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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Monday moaning ... Rapture (1)

Awaken by the missing element that should be lying next to me,
My eyes slowly opened,
My arms cross my chest, 
As a chill ran across my flesh, 
From missing her warmth next to my flesh

As my body turn on its side,
My fingertips missed touching her flesh of softness,
A low ache of desire lay restlessly inside my loins

Body stirred,
Eyes focused on its surrounding,
There she was, sitting quietly near the window,
Watching sun first light creeping through the window pane,
With a look of distance in her eye

I approached her in the silence that she sat quietly in,
When my lips softly touched her neck,
Her head moved to one side,
Giving my lips full excess to the silky soft flesh of her neck,
A soft sigh emerged as my lips nipped on her neck creamy flesh,
While my tongue gingerly swirled while tasting her offering 

As my hand wrapped around her waist,
Her body leaned inwards,
Surrendering to my fingertips gentle touch,
As my fingertips roamed upward on her expose flesh,
They could feel her body react to their every movement

Nipples touched, 
Her back arch inward

Breast firmly squeezed, 
Her body pushes hard against mine

Stomach flesh sooth, 
Her neck pushes into my lips kisses

When my fingertips reached between the gap between her legs, 
Her body explode in desire

As my fingertips gently pushed into the pink softness of her wet,
Her voice moan, 
Her pelvic pushes upward, 
Take me,
Whispered into the air

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