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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Monday moaning ... Rapture (1)

Awaken by the missing element that should be lying next to me,
My eyes slowly opened,
My arms cross my chest, 
As a chill ran across my flesh, 
From missing her warmth next to my flesh

As my body turn on its side,
My fingertips missed touching her flesh of softness,
A low ache of desire lay restlessly inside my loins

Body stirred,
Eyes focused on its surrounding,
There she was, sitting quietly near the window,
Watching sun first light creeping through the window pane,
With a look of distance in her eye

I approached her in the silence that she sat quietly in,
When my lips softly touched her neck,
Her head moved to one side,
Giving my lips full excess to the silky soft flesh of her neck,
A soft sigh emerged as my lips nipped on her neck creamy flesh,
While my tongue gingerly swirled while tasting her offering 

As my hand wrapped around her waist,
Her body leaned inwards,
Surrendering to my fingertips gentle touch,
As my fingertips roamed upward on her expose flesh,
They could feel her body react to their every movement

Nipples touched, 
Her back arch inward

Breast firmly squeezed, 
Her body pushes hard against mine

Stomach flesh sooth, 
Her neck pushes into my lips kisses

When my fingertips reached between the gap between her legs, 
Her body explode in desire

As my fingertips gently pushed into the pink softness of her wet,
Her voice moan, 
Her pelvic pushes upward, 
Take me,
Whispered into the air

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Risen... Monday moan ...

For the third time,
The alarm clock chimed
But his body doesn't move,
Wake up sleepy head, my voice whisper into his ear,
His response was a middle finger waving in the air

Get up, get up, get up,
I begged him as I got up to get dressed,
As I glance back at him, I could see even with his eyes closed, 
They were rolling in annoyance 

Coffee, toast and eggs aromatize the air,
But when I walked back into the bedroom,
My eyes gave him a cold stare,
Because I could see his body hadn't moved not even a hair,
Let alone anywhere
He just laid there,
Paying his dues,
To Monday morning blues

With a stern voice, 
I call out his name,
But he still does not move,
Then I call him out of his name,
And his body just rolls off its side and onto its back

Harshly, my eyes glare at him,
But once I see his boyish face with a Monday morning shadow on it,
My glare softens, my demeanor becomes lovingly

Brown eyes slowly ease down his sexy body,
They linger on the lean definition of manly chest muscles, the firmness of his thighs, the sexiness of his bowed legs,
A smile cross my face as my eyes glance at the manhood that's hanging at half mask between his thighs, rather then throbbing hard at high noon like it usually does when he first awakens,
But maybe the free for all naughty sex that we encountered together last night, had something to do with its hesitance to rise on this morning,
Maybe he needs a reminding taste of last night events

Like a black cat sneaking in the dark, my body slip between his thighs,
Wondering fingertips open his fly and pull his half limp flesh out of the confinement of his shorts, 
While holding a firm grip on the sides of his half soft girth, I ease the softness of my lips around its mushroom tip, then slowly caress its long shaft flesh as my head slowly lean downward, Leaving its surface wetter on each weave of my head

His girth is felt thickening between the grip of my lips,
His length protrude more and more out my mouth, as my lips ease up and down his dick velvet soft flesh,
Breath hitch,
Eyes glare burns through me,  
As a firm grip of his hands pull hard on the back of my head

His voice whispers words I can't hear, not care to hear,
As my lips concentration on devouring the rock hard flesh that was gliding in and out my mouth

The more his hips bucked,
The harder my lips sucked, 
Making his legs lightly shiver,
I thought I heard him say something about "suck it slut",
But a minute later after his slut sucked his hard cock harder and deeper into her mouth,
All I could hear was him moaning articulations of my name 

Moans deepen,
While his hips gyrated savagely hard and deep in rhythm of my lips, that was quickly gliding up and down his wet throbbing shaft, 
Pig like grunt,
Body stiffen,
Hot white sperm ejaculates into my mouth in a bunch,
IMy lips suck his sacs dry,
While his hips pushes up toward the sky
They don't stop,
Until I hear his voice cry,

After seeing a big gratifying smile on his face, 
I get up and go to the phone,
And called his secretary,
Letting her know her boss will be late once again on Moanday

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

LicKen ...

Slow motion,
Was mind notion,
As firm lips, mesh against soft

Warm breath, 
Seep against mushy flesh,
As moisten tongue tip, 
Slide between vertical slit,
Inhale moan articulate into room atmosphere

Long measured lick,
Slide between her wet slit,
Breath inhaled,
Back arch,
Lips softly suck,
Hips tuck,
Then slightly buck,
Moan articulate into room atmosphere

Tongue lick deeper into pink slit,
Mattress move away from slowly lifting hips,
As hips thrust gently forward in rhythm of deep head dips,
While quiet moans articulate into the room atmosphere

Slipping tongue tip creations,
Of searing sensations,
Cause allegations,
Of vociferous declaration,
While hips fluctuations,
Of hips deep pumping gyrations,
While her voice scream audible moans of sexual accusations 

Mind notion,
Of repetitive motion,
Of his tongue dipping into her womb pink ocean,
Bring up her desire expressive emotions,
While audible moans lift into the room atmosphere

Climaxing scream,
Is followed by spewing sweet tasting cream,
From the depths of her spasmodic womb seems,
As her mind free fall into an orgasmic dream

Crept Into her body that laid in a orgasmic heap,
But the feel of fingertips tight grip,
On thick smooth curvy hips,
Pulled his body between the thick of her thighs,
Where he inserted the rock hardness of his thick manly pride,
That smoothly pushed her haven lips open wide,
Then precede to trust in and out her womb with a deep sexual glide,
Awakening hidden desire, that was napping inside the sanctuary between her creamy thick thighs

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Frictional Climax... Prose poem ...

Fragments of his imagination, 
Has conquered up visual image of your body,
To enhance the ache deep inside his loins

Harden girth strains against the velvet soft flesh that surrounds it,
It reaches out in lustful heights,
It throbs in desire pain,
While weeping clear liquid through its vertical slit

Suppressed Inner moan,
Reaches out of the dark,
Into the light of open space,
As fingertips grip the harden growth between his legs

At first they slide gingerly up and down its span,
Causing sensations to rush into his loins,
While his mind concentrate on the imagery of your curves,
The softness of your flesh,
The feel of the pull of your full soft lips,
As they ease up and down the velvet soft flesh that covers his cock length

Burning sensations heighten inside his loins,
As pressure builds up like steam trapped in a steam pipe,
Waiting for the steam valve to open suddenly, 
So it's rapid escape could explode into the atmosphere

As his eyes opened,
His loins contents is seen spilled over the sheets,
His heart is felt racing like a race horse inside his chest,
Raptured feelings of release sensations, had left a peaceful calm inside his loins

After a deep long breath,
His mind thought of you for one last time,
Then put the memory of your body image, to the back of his mind,
While hoping the next time, when his eyes open,
It will be your soft flesh they see lying next to him,
It will be your deep sexual moans his ears hear,
Moments before he ejaculate his hot white seed, deeply inside the tight pink walls,
Between the firmness of your thighs..

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