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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday moaning... Tasty sweet .... Prose poem ...

Sleepy mind awakens,
Lethargic body sir,
Big brown eyes open, and peep through slit of morning eyelids,
Within a split moment, her legs were spread,
Her back instantly bowed into an arch,
While her round firm breast heaved toward the sky

Eyes widen then glanced downward,
Top of his head was seen slowly gyrating between the center opening of widespread legs,
Surreal sensations of his tongue dipping and swirling deep in the wake, of her quivering pink sex, rushed through her extremities,
Leaving her body with the imprint of goosebumps and body shivers

Deeper, faster he licks her sex,
Enticing her hips to gyrate in his tongue quick motion,
Her right leg tightly hug the back of his head,
Pulling his tongue deeper into the void of her wetness

Oral assault hesitates,
Her sweet clear nectar is tasted then swallowed,
Soft voice moans her approval

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