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Saturday, June 21, 2014

A is for ..... Erotic poem challenge (Prose)

A is for Arousal
A is for Anticipation
A is for Aphrodisiacs 
A  is for ~Anal~
A is for ~Animalistic lust~
A is for Afterglow
A is for Appetite 
A is for Aspirations

I shall be using these words directly or indirectly. Example: The word Arousal. I may not use the word in a sentence, but use the meaning of the word visually in the written piece. Words that's encircled by ~, will be addressed in a later poem...

Aspirations betwixt my thighs awaken my body slumber,
Leaving me with a yearning for the rapture of your touch

Fingertips tender touches of softness, gently stroke between the inflamed flesh of my vulva lips, 
caressing my center sensitive walls, while slowly weaving in and out it's opening, leaving my pink flesh heated and wet, my voice exhilarated

Body cringe with inapplicable sensations, 
Lungs moan readily with arousal amorousness, 
While the tip of your thumb gingerly circle on the erectness of my clitoris

Deep breaths are follow by small body shivers, as my body bath in the waves of pleasuring
perceptions, as your fingertips explore the in and outs of my pink dripping wet sex

Quiet scream deflate my lungs, as the touch of the wet tip of your tongue, replaced the tenderness of your fingertips

Flickers and slow soft sweeps of your tongue tip,
Ease up and down my swollen lips slit,
Hips buck upward, as its tip sweep into the pink flesh of my domain clear nectar, 
And just when my mind think that my body can not endure another deep sweep of your tender tongue into my hidden kingdom,
Its touch is replaced with the hard shell; soft flesh, of your throbbing engorgement

Provoked moans of arousal are replaced with staggering groans, as the smooth head of your harden manhood, wave up and down on the slick wetness on my vulva lips, 
Making my mind anticipate its plunging arrival, deep inside the center opening between the thick of my inner thighs

Legs shiver,
Stomach muscles quiver, from the aphrodisiacs teasing of shearing sensations that's surging into my loins like high electrical voltage,
Wetness weep from my womb foyer, as my voice beg for your hardness to be forced into the tight confine of my sopping wet haven

Strong hand, hold engorged shaft unyielding girth steady in its palm,
Its throbbing head, is felt pulsing on the center of my opening

Hips hesitation,
Then thrust forward,
Deep breaths elude capture,
As your throbbing penile swollen head penetrates pass the resolute resistance of my folds,
Then slowly touch my walls from top to bottom

Once seated, your girth will test my walls pliability, 
Its length with test its stretching boundaries with a marathon of back and forth perpetual motion, 
Until my sensitive walls become enraptured to the point of an orgasm
An orgasm that will shatter violently inside my being, and send titillating sensations screaming throughout my extremities

Tight spasm of my walls, will collect your will to orgasm, then collect the white substance of your ejaculating release,
After your body collective shake, rattle and quake subside,
Our bodies will fall into the afterglow of a loving rapture

Fingertips brush lightly through your hair, while the light breeze of your breath, float across my naked breast flesh,
As sexual orgasmic slumber captures the essence of your body, slow soft heartbeats inside my chest, floats into your ear, cradling your mind into a slumber state

Finger motion slows,
Eyes close,
As closer then close, fills my heart,
Contentment, soothes my soul,
While my mind falls into the quiet of darkness

Body awakened, by the weight of your body pressing against its backside,
The warmth of your breath is felt floating across the back of my neck, 
The gentleness of your touch, is felt gradually easing up the slope of my inner thigh

Fingertips pinch my flesh, to make sure this is not a dream,
As I feel your hunger that's long, straight and hard as steel,
Profoundly throb between the crack of my assist...

Manview © 1999 – 2014


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    1. Big happy grin.:) I was very disappointed that I had no comments on the first of my A to Z challenge. It made it hard to do the second one. But one great comment has me back in the mood to do this... Thank you so much ..

      peace and love