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Saturday, November 8, 2014

LicKen ...

Slow motion,
Was mind notion,
As firm lips, mesh against soft

Warm breath, 
Seep against mushy flesh,
As moisten tongue tip, 
Slide between vertical slit,
Inhale moan articulate into room atmosphere

Long measured lick,
Slide between her wet slit,
Breath inhaled,
Back arch,
Lips softly suck,
Hips tuck,
Then slightly buck,
Moan articulate into room atmosphere

Tongue lick deeper into pink slit,
Mattress move away from slowly lifting hips,
As hips thrust gently forward in rhythm of deep head dips,
While quiet moans articulate into the room atmosphere

Slipping tongue tip creations,
Of searing sensations,
Cause allegations,
Of vociferous declaration,
While hips fluctuations,
Of hips deep pumping gyrations,
While her voice scream audible moans of sexual accusations 

Mind notion,
Of repetitive motion,
Of his tongue dipping into her womb pink ocean,
Bring up her desire expressive emotions,
While audible moans lift into the room atmosphere

Climaxing scream,
Is followed by spewing sweet tasting cream,
From the depths of her spasmodic womb seems,
As her mind free fall into an orgasmic dream

Crept Into her body that laid in a orgasmic heap,
But the feel of fingertips tight grip,
On thick smooth curvy hips,
Pulled his body between the thick of her thighs,
Where he inserted the rock hardness of his thick manly pride,
That smoothly pushed her haven lips open wide,
Then precede to trust in and out her womb with a deep sexual glide,
Awakening hidden desire, that was napping inside the sanctuary between her creamy thick thighs

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  1. Whooooooowww what a delicious hunger....
    To suck a pussy..... my favourite thing !!!

    1. Mine too, and I'm always hungry... :)

  2. Another crazy poem! You wordsmith abilities never cease to amaze!