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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Head day ..... Drool 2 ....

Soft as velvet,
Smooth as pure silk,
Covers core of hard unyielding flesh,
Thats wrapped by the tense grip of my hand

Deep breaths move chest in and out,
As the steady glide of my agile hand,
Ease up and down the rigid core of his elongated length

Eyes stare watch,
His legs twitch,
The sidle movement of his hips,
While my hand fluent dip,
And fingertips tight grip,
Manipulate the substance of his harden core

Palm slide steadily up and down,
Causing his bright smile to frown,
From jubilation, 
Of sex sensations

The harder my fingertips grip,
The harder his core gets,

Of exhilaration,
Rush through his loins,
As anticipation,
Rampage through his mind,
As clear drool,
Of his sexual arousal,
Leaks from the core seam,
Of his manhood means

Lips smooth steady stimulation,
Lead to loins titillation, 
Causing a gigantic ejaculation,
Of his creamy white hot seed

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. This really captures a woman's view. It's very impressive how you can get inside the heart and mind of a woman so intimately that it gives you the ability to write with such insight. It's beautiful!

    1. You just put a big smile on my face. I've gone from almost no comments of late, to one of the best commands I have ever received.. Thank you very much for reading and leaving me a wonderful comment. It was truly appreciated.

      a hug,