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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge ... C is for (his) Cream

Eyes stare,
Nostrils flare,
Hand tender touch,
Slowly rise and fall,
Until my manhood stood tall,
And its girth become thick and harder then a concrete wall

Tongue lick 

Hips dip

Lips sip

Hand grip

Lustful feelings inside my loins unzip

First cream seen is always clear,
Meaning she's getting me near

To the point of a surreal climax

Clear cream,
Slowly ease up stream,
Seep between throbbing manhood cut slit seem,
While soft firm lips take me to the point of extreme

Soft lips move up and down,
On swollen cock shining crown,
Start to really bare down,
Leaving my face with an ecstasy frown

Lips quickly slither,
Legs quiver,
Sperm run up my slit channel like it's a flooding river,
Leaving my body in a deep shiver

Hands quickly pump,
Up and down on the  velvet soft flesh of my hard stump,
While hips quivery hump,
Quaking legs jiggly jump

Eyes watch my hot creamy white cream, 
Ooze extensively through my swollen dick head seem,
Then trickle down my shaft like hot melting vanilla ice cream

Tip of her long pink tongue,
Catches my white creamy cream on the run,
While spamming loins become completely undone,
As she tastes every drop down to the last dripping one

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Una sucesión de imágenes que llegan al éxtasis.
    Un abrazo.

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