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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mothers touch .... Remembering mom on Mother's Day ... Thoughts series ...

When God first let your being become life,
The first thing you feel, is the gentle touch of your mothers hand,
Touching, caressing you through her swollen belly, 
While tenderly talking to you

Then after you are born, she is the first to take you in her arms the very first time,
Where her scent, indents into your your mind,
Her voice, crowds your ears with comfort,
The tranquil of her love, is woven into your soul,
And from that first day to her last,
She touches you in ways you never could imagine

A steady hand on your shoulder as she teaches you,
A bosom cuddle to protect you from the rain, the wind, or just to reassure you when you were afraid, 
A firm hand that cupped your face, as her eyes stare, demanded your respect,
A hurting hand on your backside, as she taught you the consequences of wrong, verses right,
Which you learn its better to confess your wrong, then feel the harsh consequences of a ball face lie to cover up any of your wrong doings

You remember the hug that she gave you, when an outburst of becoming a man overwhelmed your senses of how hard her back hand could slap, 
But Instead of knocking you senseless, her hug welcomes the man you are to be, and let you know that he would also be loved by her,
Mothers always knew what touch you needed, be a gentle slap aside the head, that mean think with your mind the next time,
To the cuffed collar around your puny little neck, to let you know you better get your personal self being together in a hurry,
You never noticed how much your mother touched you, until those touches were forever gone

But even after she has gone,
Your mind can recall all her touches,
From the life learning ones, to the gentle loving ones,
The ones that wiped away your tears,
The I love you ones that she patted on top of your head that brought joy to your heart, a smile to your face,
The one she shook your hand with, to let you know she was proud of the man you had become...

Your touches might be gone,
But your presence live on in my heart, 
My mind,
And furthermost, in my soul,
Your life touches will never be forgotten, 

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Such a lovely tribute to your mom ~ She may be gone but she lives in your heart of loving memories ~ Have a good weekend ~

  2. IMV - That was a beautiful tribute.


    1. I appreciate your warm comment Ronnie...


  3. This was so moving. I have three boys. Every line touched me. Thank you.

  4. That you Diane, for reading and leaving me a warm comment ...