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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Red panties dairy ... Life of the party 2 .. Saturday seduction series...

Part 2
Where there's smoke, there's fire..

Bedroom door swung opened with aggravated force,
Broken wall plaster crash down to the floor, 
After a deep calming breath, he turned his head around and gave her a glaring stare,
A stare so cold her body froze like a frightened deer 

He entered the bedroom and sat down on the nearest chair to him, 
This time when he looked back at her, his face had a sobering stare that summon her,
Still on all four, she hurriedly crawled up next to his leg as fast as she humanly could

Her head instantly bowed,
Her breathing became silent,
Her body did not waver,
Her thoughts were confused at most, because of the anger she had stirred inside him,
After a long delay of none verbal communication from him, 
The silence in the room became her comfort

Without warning a tight grip of his hand strength grabbed the back of her neck and lifted her head upwards, 
As their eyes met, she wanted to speak to ask him for forgiveness, but she knew she must not, and wisely did not,
His tight grip quickly guided her body over the surface of his lap,
As soon as the softness of her body flesh leaned across it, she could feel the rage of his rock hard hard on, indenting into the softness of her thigh flesh,
But before her mind had a second thought about it, she felt her sexy "red panties" yanked half way down her thighs with one quick tug of his hand, 
Before a reactional gasp could leave her mouth, the sound of a lightening strike thundered through the room

Pain ripped through her left ass cheek, 
Instantly followed by a scream of pain ripping pass her voluptuous lips,
He didn't say a word,
He didn't move a muscle,
He just sat there and waited for the silence of the room to returned, and her body to come to a complete rest,
Once her body became still and the room silenced, his hand thunderously struck down on her right ass cheek 

This time she swallowed her scream, 
But her body twisted away from the next forthcoming swat of his hand stinging power,
Again he stopped, 
Again he waited for the silence of the room to return, and her body to become completely still,
Then again, his hand struck with the power of lightning contempt

Spank-spank-spank rung into the air,
This time her body did not waver, 
Her voice did not cry out,
She took her punishment best as she knew how

After his hand found a rapid firing rhythm, his low alto voice spoke out on each hard swat of his hand,

How spank, could spank, you spank, embarrass spank, me spank, like spank, that swaat!

I spank, did spank, not spank, marry spank, somebody's spank, common spank, whore swaat!

Or spank, filthy spank, slut swaat!

Once the ranting stopped, he spanked her butt cheeks harder then she could ever imagine, 
She tried not to move, but the sheer sensations of pain made her body wiggle, her head jump up, and her legs involuntarily jerk upward

He spanked her right ass cheek, 
He spanked her left ass cheek, 
He spanked the kingdom come out of both her ass cheeks at the same time,
Even though he spanked her backside relentlessly, he spanked her in a controlled rage,
A rage her drunkenness and silly flirtation started, 
A rage he would finish his way

Smacked against the firm round butt cheeks she was so proud of,
The ones she worked out everyday to get that perfect roundness and firmness,
But tonight her butt cheeks did not burn from to many squats at the gym, they burned from the hellacious spanking his hand was putting down on them, 
He spanked her until the natural Native American color of her butt cheeks flesh was darker then cherry red, 
But her voice did not cry out,
Only tears of forgive the flirting slut in me, slowly trickle down the softness of her cheeks 

The flesh of her buttocks began to burn tremendously,
She wished her "red panties" were pulled up,
Even though they didn't have much fabric to them,
At least the spanking wouldn't sound as bad as it felt

The flesh on the bottom of his hand was turning red, and started to hurt with each strike against her 
extremely firm backside,
When the spanking started to hurt his hand more then her gorgeous behind, 
He ceased the spanking 

With urgency,
He roughly pushed her off his lap while never looking back at her, 
He stood up and hurriedly walked over to the edge of the bed, 
There he patiently waited for her to gather herself

Her head was held down, 
Her face held a frown,
Small rain drop tears tracked down her face, 
While her mind dwelled on how much he had been disgraced,
In front of all his peers

She slowly crawled towards him on all fours,
When her eyes took a quick glance upwards, she could see the impatient in his body language starting to settle in as he waited for her, 
But her ass was aching to the point of numbness, 
And the tight "red panties" clinging to her thighs hampered her progress to crawl any quicker,
Plus each time her legs moved forward, a deep ache was felt smoldering between her firm creamy thighs,
An ache she was actually starting to enjoy

(To be continue)
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  1. Very nice. Look forward to more.

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you Ronnie, I was hoping you would stop in, after all, I got some of the ideas from reading your blog. :)

      peace and love

  2. Oh my!
    I cannot tell you how much stirring this poem has left me in my groin.
    Oh my God!
    Seriously, the spank spank and the ferocity have left me dumbfounded.
    I have a few Erotic Love Poems but I have never read such ones.

    1. Thank you, I shall pay you a visit sooner then later, I like reading erotic love poems and stories...

      peace and love

  3. oh hot hot.. I read this part first and then raced around your blog desperate to find part 1..phew...found it

    1. Thank you for the read, and thank you very much for the comment...
      I shoild of thought about leaving a link for part 1, but since there was only one comment, I wasn't sure if i was going to finish it. But now that there are some comments, I shall keep going...

      peace and love