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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A to Z challenge... B is for Bow Down 1... Prose poem ...

Between the swallow,
Of soft moist lips,
Harden flesh dips,

Head curtsy,
Up and down,
Tongue swirls,
Pressure build,
Urgently in the center of loins

Flexing head movements,
Slowly rake lips,
Back and forth,
Across the top of velvet soft flesh of unyielding girth

Blood filled vein,
Longer, bigger then a freight train,
Glisten with its wide track wet with spit rain,
While harden flesh is feeling the need to drain
As severe shearing sensations bombard mind to the point of insane

Into brown eyes,
Gray eyes stare,
While firm soft lips,
Take soul where no one even care

Firm soft lips,
Provoke loins to cum,
Hot white seed to run,
Down the drainage of her throat
While her head continue to.
Bow down...

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