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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Monday moan.... Body kisses ... Erotic Prose poem

Warmth of morning sun,
Filtering through dingy window panes,
Gently ease into the softness of naked feminine flesh

Body stir,
But does not awaken

Warmth of moist lips,
Is felt pressing against the nape of tender neck skin

Eyes open,
Deep breath taken,
As moist lips persistence,
Slowly leave a moisten trail,
Down the center of slender back

Tongue tip swirl,
Over and under the roundness of taut buttocks,
Down the center flesh of creamy firm thick thighs,
Enticing lungs to part dry lips with a burst of a whispering moan

Firm grip eases feminine body over,
Then spread shapely legs open wide
Tongue glide upward on the smooth flesh of an inner thigh,
Then slip into the privacy of moist divine,
Gently licking,
The mushy swollen folds in its path

Deep breath is heard,
As the tip of tongue slowly ease up and down the center of wet parallel slit
Legs quiver as tongue tip,
Plunge deep into small slit opening,
And taste the flavor of the pliable pink substance inside

Head tilts,
Lungs deep inhaled breath is held,
As surreal sensations rush into loins,
Trail through extremities
Top of head grabbed,
Leg wrap around head and pull inward,
Deepening wet body kiss

Curvy hips involuntary gyrate,
While pink walls secrete
Its sweetest flavor

Taut stomach muscles wave,
Like calm ocean waves lightly washing over sandy shorelines,
While morning moans stir the room air,
Like a light tropical sea breeze

Hips lift,
Gyrations quit,
Legs become completely stiff,
As tongue tip deeply taste the sweet spot in its path,

Lungs grovel,
Body stiffen,
Legs deeply quiver,
While orgasmic waves seduce petite body

Peaceful calm follows the raging storm,
Succumbing shivering body with sensations of ecstasy afterglow
Whispered good morning,
Is quietly answered,
With an exhaled whispered moan....

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