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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Head day ... Call out ... (Gif poem)

Its stature was tall,
Its width was broad and thick,
Its skin was cut clean,
Its head glistered with clear seed sweat,
While It danced in his hand in the beat of his heart rhythm

Raced through my mind,
As my eyes feast on the indications,
Of its sexual projections 

Hips sexually swayed as my body eased across the room,
My mouth became moist with anticipation of its taste between my lips,
My womb ached with cock withdrawal, 
My taboo puckered with fantasies of its deep complexities,
But first, my lips must taste the flavor of its faith 

Knees bend on floor,
Mouth open,
Tongue slowly swirl around his swollen sex head sensitive ridge,
Tasting the sweetness of the seeping first cream from the slit of his cock

Legs tense,
Breath hitch,
His right hand is gently laid on my left shoulder, 
It's felt gingerly pulling my body closer to his

Throbbing head of his cock slid past my lips grip,
While the velvet softness of his girth flesh, slide through the confined opening of my

Dark brown eyes close,
Alto voice softly moan,
As further and further my lips slither down the velvet softness of his girth flesh

Head pulled upward,
Then relented downward,
Sliding the tight grip of my firm soft lips, 
Up and down the moist flesh of his rock hard shaft

Quiet moans filled the air,
As my lips ease up and down his girth tight flesh,
My eyes watch his that watched his length disappear and reappear,
As it smoothly slipped between my lips

Cock release from the heat of my mouth,
Tongue slash down its slippery sides,
Then swirl and dart on the clean shaven flesh of his scrotum

Deep moans reverberate in his throat,
As my lips suckle on the entrapment of his balls inside my mouth

Left hand squeeze and manipulate his breast nipple to a rise,
While my right hand slowly pump its grip up and down the slippery wet length of his hard throbbing cock

Hand tightly grips my hair and pull my head upward, 
Guiding it over the head of his pulsating sex,
His hips thrust forward while his hand pull my head downward,
Force feeding his cock size into my mouth,
Moans of desperation to cum slip into the room air

Head bobs come in a flurry,
Lips grip his swelling cock girth tight,
WHile my mouth take as much as his length that it can possibly manage 

His voice soft moans become audible groans,
While his legs involuntarily shake on each deep dip of my head

Strong fingertips indented into my shoulder flesh,
As his strength pull harder on my shoulders,
While smoldering orgasmic flames inside his loins, 
Prepare to burst into a uncontainable forest fire

Fingertips intertwine into my hair,
Then pull my head forcefully downward,
While his hips frantically trust upward,
Forcing his harden cock further into my mouth

Head tilts back,
His mouth flings open,
Curse words flow past his lips,
As his body uncontrollably quaked with the passion of orgasmic release

Hard ejaculation spewed his hot white seed deep into my mouth,
While my lips urgently slid up and down his palpitating sex,
Enticing every white drop of his seed to eject from his loins

White seed that saturates my mouth is swallowed,
But his girth refuse to relent in size

Eyes opened in surprise as my body straddled his,
The complexity of his hard sex is guided into my sex soft opening,
His voice suddenly moan,
As the heat from my pussy surrounded his unforgiving cock girth

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