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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Head Day ... A little foreplay ... Song Poem .. (revisited)

A Song Poem Challenge: You can use only one line, one word or phase of the chosen song.
The poem must be written in the medley, theme or rhythm of the song.

Song: A little foreplay by Fourplay ...

Push Play:

Small waves float my body side to side as it deeply sleep,
The smell of "him", filled my nostrils, as I dreamed of "him" taking my mind, my body, my soul, slow and steady

Eyes open and "him" was resting inches from my lips, "him" was sticking out the top of his white cloth covers, happily waving at me

Involuntary my tongue lashed out with soft snake like licks, and licked the delectable treat in front of me,
A soft moan reverberated in my throat as the taste of "him" washed onto my tongue palate

Slow teasing licks ease around "his" crown,
Light teasing off and on suction pulls his head past my wanting lips into the warmth of my mouth slowly again, and again,
My body feels his legs shudder from the searing sharp sensations rushing into his loins

He slowly rocks his body back and forth, feeding only the head of "him" into my needy mouth, teasing my mind with the physicality of foreplay

The feel of his scrotum rocking back and forth on my breast,
The scent of 'him" flowing into my nostrils intoxicates my mind, my will, making what was dampness between my thighs, turn into a wet trickle that was now seeping pass my vulva lips

His white protecting clothing is quickly pulled down further,
A warm wet trail slowly trickle towards his scrotum, as my hands roamed freely over his naked flesh, When his sacs entirety slip into my mouth, his lungs first gasp in pure pleasure, then quietly screamed in ecstasy

As my tongue rolled over "his" scrotum flesh, my right hand slowly eased back and forth on "his" elongated shaft with long, slow, smooth, measured, strokes,
It wasn't long before he started to seep clear wet seed from the slit in top of his mushroom head

I let "his" slick head slide past my needy lips, slowly devouring its crown, then letting an inch, then another inch of his length ease past my inner lips tight grip

His eyes closed,
His stomach muscles whiffed like a strong wind blowing across the top of ocean waves,
His buttocks tighten hard as a rock, as he force feed his hard impediment slowly back and forth inside the slippery spit laced lining inside my mouth,
I restrained "his" attempt to hide deep inside my mouth, because my own need had quickly surface, and it needed to come forehand

A stern but confuse look in my eyes looked deep into his, a smile a mile wide cross his face as he read my mind that was asking, "Can I get a little foreplay?"...

He slid "him" out the warmth of my mouth and placed "him" between my breast flesh,
Tight gripping fingertips held my breast bare flesh tight around  his vast girth, he slowly thrust "him" back and forth in my breast valley of deep, the warm pleasurable vibrations sooth my eyes to closing, my body goes limp as it prepares itself for ... "A Little Foreplay"

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