nice to see you ... ;)