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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Seduction ... Spanking good 3 ... Erotica in prose ...

Masculine penile reaches out of trimmed dense manly hair, into the condense heat of my mouth,
Lick after lick, slowly remove the tasty honey off his shaft,
Like a lollipop, my tongue lick his throbbing shaft with short licks, long licks, and darting licks, to lick the sweet nectar off his shaft, so I can taste the natural masculine taste of him

Lips suck,
Tongue wraps,
His head press backwards, from unimaginable sensations rushing from his rigid mass, into his drowning loins,
Against his will, I take him deep into my mouth,
His lungs moan, then  without warning, his hand swats down on the top of my buttocks

Unexpected slap on the top of my butt received my full attention, 
As sheer pain rushed up my spine,
My voice whined,
As my lips dined,
On the succulent hard treat, gliding between my lips,
The pain on my butt was intense,
But my lips refuse to relinquish any of his swallowed length

Spank, spank , spank, 
Slapped hard and continuous on my backside,
But my lustful determination to devoir his harden mass over rode the punishment he was putting on my cherry red behind

Body leans forward, left hand grasp and secure my backside,
His arm strength pulls my body towards his to release a harder slap, not realizing it made it easer for me to swallow his throbbing meat deeper into the humidity of my hungry mouth

Spank, spank, spank,
My voice moaned in discomfort, but I kept deep throating his rigid mass into my throat, 
A mass that was getting harder by the second,
A sudden deep bob of my head causes his voice to groan, the spanking to discontinue,
as my lips eased up and down his wet swollen shaft in a blur,

Down his girth,
Up his girt,
My lips quickly glides on the slippery velvet softness of his rigid mass flesh,
Every time the head of his mass pop into my throat, his body shivers, his voice moan

Head move back, almost taking his mass out of my mouth, 
My tongue lick across the small slit in his crown, while my lips surround and suckle on its engorgement,
My eyes watch his eyes tear, his face contort in the ecstasy of sensations rushing through his throbbing shaft,
In the mist of the moment, he regains his composure

Spanking slaps become louder and harder, 
His voice commands me to stop my action,
But my desired lust wasn't listening,
And the slaps he was thundering down on my behind, were no longer thunder of pain, but sensations of contempt pleasure, that was building quickly into a confine of sensations of ecstasy, in the wet centered core between the thick of my thighs

A twinge of sensations tingle in my core,
A spot of moisture, turns into a river of clear tears that now seeps past lush folds, as the none stop spanking continues

Left hand reaches between my legs,
Fingertips ease on my throbbing bud,
Erect clit is manipulated by my caressing touch

Warmth, pressure, over indulgence of sensations of pleasure pain, make my loins feel like a balloon that's been overfilled with warm water,
My body tense tight, then exploded in the warmth of ecstasy release,
It takes all of my will to continue to feed his long hard sex into my mouth, as my orgasm of delight, screams from the depths of my loins, throughout my body

My head pulls backward,
A breath of fresh air flows into my lungs,
Salty taste of his seed is tasted as my tongue wraps around the dark throbbing head of his sex,
One last quick deep breath and I let the slippery flesh of his hard mass slide past my lips and  back into the grip of my throat

Deep groan,
Is followed by fingertips grasping the back of my head, while tightly intertwining into my hair, 
His firm grip of my head holds it steady, as he uses my mouth like a wet vagina,
Hips pump his rock hard cock back and forth inside my throat, leaving me wanting more, as my lungs gasp for air

His body rigidifies,
His head jerks back,
"Damn", was his last word as his manhood explode like a megaton bomb inside my mouth,
Ropes of rich thick white hot seed spews into my throat, then is swallowed like whole milk

Eyes are closed,
Head is tilted back,
While his fingertips dig into my shoulder flesh, balancing his unmercifully shaking and quaking body while his orgasm rage through its extremities,
Quick burst of air is heard exiting his throat, while his hard penile deeply pulsate deep inside my mouth,
My lips secured grip, glide up and down his length, milking every drop of his hot seed 

His body becomes limp,
The tight grip on the back of my head is released,
His chest heave as his lungs swallow large quantities of life sustaining air,
My tongue softly swirl on the head of his limp pride, causing his body to quake with miniature tremors,  
One last deep breath is heard, before the coming of silence

Two fingers underneath my chin, gingerly lift my head upward,
Light brown eyes, meet squinting dark brown eyes,
Punishment for disobedient is written all over his face,
My body shiver in regret ... 

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Damn this was oh so hot. Hmmm. Loved it. Glad to see your writing more.

    when you get chance, check out my latest post :

    1. Thank you PB. Yes I'm writing more, but getting less. less visitors, less comments, and less.. you know, you write also ... I hate to take another break, it's so hard for me to restart. But I'm leaning that way. I'l visit you as soon as I can.