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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Head day ... Choke ..... Acrostic poem .....

Choke... a person that has a severe difficulty in breathing because of
 a constricted or obstructed throat, or a lack of air... Mmm.., get the picture?

Creamy curvy cock
Held between the softness of my inner lips tight suckling grip
Ooze pre-dripping cream, as I
Keep a steady rhythmic head bobbing rhythm to fully entice 
Ejaculation of his hot white seed, hard and profusely down the              
   smooth pink texture of my throat  

Acrostic Poetry is where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same 
words as in the title. 

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Monday, April 28, 2014

I want to know (Want love is) .... Song poem .... Erotic version ....

Please push play before you start to read

Distant thoughts cloud my mind,
Feelings of old control my thoughts,
The rhythm of my heartbeat

A finger,
A gentle caress,
lifts my head

A kiss..
Erase the darkness of my thoughts,
Enlighten my mood,
Reminds me,
Why I'm here

I want to know what love is,
I want you to show me whisper past my lips

Blouse opens,
Fingertip trace the lace of my bra,
Gently pushes its way inside,
Sensations rush inside my sweetness,
As his caressing touch softly swirl on my nipple budding growth

A slight tug,
Bra folds opens,
Breast flesh heave forward,
Into the palm of caring hands

Flesh softly kissed,
Nipples deeply suckled,
Quivering sensations rush into my loins,
I want to know what love is,
I want you to show me,
I want to feel what love is,
I know you can show me,
Whispers into the air

Caring hands
Undress my flesh,
Lay the exposure of my naked body
Down on satin sheets,
The warmth of his tongue follows the curves of my body,
Dip into my body creases and crevices,
Flicker on my point of origin,
Taste the flavor of my pink sweetness

Legs spread,
Thigh muscles tighten,
Sweet tart juices flow over his lips,
As first ever orgasm,
Tremor my body

Lungs fail too breathe,
Voice fail to scream,
Sweetness forever cream,
I want to know what love is,
I want you to show me,
Consumes the thoughts of my mind

His body centers between my legs,
His hard complexity centers on my sweetness opening,
A thrust,
A grunt,
A quiet inner scream,
Reverberates in my throat,
My sweetness opens for him, 
Like a flower in the early morning sun,
His rock hard complexity falls slowly into my clear wetness 

Each stroke falls deeper inside me then the last,
Surreal sensations rush up my spine,
Blanketing my mind with its ecstasy

My shivering body surrenders to his gentleness,
His quiet passion,
The rhythmic rhythm of his slow, long, thrust
That flows inside my convulsing sweetness without stoppage,
As he show me, what true love feels like

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Head Day ...... Red Riding Hood .... Limerick poem

Alone came Miss Red Riding Hood,

Calmly walking up to the apple tree were the big bad wolf stood,

She quietly dropped to her knees,

Sucked the big bad wolf cock so deep his voice pleaded "Don't ever stop please",

Today they call that particular tree, sweet apple wood ....

A limerick is a form of poetry,[1] especially one in five-line anapestic meter with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA), which is sometimes obscene with humorous intent. The first two lines rhyme with the last line and the third and fourth line rhyme, and they are usually shorter.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter.. Musing from Intrigue blog ...

May the warmth of the sunlight, 
penetrate your flesh and warm your heart, 
May the warmth of the spring winds, 
bring comfort to your soul, 
May the spring rain, 
bring you tears of joy, 
May the Heavens above,
bring love to the world 

Happy Easter 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Head Day ...... Tattle Tale Trail ... (Revisited)

All day its been patiently standing next to me,
With the beats of its heavy heart, pulsating on my leg,
The weight of its flight, 
kept reminding me of its plight

I can feel Its ache of hunger to please,
Its not stop will to dive into hot tight places

I can't wait for you to reach out for it,
To hold it,
To caress it with your gentle soft touch,
To slowly stroke it, while your lips warm it from the bottom up,
To envolope it, while caressing it with the softness of your moisten lips,
Bath it in your mouth warm moist heat,
Taste its smooth white creamy offering, after it loses its sweet mind, 
From enduring too much of your suffocating oral pleasure...

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday moaning.... Hindsight (revisited) ....

They say a picture can say a thousandth words,

But I'm hoping that hindsight is even better,

Now make me moan....

Have a happy Monday moan...

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Still .... Prose poem

Your head,
On my chest,
Of silent words,
Fill our ears,
The absence of words

Against flesh,
Our minds,
Unspoken words 
Of endearment,
From our souls

A thousandth 
A thousandth 
A thousandth 
We have spoken about the word,
On this day,
Basting in the morning light,
Our bodies lay united,
Words are spoken,
Words are whsipered,
We have no reasons to articulate,
A single vowel,
A single noun, 
A single conjunction,
Or adjective
We just need to lay still, 
And listen, 
To the soft rhythm,
Of our heartbeats,
While basking, 
In the moment of being in love...

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Moan ...... Impatient ....... prose poem (Repost)

Footsteps in rhythm of my heartbeat,
Ease down the hallway,
Anticipation of
His thoughts,
His will,
His touch, 
His kiss,
His pulsing harden endowment,
Intruding into my dripping wetness,
Taking me slowly,
Taking me quickly,
Taking me with the passion of lustful urgency,
Taking me ultra deep
To a complete come...

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday seduction ... Out of my hands .. Song poem ....

A song poem: A poem written from a song. It must be written in the rhythm of that song. It must contain a word or verse from that song. It also has to be written in the tone of that song...
Please push play before you start reading...

Sometimes a song will flash your mind back to yesterday, like this one did mine ...

Lips greet me tenderly,
Arms embrace squeeze me as if the delicate of my body would break,
Your voice whisper how much you love me,
As my eyes look into your lying eyes, they say;
You only lust me,
You only desire me,
You only want to touch the soft swell of my breast,
Its all out of my hands

Gentle hands unhurriedly unclothe me,
They touch me gingerly from head to toe,
They lay my body down with gentleness

Firmness of your soft lips suckle of my breast,
They ease down my stomach to the scent of my opening,
Your voice whimper how you haven't been this aroused since you were last with me,
But when my eyes look down into yours,
Your lying eyes say;
There were many since me,
But none that could,
None that would,
Its all out of my hands

Tip of your tongue ease on my center opening,
Tasting the wetting of its sweet tears,
Feeling the way it convulse when the pink flesh of your tongue stroke against its velvet soft texture,
I would stop you, 
Its out of my hands

Guttural voice utters how you love the way my hips gyrate in a perfect rhythm, as our bodies grind tight against each other,
The way the taut tug of my sex surrounds. then push and pull on the enormity of your swollen sex girth,
I want to stop all of this, 
Its all out of my hands

While my lips stimulate your length to full blossom,
My ears hear your voice whispered groans, say how good it feels, 
How much you miss me,
How much you need me,
How much you just have to have me,
How you will always love only me,
But the scent flooding into my nostril isn't yours: 
Nor is it mine,
My eyes look up into your lying eyes, and they say;
You were just with someone else,
But they didn't satisfy you,
They didn't take care of your needs like I can, 
They couldn't satisfy your body wants like my mouth, my hands, the opening on my body hidden apertures could,
Its all out of my hands

You enter me and open my womb to fullness,
Your drive into me deep often,
Until your release overcome your body senses,
My body convulse with yours,
Its all out of my hands

Your body collapse and fall into a deep slumber,
When it wakens, you jump up and make excuses why you have to leave me immediately,
My mind knows better, but my heart has fallen hard,
If only your lying eyes would tell me you love me just once before your leave,
Its all out of my hands....

Weeks later my phone continuously ring,
But I don't answer,
My mind doesn't falter,
My heart doesn't flutter, it just beats in a steady stillness,
The phone, is out of reach of my hands ....


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Monday Moaning....... Have me your way... Repetitive poem

Panties gingerly pulled down legs,

Heavy legs spread my legs open,

Hard pulsating sex, pushes against my butt flesh,

The heat of his lips, is felt pressing firmly on my neck,

His breaths of desire, breathing heavily close to my ear,

Awakens me, in the dark of the night

Aggravated moan escapes my lips,
As he push the head of his hard mass between the dryness of my lobes,
Without foreplay,
Without lube,
Without hesitation,
Without a reservation,
He pushes it into me with brute force of passion,
But it doesn't matter,
Because after years of togetherness,
It always feel so good to be waken like this,
To still be wanted like this,
To still be needed like this, 
To still be lusted for like this,
To still stir the raw passion inside his soul like this

As my butt cheeks spread, his hands pull hard on the flair of my hips,
My voice cry out,
As penetrating pain rush through me, 
As he pushes the swollen head of his mass, pass my tight vulva lips, into my pinkness,
Lungs groan, as his uncut mass forces itself deep inside me

Womb spasm as it feels him pull his massiveness of his hard mass out of it,
Then stroke his first thrust ever deep into me,
Causing an exhale groan to reverberate in my chest,
His second stroke makes me grunt, as the pain intensify,
His third stroke leave my womb tingling, my lungs gasping,
His forth stroke leaves my womb humming with surreal sensations,
His fifth stroke brings my womb to life, with sensations of fire,
His mass is felt swelling, meaning he won't last much longer,
But I don't care,
Because it's not about making my body come to release,
But him having me his way,
About him asserting his passion of me, on me,
About him, taking me lustfully,
About him, fulfilling his moment of desire for me,
About him, exploding his white liquified seed inside the cramp confinement of my pink walls,
About him, shaking with orgasmic tremors, while the heat of his seed penetrates into the sensitivity of my womb walls, causing my voice to scream his name,
About him, gasping for breath, as he lies on top of me, while his massive spent seed seeps pass my seams,
About him, still wanting, me, 
About him, whispering "I love you so much" in my ear, after twenty years of having me like a Burger King sandwich,
His way ....

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Head day .... Succumb ...... Prose poem (short)

Take me deep,
Between the softness,
of your lips,
Make me moan,
in delight,
Make me groan,
in pleasure pain,
Until I release,
in the agony of desire 

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