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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge ... F is for Fellatio

Slit, oozed clear pre cream, as the softness of encase fingertips,
Slowly rise up and down the velvet softness, of his harden flesh throbbing girth

In the room silence,
Her senses came in to play

Eyes watched slippery clear cream ooze down onto her hand,
She smiles as she notice his legs slightly twitching on each down draw of her palm grip on his distended shaft,
As her head lean closer to his throbbing manly mass, the distinguish scent of his exhilarated sex intoxicate her mind,
Drive her body into a lustful sexual frenzy,
Enhanced her inner passion of giving him release

Hitches of quiet breaths,
Rise quietly into her ear,
When she felt the tip of her tongue flicker on his sex mushroom head, quiet agitated moans were heard lifting into the hush of the room,
When her tongue slithered down his shaft, thoroughly wetting it from end to end, her eyes watched his chest rise higher on each draw of his breath,
When she saw his eyes flutter then close, she was consoled by the pleasure, of pleasuring him

Soft suckle,
Tenderly sucked his scrotum into the moist heat of her mouth,
Quiet moans articulated from her throat when she felt the limp flesh of his scrotum fill her mouth full,
Manly moans escaped his lungs, as small shivers rushed across his body from the intense sensations swirling inside his scrotum,
When her lips release his scrotum flesh from its firm grasp, his lungs gasped, his body goes limp,
As her tongue slowly eased up the tower of his erection flesh, his body laid quietly still,
But when her full soft lips encased the head of his hardness, his body became instantly rigid

Back arched,
Legs stiffened, as sharp searing sensations rushed through his loins,
Miniature quakes and tremors race through his extremities, as she slowly gestured her head downward,
As inch by inch of his harden flesh eased pass her soft firm lips, his back gradually arched higher and higher off the bed mattress,
When the warmth of her lips touching his scrotum was felt,
"Oh Gud" relinquished past his lips

Eyes watch animatedly, as again and again, then again, they watched his sex disappear repeatedly and completely past her lips, into the warm moist heat of her mouth,
His voice moaned,
His body quivered,
Deep breaths of air eluded his lungs, each time the mushroom head of his hard sex, pushed into the meat of her throat

Sharp searing sensations become unbearable,
But he resist the urge to succumb to release to keep the continuation of feelings, of the searing sensations bombarding the inner depths of his loins,
To feel the complete fullness of his hot white sperm, inside his vas deferens

Each dip of her head, eased her lips down his enormity expanding girth,
Each dip made more pleasure-pressure buildup inside his lions, that had became a time bomb waiting to explode,
And each dip of her head brought his sperm expulsion from their sac, one dip closer to optimal release

Her eyes watched his closely,
They watched the miniature vibrations in his legs,
The writhe in his facial muscles,
The flatten stomach muscles,
They watched his eyes close, just moments before she heard his voice grunt on the slow dip of her head,
Letting her know, his body was about to explode in pleasure paradise

Fingertips intertwine into her hair, as her head is firmly held down,
Lion's roar explodes into the air, as his pelvis reaches for the sky,
Steaming white hot sperm spew profusely into her mouth,
His loins eruption was so huge, she couldn't swallow his thick gooey seed fast enough to keep up with his sex hard palpitating ejaculation,
His fingertips tried to guide her head movements, but they suddenly released her as his body started to quake unmercifully

Hot sperm leaked past her lips, as his creamy substance fully flooded her mouth,
Moans vibrated in her chest, as the heat of his seed descended down her throat,
She kept easing her lips down in the same slow rhythmic motion on his hard palpitating sex, while he cursed and begged her not to stop,
She never relinquished her perfected head movement rhythm, until she had milked his sperm sac of every single drop of its tangy sweet white essence

With her lips full of his rapidly becoming limp sex,
Her eyes gradually glanced up to his,
His eyes lids were limply closed,
His body was still,
His breathing was quiet and deep, as his mind, body and soul, bathed in the afterglow of his sexual release

While her eyes fixated on his limp body,
She wanted to smile, but her lips was still full of his limp sex that she was still lightly suckling on, just to watch the miniature after shocks quake through his body,
When she knew he had had enough, she released his sex from her lips grasp, then coiled her body into his waiting arms

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