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Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday moaning ... A to Z Erotic poetry challenge.. A is for Arousal...

Warmth of soft hands,
Seep into my scrotum
My knees weaken,
Breath sharply inhale,
Gradually exhale,
As the sensation of warmth penetrates into the desire of my loins

Growth of excitement is visionally seen, 
Exciting her mind with its massiveness,
Enticing her folds to cry,
Her femininity to crowd the air with its pungent intoxicating odor 

Fingers slip past her moist folds,
Lips wrap around the bulbous head of my pride,
When my swollen head reaches the front of her throat,
The shearing sensation bring tears to my eyes,
Causing a moan to reverberate in my throat,
Anticipating to run rampage in my mind

When my tongue swept into the wet of her pink flesh,
The sweetness of her taste explodes on my taste buds,
Her body tensed, then shivered, 
Her voice deeply moaned ....

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge ... A is for Anal

 Head lean back against the width of his shoulder, hands reach back and secure themselves to the thick of his thighs,
My hips bucked back into his, as he ground the solid core of his dick hard into my expose flesh

I wanted him,
He wanted me,
The desire of his pretty cock deep inside me was overwhelming,
He wanted to oblige me,
But I needed my ache not to be just satisfied, 
I needed it to explode like a Newton bomb, to incinerate the lustful feelings residing deep inside my loins

Replaced moans and groans,
His teeth bit hard, 
My nails dug deep, 
As we clawed at one another like animals in heat

His hard enormity pushed relentlessly against my butt flesh,
When it fell between my buttocks crack, my mind went sexually ballistic with sensations

Lungs gasped,
Flesh shivered, with the thoughts of dirty lustful sex temptation

As his length eased up and down my butt crack,
My hips bucked up into his size, 
My womb weeped deeply with feminine slippery sweat

My mind wanted it, 
My body was in desire need of his hard cock approach,
I didn't care which opening it penetrated,
I just needed it prodding profoundly deep inside one of my body orifice 

Guided swollen head wondered through my vulva lips slit,
Teasing wet lips with its hardness,
Teasing erect clit with its directness,
When the feel of its swell centered on my vagina opening, my mind anticipated first penetration sensations rushing up my spine

My hips hesitated,
His grasp held my waist tight,
Suddenly the feel of his pulsating head, was felt invading the center of my private space
Pain rip into the center of the surreal sensations running wild through my loins, 
As the head of his manhood push into the tight ring of my anus opening,
My lungs gasp, 
My face muscles writhe,
My body became tense with the beginning of our dirty need,
My mind relayed its Ok, relax to itself,
At first the head of his manhood felt stuck in my anus opening, but as it slowly slid through the tight opening, the intense pain resided, the feel good pain started

Deep gasp floats into my ear, as his cock slid into my anus canal, 
Slow measure thrust now ease his shaft swollen head into the grip of my rectum sphincter,
Each slow thrust opened my sphincter opening wider, while pushing the head of his cock deeper into my anus darkness

Full pledged cock pumped into my opening with increase tempo,
His smooth rhythmic strokes, thrust his harden sex deep into my rectum canal,
Full was the feel of my body, as his hips thrust in earnest
My dark hole sucked his cock in like a vacuum,
His voice moaned like a Bitch on each deep thrust of his hips, as my private space surrounded his cock with unimaginable snugness  

My hips met the drive of his on each thrust,
His right hand squeezed my right breast, while his left hand slipped in and out between my thighs, diving his long slender fingers deep into my dripping wet womb, as his thumb circled my clitoris,
My orgasm build on each extended stroke of his hard cock inside me,
When his voice whispered "Come for me baby" into my ear, it pushed my orgasm to the brink of no return

Our minds, bodies, and souls became lost, as his thick long inflexible cock rode hard and deep inside the cramped quarters of my paradise,
My body deeply rock and spasm, as the thickness of his unyielding cock rode deep into its darkness

Violent shock waves consumed my body, 
While my womb ejaculated warm clear cream onto his hand and my silk satin sheets,  
My private space tighten on each quake of my body muscles

"Oh baby" moaned past his lips as his thrust became hard, quick and erratic,
His forceful strokes rocked by body back and forth as if it was a rag doll,
Grunt.. Grunt, pass his lips as he drove his hard penile deep into my darkest hole without mercy,
Balls slapping loud and hard against the bottom of my butt, rung into the air,
My voice quietly screamed from the sensations reeling through my body

His body became tense,
The grip on my breast became so tight, it became painfully good,
A ape like grunt filled the air while his cock rammed as deep as possible into the depths of my bowels,
The thought of his cock penetrating through me raced through my mind, as white release spewed like a water fountain into my rectum core,
His seed flowed like a river inside the depths of my black orifice

Eyes open,
His body was peacefully sleeping up close to mine,
His limp peace maker was at ease next to my butt cheeks,
The feel of our sex fluids was felt dripping down my thighs, stuck between the crack of my azz,
Just as I eased out of the warmth of his arms grip to sneak into the shower,
The words of a song playing in the bathroom caught my attention, 
"I need you more then my next breath"  
A deep passionate kiss, awaken him from his sexual slumber...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge .... A is for Animalistic lust.... B is for Bedtime BJ

Today comes to an end,
Hot shower,
Sitting in bed,
While a book read my mind to slumber

His loud rhythmic music awaken my body from its complete relaxing slumber,
His loud singing in the shower awaken my thoughts,
His loud happy humming while he was drying himself, was a distraction to the quietness of the dark surroundings I had put myself in

Where are my pajamas, yell from the bathroom,
"Where they always are, in your drawer!" 
Such a big kid, I think to myself,
Half sleeping eyes, roll towards his body that was standing in the shadow of the room, as he ramble through the drawers looking for his pajamas

The silhouette of his chiseled chest captured my attention,
The definition in his smooth arms that could be seen in the low lights enticed me,
His flat stomach with its small waves of flexing flesh, started an ache low in my pelvic area,
My eyes roll down his waist to the curve of his ass, that was supported by firm thick thighs and strong legs,
My heart skip a beat as my eyes fixate on the semi hard eagerness slowly thickening between his legs,
Lust instantly flush through my extremities, I heard myself whispering out to him, It's not pajamas that you need

His eyes roll towards me,
His broad smile flashes,
His body walks towards mine

Greedy bodies meet at the edge of the bed,
Wanting hand surround his erectness,
Hungry mouth suck his swollen head inside of it,
Deep moans ripped from deep inside his lungs, as his cock is sucked deep into the heat of my mouth, while the fingertips of my free hand circulated on the head of my erect clit,
Soothing the sharp ache between my legs

Head bobs in a deep rhythm,
My desired lust is felt over powering him,
His legs shivered,
The grating groans rolling past his lips were soulful deep,  
Suddenly the power of his hand is felt holding my head tight,
The sound of his hard circular sex popping out the tight suction of my lips, sounds into the air,
Before my mind could react, his body was in the bed behind mine

Lips suckle deep on the softness of my neck flesh,
His long slender fingers are felt sliding in the clear moisture between my slit, while his hard, long, thick penile, ground a deep indentation into my butt cheek flesh,
The deep sighing moan I heard and thought was his, was mine...

To be continued ...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Moaning.... Thighs inside.... Prose poem ...

Lips to lips 

Breast against chest

Flesh to flesh

Hard inside soft

Passion thrust begins

Quiet moans of passion disturbs the room

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A is for ..... Erotic poem challenge (Prose)

A is for Arousal
A is for Anticipation
A is for Aphrodisiacs 
A  is for ~Anal~
A is for ~Animalistic lust~
A is for Afterglow
A is for Appetite 
A is for Aspirations

I shall be using these words directly or indirectly. Example: The word Arousal. I may not use the word in a sentence, but use the meaning of the word visually in the written piece. Words that's encircled by ~, will be addressed in a later poem...

Aspirations betwixt my thighs awaken my body slumber,
Leaving me with a yearning for the rapture of your touch

Fingertips tender touches of softness, gently stroke between the inflamed flesh of my vulva lips, 
caressing my center sensitive walls, while slowly weaving in and out it's opening, leaving my pink flesh heated and wet, my voice exhilarated

Body cringe with inapplicable sensations, 
Lungs moan readily with arousal amorousness, 
While the tip of your thumb gingerly circle on the erectness of my clitoris

Deep breaths are follow by small body shivers, as my body bath in the waves of pleasuring
perceptions, as your fingertips explore the in and outs of my pink dripping wet sex

Quiet scream deflate my lungs, as the touch of the wet tip of your tongue, replaced the tenderness of your fingertips

Flickers and slow soft sweeps of your tongue tip,
Ease up and down my swollen lips slit,
Hips buck upward, as its tip sweep into the pink flesh of my domain clear nectar, 
And just when my mind think that my body can not endure another deep sweep of your tender tongue into my hidden kingdom,
Its touch is replaced with the hard shell; soft flesh, of your throbbing engorgement

Provoked moans of arousal are replaced with staggering groans, as the smooth head of your harden manhood, wave up and down on the slick wetness on my vulva lips, 
Making my mind anticipate its plunging arrival, deep inside the center opening between the thick of my inner thighs

Legs shiver,
Stomach muscles quiver, from the aphrodisiacs teasing of shearing sensations that's surging into my loins like high electrical voltage,
Wetness weep from my womb foyer, as my voice beg for your hardness to be forced into the tight confine of my sopping wet haven

Strong hand, hold engorged shaft unyielding girth steady in its palm,
Its throbbing head, is felt pulsing on the center of my opening

Hips hesitation,
Then thrust forward,
Deep breaths elude capture,
As your throbbing penile swollen head penetrates pass the resolute resistance of my folds,
Then slowly touch my walls from top to bottom

Once seated, your girth will test my walls pliability, 
Its length with test its stretching boundaries with a marathon of back and forth perpetual motion, 
Until my sensitive walls become enraptured to the point of an orgasm
An orgasm that will shatter violently inside my being, and send titillating sensations screaming throughout my extremities

Tight spasm of my walls, will collect your will to orgasm, then collect the white substance of your ejaculating release,
After your body collective shake, rattle and quake subside,
Our bodies will fall into the afterglow of a loving rapture

Fingertips brush lightly through your hair, while the light breeze of your breath, float across my naked breast flesh,
As sexual orgasmic slumber captures the essence of your body, slow soft heartbeats inside my chest, floats into your ear, cradling your mind into a slumber state

Finger motion slows,
Eyes close,
As closer then close, fills my heart,
Contentment, soothes my soul,
While my mind falls into the quiet of darkness

Body awakened, by the weight of your body pressing against its backside,
The warmth of your breath is felt floating across the back of my neck, 
The gentleness of your touch, is felt gradually easing up the slope of my inner thigh

Fingertips pinch my flesh, to make sure this is not a dream,
As I feel your hunger that's long, straight and hard as steel,
Profoundly throb between the crack of my assist...

Manview © 1999 – 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A TO Z Challenge .....

I've been reading a few blogs that are doing the A to Z Challenge. I decide to give it a try, but doing it in my on erotic way with some form of a erotic poem. (Acrostic, Haiku, Prose, Tanka, Oddquain, etc) It might take a while to get from A to Z, but it sounds like a fun and different thing for me to do. If someone has a suggestion on a letter or style of poetry, please fill free to leave me a comment. Also if you are looking for some Hardcore, Spanking, BDSM, Oral, etc, you can leave a comment also. I'm doing this by ear, so "I" have no rules... I also realize I have some other things on my plate, and I shall get to them also...


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

AT&T U_VERSE Blues ...

It's been over a week since I was able to use my internet and phone thanks to AT& T U-Verse.  You see, I let them talk me into switching to their service three weeks ago. And for the last three weeks my service has been in and out, then completely out for 7 days. They say they are sending techs that I waited for all day and they do not show, nor did they notify me that they will not be there. Not once but twice. It would of been three times if I hadn't got antsy about them not showing again and call them. Then when one shows up, he doesn't know his azz from his head. But I'm not going to completely blame him, he has to deal with the same lousy customer service I had to deal with.. But after he left, I finish putting all my phones back on line myself. Tomorrow I will call AT&T to put my service back like it was. Put it back to the old AT&T system... The not so funny part was every-time I call to complain about not having service, they tried to get me to add the TV package to the deal. I guess they figure I might as well have my phone, internet and TV not working at the same time... AT&T U-Verse, you need to learn customer service real quick, because there are more then a few of us leaving you because of your poor customer service. Another thing AT&T U-Verse, I speak english like most Americans. Hire some people who can speak english well enough to understand want "fuck off "means..

A angry unsatisfied customer

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday moaning ... My Mental fuck Affair ... (Word play)

"In my mind is simply a wonderful mental fuck affair between me and you
I imagine all the sexual things that I would want you to do"
By Poetic Butterfly
This is just some word play I did after reading PB poem...

Eyes close
Hand tight fisted around the throb of my cock...

Visions in my mind, 
Of ebony curves, 
Writhing under my fingertips caress, 
As lips deeply embrace in deep kisses of desire 

Visions of fingertips opening your blouse,
Exposing the nakedness of firm breast, 
That greets my touch with pink tip nipples that stand erect, 
Causes a surge of electrified sensations to flood my loins

Lips suckle, 
None of its flesh flavor do I waste,
Teeth tendering drag across its exterior flesh, 
Then nip its pink erect tip,
Your voice cry out, as your fingertips grip,
Into the firm texture of my flesh

Foreplay is on my mind, 
As the soft caress of your fingers ease up my spine,
But once the tip of my finger dives into the heat of your center, 
My ears detect a moan of sexual whimper

All of my reserve, 
Floods into the pulsating beast standing straight out, between my thighs,
Preparing itself for your battle cries,
But once the weight and size of my pride,
Is felt growing on top of your thigh,
Thoughts of foreplay goes to the wayside

Damp panties fold to floor,
Leaving the path open to your womb mushy front door,
Letting the relentless of my touch roam your private space,
As sexing you is quickly coming to a haste,
As the words "Fuck me", tell me your desire lust no longer want to wait

Without further reserve, 
Hands open your thighs, 
Then gingerly guide my deep throbbing pride,
Into the center opening of your pink taut slick ride

Ouuu- Aaggggh, slip past your lips as I force feed the pink of your womb,
 That fits my growing cock like a tight flume,
"Oh baby," "oh baby", your voice screams ,
As my girth floats on watery clear cream,
That lubricates your taut seem,
Giving a easy gliding path,
For my length to follow into the tight darkness of your depths

A moment is taken for our bodies to adjust,
Just before my hips first hard, deep thrust

Your voice whimper how deep the hard length of my cock is inside your pink meat,
How it dives into the corners, of your dark depths that other men have seek,
How my girth is stretching you walls beyond its elasticity, 
While making your walls spasm with sensations of electricity,
Indulging your mind with felicity,
Making your eyes tear, from my hips deep constant thrust of simplicity,
While your body cum ugly, with no dignity

Hips flail, pushing, bumping into each other in a sexual rhythmic fit,
As my wide penile mass rubs against your erect clit,
You feel my girth swell,
As my cock become harder then a nail,
"Cum for me", "cum for me baby", screams into my ear canal

Pink walls tighten,
Hips bump harder,
Your voice screams,
As the heat of my hot white creamy cream,
Fill your womb pink seem

But before my rage can finish,
You flip me over and use your lips to diminish,
The last drop of my sticky creamy cream,
In the first of my "Mental Fuck" dream 

Eyes open, 
Breath comes to a calm,
Warm liquid Is felt, oozing down my hand palm,
My mind desperately wonders, 
If one day you will really give,
Me the chance,
To make your body sexually dance

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