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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A to Z... (F) Fellatio... Slow burn

Attentive eyes,
Watch my body every movement,
As the softness of her lips,
Slowly dragged across the surface of my sex harden flesh

They watched my eyes slowly close,
My lips whimper,
My chest abruptly heave forward,
While her lips pulled, 
Dragged on and over the velvet softness of my sex girth flesh,
Killing me slowly with unparalleled surreal sensations, 
That felt as if it was about to burst outward of the perimeter of my loins

Toes curl,
Let hand grab,
Onto the soft flesh of her shoulder,
To steady my lifting body

Right hand intertwine,
Into her hair,
To direct her head forward motions,
And to pull her head backwards at my command,
But once her head movements fond that rhythm of slow death,
My hand just laid on her head in dormant,
While my body went into sexual direst

Legs shivered in protest of the shear sensations that ran rampant throughout my extremities,
Sensations that burn hotter then a raging forest fire inside my loins,
While teasing my mind of the repercussions of the explosion that was slowly approaching inside me,
That would soon completely consume my being 

Deep smooth breaths become short,
Short hitching breaths becomes erratic,
Erratic breaths become disoriented, 
While quick heartbeats become frantic,
As the slow sexual death of my orgasm slowly arise from my loins depths

Wide open eyes watched closely,
So they could observe my body every slight movement,
Every shiver,
Every twitch of a muscle

While the firmness of her soft lips slowly devoured my sex whole,
They followed the slight upward bow of my girth,
The slight curve to the left of my sex length,
All the way up to my scrotum sac,
Then back to the very beginning of it all

Slow death eclipse my body, every time her lips slowly eased forward on the slippery wet flesh of my cock,
The same lips that bring me back to life as they reverse their course

Elation sensations rush from the tip of my sex, to the stem of my brain,
As her head slowly rocked back and forth,
Pushing my length in and out the moist heat of her mouth,
While dragging the firm grip of her lips up and down my girth slippery swollen flesh,
Drawing my orgasm nearer and nearer to an explosive liberation

Hips gyrate,
Thrusting my sex length harder and deeper into the darkness of her mouth,
Bringing my sexual urge nearer to release,
My lust to the point of burst

Crying moans drowned in my throat,
As my body became rigid,
Explosion is followed by compulsion of my hot white liquid,
Into her greedy mouth, that sucked my loins dry of all its thick white gooey seed

Is followed by tranquility,
As my body wavered in its stance

Eyes meet and greet,
As hands cup my backside, bringing stabilization to my body wobbly stance,
Lips smile, as her act of slow burn fellatio, left my mind, body and soul in a dream state of calm...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday moan ... Extended kiss ... Prose poem ....

Shapely legs

Covered with soft flesh 

Gently curve around my head

As my lips gingerly kiss your inner thighs

Tease them with ultra soft touches of my fingertips glide

Stoke them lightly with the tip of my tongue

And when I work the flexing tip of my tongue up between your thighs

Giving the void of your center an extended kiss

Your body tense

While your voice emits a deep sexual moan...

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life of the party 6... Cane-mad-tic .. Saturday Seduction ...

Part 6

"A few weeks ago, he had read that the best time to punish a spanko was while she was in orgasmic afterglow,
And after the tongue lashing he had just administered on her, this punishment was going to really hurt"

Eyes was held closed, as her mind was in the grip of an orgasmic fog, and her body basked in miniature quakes of afterglow,
She never saw the after storm coming, but she felt the awesomeness of its thunder

Uuugh!! Uttered from her lips,

No this can't be happening ran through her thoughts, not after what just happen between us,
Her body jerked forward as if it tried to launch away from the pain penetrating her already tender red butt flesh,

Suddenly the pain stopped,
Her body begin to wiggle as he pulled her sexy red panties down her firm thighs,
He wanted to see her but redden,
He wanted to hear the complete sound of the cane striking her firm ass flesh,
He wanted her to feel the completeness of the cane striking her behind
Once he had her panties lowered down her thighs, he resume the caning,
Oh-shit, her voice barked after the shooting pain ran through her buttocks, 
Then down her left leg,
Quiet slut shot into her ear,

Tears flowed like a river down her face for the first time while she was being punished,
The pain the cane was relenting on her ass, was real pain of her reckoning,
Sharp pain race through her back side,
Each stroke of the cane, hurt more then the last,
Damn, damn, damn, she swallowed,
"Please stop", I shall be good, I will do as you say, she pleaded,
In a firm articulating voice he commanded, "I said be quiet my silly little whore",
Woosh-thwack, sounded off the dark red glow of her tenderize ass flesh,

"Who's little slut are you" he demanded to hear?
Her voice echoed nothing but silence,
"Who's slut are you" his voice articulated in a loud but calm voice?
"Only yours," her voice cried out,
Suddenly she broke down in a emotion of pain and tears,
He held the cane in mid air, gathering it for another strike while thoughts raced through his mind

Was this another one of her mind games, or was she actually being honest with him this time?
Best to be sure was an quick afterthought,

Wanting not to hurt her and yet hoping he did not stop too soon or she would be up to her old tricks once again, he relent the caning, 
His eyes glared at the deep puffy red marks the cane had left on her ass,
They were surrounded by the cherry red flesh from the thorough spanking he had given her earlier,
Wow, that's going to hurt for awhile flashed through his mind

He stepped in front of her and glared deeply into her eyes,
Crocodle tears flowed freely down both cheeks,
There was not a trace of a hidden smirk on her face, just a look that seem to be looking for forgiveness, and not a way out of her predicament,
He wouldn't cane her anymore today, but he wasn't ready to remove her restraints either,
Because all to well he knew the nature of the beauty and the beast he was dealing with

To be continued ...

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy hump day ... Sy it's not so .... Erotic prose poem

Orange juice,
And tea
Was silently devoured within the presence of the rising morning sun, while sleepy eyes and minds barely functioned

Sun rose higher in the sky,
Clean up was at hand, 
Eyes glance around for her presence to help clean up the kitchen, 
But there was none

Kitchen table cleaned,
Dishes washed,
Floor swept, 
While not even a wisp of a sound from her was heard

Quiet stroll into the bedroom found her lying on her stomach, stretch across the bed fast asleep,
First thought was to not disturb her, after watching her toss and turn all during the night,
But once my eyes glanced on the white oversize shirt she was wearing riding high on the roundness of her derrière, directions of my mindset quickly changed

As my body stood closely over her, my eyes fixated on the texture of her creamy soft skin, 
Her round buttocks, and a hint of her short trimmed garden hair peeping peeping between her thighs

Even after a decade of marriage, the display of her firm round behind still enticed my being,
It still made my heart race faster then a cheetah chasing a gazelle across the plains of Africa,
It still made me lose my mind focus,
It still stirred the weakness between the center of my legs to the point of expansion, and made it throb hard in sexual pain, while pulsating to the beat of my racing heart

In wait, my lust was now lusting for her,
The I must feel, my hard cock deep inside the walls of her soft womb, overwhelmed me,
The need, to hear her moan my name, was missing in the silence of the room,
My wants, of wanting to feel her body quake in tremors, of sexual satisfaction, as my body rode high on her firm backside like she was a bulking mare, 
While my cock, rode deep inside the sex of her saddle, was pushing my desire into a fever

Like a mountain lion sneaking up to its prey, my body stood low, then quietly eased up to the night table next to the bed, 
Fingertips quietly open the top drawer, then slipped slippery goo on the head of the hard over stretched flesh throbbing between my legs, 
Then in stealth mode, I crept up to the bed where my sleeping prey laid motionlessly 

Without shaking the bed mattress, my body slowly straddled hers, 
Then took my lubricated hard throbbing mass into my hand, and laid its pulsating head dead center on the closure of her sex opening

In a instant moment my body froze as the heat of her center seeped into my hard flesh,
After reflecting for a few moments while enjoying the sensation of the warmth of her opening on the tip of my hard pulsating cock, I swiftly intruded my hard mass into the quaint of her taut pink hole,
Trusting into her unsuspecting womb with one long, hard, deep stroke
Causing a deep sleeping moan to clear her throat

Eyes fly fully open, 
Feminine voice gasped loudly into the air, while blue painted fingernails dig deep into the sheets satin texture,
I felt her back arched straight up into my body just as another hard thrust pushed ever deep into her womb, 
Her body never wavered, as deep penetrating sensations overwhelmed her

Stroke after stroke of hard cock slipping deep into her depths, 
Enticed her womb walls to weep,  
Her lips seem to seep,
Profusely of clear feminine nectar

She had awaking to a flurry of slow, none stop, deep hard thrust, that rocked her butt upwards, while pinning her body deep into the mattress,
It wasn't long before she was moaning my name, screaming unpronounceable words at the relentless hard cock that kept pounding itself in and out the wetness of her taut pink orifice,
Heavy grunts erupted into her ear, as the firmness of my body laid down on top of hers, while brutal thrusting of my hardness drove continuously deep into her soft domain

Quiet moans,
Became light groans,
As my cock that was hard as a bone,
Ravaged her pink throne

Loins overloaded with sensations pushes her over the edge, alluring her body to tremor and shake under my relentless sexual assault,
Once her body was felt quaking under mine, I lifted my upper body up up on its arms, drilling my hard mass even deeper inside her trembling wet depths,
High pitch scream pierced into the air, as her body bucked uncontrollably

Womb spasm tight around my expanding girth, making my voice deeply moan, my release to step closer to the edge,
But the measured assault on her sex, kept slipping into her pinkness without resolve

Desired lust was now burning hotter then a forest fire,
Each stroke of my hardness into her wet womb, brought my body closer to redemption of release,
A release that was so close my body went into a countdown

Ooh-shhhh -t burst into the air

Loins erupted like a sleeping volcano that hadn't erupted in a hundred years,
It erupted so hard my loins felt like it shattered into oblivion, while my white cream spewed ropes of thick white mass into her womb

Deep throbs of my cock girth, was felt throbbing hard against the sensitivity of her womb walls, 
The sensations gave her body the surge she needed, to gyrate her hips in a quick tight circle, to milk every dripping drop of my hot, thick, milky white seed

My body collapsed on top of hers with my limp sex still tucked tight inside her sex opening,
My eyes slowly closed as sexual slumber reeled my body in,
A wide smile crossed my face when sexual moans was heard purring from her throat,
But when I heard the soft whisper of her voice say, "I hope it's a girl with big brown eyes like yours",
My eyes immediately opened, 
While my heart pumped hard and fast in my chest

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday Moaning .... It's morning .... prose poem

Body stirs,
Eyes awaken,
Mind drifts from its morning daze,
As my eyes look at his face that's still focused in a morning haze,
His eyes glare is felt upon my flesh,
The kind of glare that pushes my mind into a lustful rush

It takes awhile,
For my lips to frown up into a morning smile,
But his lips soft kisses,
Never misses,
To sooth my morning mood

Tender touch reaches out and ease across the nakedness of my breast,
Softly touching the exposure of its flesh, 
Squeezing its texture all so delicately

Legs spread,
Between my body center,
His body leans,
Hardness meet wet softness,
Intruder alert awakens all my senses within,
Good morning deep thrust dive into the pink color of my wetness,
That's followed by my lungs quiet, good morning moan

1Manview © 1999 – 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Red panties dairy. Life of the party 5.Saturday seduction


Removed was his suit coat,
Removed was his tie, 
He glance at his image in the dresser mirror and reflect on what has to been done tonight,
Then preceded to her next lessen

The bed mattress shook from his weight as he entered,
Panties waistband is felt being manipulated by his fingertips,
With gentleness he slid them back into place around her derrière,
Taking his time to have it resting just like he wanted it

She felt his fingertips ease up the back of her thighs, then slide under the soft fabric of her sexy panties,
At first a hint of pain shot up her spine as they touched the flesh his hand tenderize during her spanking ordeal,
But it wasn't long before soothing sensations followed his gentle touch,
Its about time rushed through her mind, because always after a sobering spanking, his fingertips gentleness soothed the pain away, 
But just as her mind had settled in on his fingertips soothing ways, they abruptly stop

A deep sighing breath in protest propelled into the air,
Followed by a quick hard slap on the glowing red flesh of the very bottom of her behind was her reward,
For a split second her voice decided to became vocal in protest, but even quicker was the thought that she best suck it up for the moment

Being put in her place didn't sit well with her,
But this battle of will was still going to be won by her persistence as always was in her thoughts,
A delayed hard slap on the same spot on her romp came out of nowhere, catching her off guard, 
Her body flinched, her mouth opened wide, but only silence came out,
Little did she know not only was this the forth coming of change, but the coming of her reckoning

Before her thoughts had a chance to gather, he was on his back and laying between the thick of her thighs,
"Spread em" in a voice of authority he commanded,
Hips lowered as her legs opened wider, giving him easier excess to her center sex

After his eyes finished fixating on the sexy lace red panties covering her sex, 
His tongue tip slowly slid up the crotch of her panties

Strange yet erotic sensations were felt as his tongue slid across her panties fabric while tracing the outline of her plump sex,
Legs quivered when his lips suddenly sucked deeply on her swollen lips,
How quaint were her thoughts, as he used her panties as foreplay while his tongue slashed and tease her needy sex,
After his tongue slid the crotch of her panties over to one side and expose her moisten sex, its tip slid across her mushy folds, 
an almost deaf moan slipped into the dead quiet of the room, 
A sudden awareness made her think and hope he didn't hear her, because she not only didn't want the sensations flooding into her womb from his swirling tongue to stop, but she also didn't want to feel his firm hand slapping down on her tender butt once more,
After his tongue kept swirling on her sex in the same rhythm as before, her mind and body quickly became relaxed

Sensations of sudden intrusion of his tongue penetrating into the calm of her clear wake, made her body flinch, then waver,
She fought a scream that tried to escape out her throat, as his lips suddenly suckled firmly on her vulva lips,
Nonchalantly he suckled on one side of her sex, then the other, alternating between quick licks up and down her slit, or swirling his tongue tip on one of her hot spots,
When his tongue plunged into her wetness and tasted her pink flesh deeply, 
Her body quivered in completeness

Quiet grasp of air was swallowed, as shearing sensations overwhelmed her body as the tip of his tongue assaulted the pink center of her sex with quick flickering licks and deep dips

Curvy hips were covered by his hands, then gently pulled downward,
As her body lowered, his tongue plunged ever deep into the root of her dripping wet sex

Half scream, half groan rushed past her lips, 
When she felt his tongue hesitate for a moment, she knew she would pay for her uncontrolled passionate vocals, 
But a quick second later, she had her usual thought of so what, how do you punish someone who adore spankings with a spanking?

After his tongue brief hesitation, it preceded back to groping her pink pussy walls,
It slashed and diced on all of her precise spots, enticing her womb to leak profusely as her release raced to the edge

Curvy hips rock back and forth, humping deeply on his tongue with desire of urgency, as her loins flooded with quivering sensations of her approaching storm,
She steadied her body so he wouldn't notice she was about to cum, because she knew he might say she couldn't just as he felt she would, but after hearing and feeling his engrossment with licking and sucking her pussy with perfection, she knew he wasn't going to speak, so she let her release hit her with all of its magnificent glory

Feminine voice squealed in orgasm delight, as her body shook and tremor in orgasm, 
"Oh my gud", "oh my gud", spewed from the depths inside her lungs, as an orgasm like she hadn't had in many a year, exploded fathoms deep within her,
A continuous climax reached from her depths as his tongue kept plunging into the heat of her wetness,
Muffled breaths went unheard, as he struggled to breathe while her hips grounded hard and deep on his face, while her feminine wine poured porously into his mouth, as her pussy seemly swallowed his tongue whole

As her body lathered in none stop climax, a strange feeling rushed through her body,
Before she knew it, her head had jerked backwards, her body had become rigid, from an appalling orgasm that seem to rape her soul

Breaths of air became wedged in her throat,

Blurred vision became dark vision, as if her mind was going to faint,

Muscles tensed body quaked as if her body was having a epileptic seizure,

Once her orgasm scattered through her body extremities, her orgasmic spent body came to a complete rest after heaving
forward and clinging to the headboard, her lungs felt as if they were on fire as they grasp for every ounce of air they could grasp

Soft licks, 
Tender kisses,
Had her body orgasming in miniature tremors and light aftershocks,
Her body was in such an orgasmic afterglow, she never felt the light tongues of his tongue stop,
While she hung unto the headboard waiting for her body to recovered from prolonged orgasms, he gingerly slid from under her thighs

From behind her, his body stood towering over her in silence,
His dark brown eyes fixated on her, they watched her sexual spent body lay helpless against the bed headboard,
They watched her firm round breast heave deeply in and out as she grasp for a deep breath,
The site made his heart beat faster and harder in lust,
But in his mind, he knew tonight wasn't about great sex,
It was about setting things between them the right way, after getting it wrong from day one that they were together,
And if nothing else, he was going to set things straight in both their minds

Flashes of thoughts raced through his mind as his eyes raced the curves of her curvy body,
But one thought persisted, and that one thought was were he had read that the best time to punish a spanko was while she was in orgasmic afterglow, and after the tongue lashing he had just administered on her person, this punishment was going to really hurt, 
And for once it was going to hurt her more then it hurt him

Light brown eyes were held closed, as her mind was in the grip of an orgasmic fog, 
Her body rested peacefully against the headboard, as it basked in miniature quakes of afterglow,
She never heard him move from the spot she last saw him standing, nor did she see the after storm coming, but she felt the awesomeness of its thunder

(To be continued)

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