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Friday, May 23, 2014

Orgasm .... Wordplay poem ... (revisited)

These are the words that describe the word "orgasm" by the poet Wolfemann...
I use his words in his order, then wrote this erotic poem... I embrace wofemann words with "-"

caresses, kisses, tickles, nips, bites, licks, flicks, dips, pokes, inside, wet, deep, thrusts harder

faster, deeper, legs, clit, thighs, hips, breast, nipple, tongues, tender, folds of flesh,

fingers probing, tongues dancing, hips pounding, pelvis grinding, backs arching,
panting, sweating, shaking, throbbing, bursting, burning, hot like fire, ambrosia.

While his fingers "caresses" the nape of her neck, a quiet moan jounced in her throat
As her head tilts back, he couldn't resist putting loving "kisses" on the sweetness of her soft lips...

His fingers intertwine in her hair and gently pull her head back further, a kiss of softness "tickles" the smooth flesh on her neck, followed by a playful "nip" and quick "bites' that sent electrifying chills down her spine
As if following a designated trail, the pink tip of his tongue "licks" its way downward, slowly sliding over her nipples, around the tender bottom of her round breast

It keeps falling like a heat seeking missile, passing over her tender naval, before taking a brief detour to suckle on the tender inside of the thickest part of her inner thighs

She moans, her body contorts, as the firmness of his soft pink flesh rides on her thighs bare surface, like a surf board rides on a low gentle tide
But the center of her heat lures it back on the trail of sexualization...
Once it arrives to the opening of her heated core, tenderly it "flicks"" and "dips", then "pokes" its head "inside" her pink, soft, "wet," pliable walls
She screams as her cream fills the orifice of his mouth with sweet hot nectar, while the tip of his pink flesh ravish the soft pink walls in the middle of her heat

As her body surges with sensations, she moans for him to fulfill her desire with the harness that extends from his sculptured body,
Quickly he takes his throbbing man flesh and impales it "deep" into the hot, wet infernal positioned underneath him

His thoughts were of gentle, slow stokes of love making, but each "thrust" is "harder", "faster", and "deeper", then the last
Her "legs" reach up to the sky, letting his harden flesh fall deeper inside her hot pink domain of flaming walls, letting his wide girth ride on the side of her "clit", sending piercing sensations deep into her loins
Her 'thighs" grip tighter around his "hips" as his deep strokes bounces her body violently up and down on top of the pillow softness of his king size mattress

As his eyes glance down, they're hypnotize by her "breast" bouncing in a small circle, his lips couldn't resist inhaling her erect "nipple" inside the moist heat of his mouth
She groaned loudly then pulled his hair violently, pulling his head upward; as soon as their eyes meet, she kissed his lips forcefully with passion heat

"Tongues" danced as deep long strokes of manly flesh glided in and out the raging heat between her legs
Passion moans filled the air as deep strokes wailed, as hips collided head-on like two steaming freight trains
Just as his hips pulled upward for another long deep stroke, his hard throbbing enormity pulls out the steaming opening between her thighs
He groans, she moans, as the addicting sensations of passionate rhythm is broken

As his hard manly flesh throbs in the open air, his fingertips ease over her tender “folds of flesh”
With "fingers probing", tongues dancing, their bodies invert positions
Once in position, she lowers her center on the slick surface of his hardness, her folds gently opens for his extension like a pink flower, his hardness falls fast and deep inside the confides of her core, it wasn't long before their dance of passionate lust was back in rhythm
With "hips pounding", "pelvis grinding", "backs arching", sexual release was now on the fore-front of their minds

Grasping his waist, she leans forward, her eyes fixated on the harden flesh impaling deeply in and out her molten core, she watches the smooth shinning flesh on his enormity rush up and down the center of the wet, smooth surface, of her core canal
Her eyes close as the overpowering sensations pushed her closer to the consummation of release

As she rides his harden flesh like a cowboy rides a bucking stallion, the center of her core starts to quake deep in her loins, her frantic breathing turns to ''panting", her bare flesh starts "sweating" continuously, as her orgasmic release swept through her body like a thunderous cavalry charge, causing her body to quake and shiver, while her haven walls spasm tight in pleasurable delight

His hips thrust his harden flesh harder the imaginable, his eyes followed her "shaking" body while it bounces up and down on his growing harden girth, her lungs scream his name for all to heal

As her body regain its composer, she could feel his girth widening and "throbbing" rapidly, she tightens her walls and moved her hips in quick, tight circles, squeezing his enormity like a King Cobra squeezes its prey
Frozen with atomic like sensations, his body lays still, as she rides his enormity into submission, his mind into moral relativity
She rides him hard and fast until she felt his white seed "bursting" deep into the den of her hot "burning" core

His seed was "hot like fire" as it ejaculated into the depths of her core, she moaned on each palpitation of his quickly going flaccid flesh
Hearts pounded, visions blurred, deep breaths takes in huge quantities of air as their spent bodies lay in a heap

As the "ambrosia" smell of passionate sex lingered in the air, their bodies slept peacefully, while intertwine in the position of passion...