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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday Moaning - Lick-A-Clit.

Trembling thighs
Are gently pried
Open wide

Gently dip
Inside moist swollen lips

Head slide
Between firm thighs
Causes an anticipated sigh 

Moisten lips
Softly sip
On pink erect clit

Hips gently buck
As lips lightly suck
While surreal sensations run amuck

Monday moan
Becomes full blown
As lips suckle, on her erect pink throne

(C) 1ManView

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Happy Hump-day .. Euphemistic Sex .... Prose Poem...

While you were inside me,
Eyes eagerly watched me,
As my body twist and contort to the sensations of our sexual play

Hands knead my body like dough,
While passionate kisses build a fire in the gut of my belly,
That's burning hotter on every sweet deep lustful kiss

As one hand holds tightly on my backside,
The other roam the bare sweaty surface of my flesh,
All while your hips smoothly gyrated in wanting, me,
needing me, having me,
While your inflated manhood slowly pierced deep into my watery depths

A hushed scream escapes my lungs, hurriedly rushing past my parted lips,
Breaking the silence of the darken room, as your length immerse itself inside my wake like an oil drill rig, drilling for oil deep in the ocean dark depths, lethargically slow and precise,
Enticing moans and groans of ecstasy echo in the rhythm of your hips, that's vertically impaling your rock hard manly membrane down the swell of my sex

Heaving breast lightly bumps into muscular chest,
While painted fingernails leave a trail of etched skin on smooth baby back flesh

Legs open wider,
Manhood descends deeper
Into the wants of  my wetness

One set of hips bucks up, as the other thrust down,
Pushing deep breaths of air out my lungs, on each of your hips profound plunges

Blissful sensations rush into our minds,
Overwhelming the primal sexual existence of our being

Up... Down...
Up.., Down...
Hips gyrate in perfect sync,
Pushing, pulling, your blood engorged membrane in and out the tight confinement of my pink depths

Right there, right, there,
My softest voice whispers into your ear, as your spacious girth slowly slide directly on the side of my fully erect clit,
Slowly bringing my sexual need closer to closure

A subdued voice whisper faster,
Faster, oh faster,
Then become audible loud while screaming, harder baby, harder

Painted nails anchor deep into your baby soft back flesh,
As your hips gyrate faster and dig deeper into my pink flesh

After pulling the head of your rock hard assassin out of the comfort of my womb, you insert  just the head into my wetness opening, without warning, you thrust your hips with brute force, impaling your size deep into my demise again and again without mercy

Squealing scream of passion lust echoes in the room,
As my hips bounce off the plush bed mattress on your every deep stroke,
Groveling voice whispers "I 'm M, cumin-n-n", as sharp shear sensations run amuck inside my loins,

Orgasmic quakes consume my body,
As your forever swelling membrane urgently slide up and down the center of my haven walls,
That spasm tighter and tighter as orgasmic waves vibrates through it

Hips thrust harder, to push your swell beyond my haven tightness,
But soon, it's completely consumed by its heat and overpowering grip,
Enticing your swollen palpitating swell, to spill and fill my opening with white-hot seed that is so hot, it causes my haven to once again convulse, my voice to perpetually scream in jubilant ecstasy

Bodies hotter than fire, quake to a rumble,
Shake to a stumble,
Then crumble,
Into a sexual fumble

Limpness lay still inside my wet core,
While words of deep affection bath the roots of our love inside me

Soft kiss, embrace my lips,
Deep affected hugs, envelop my body,
Sleep consumes the sexual afterglow surrounding our bodies

Eyes open, mind awaken to fingertips soothing my back flesh, as we lay in the quiet of the room,
Soft kisses seek the softness of my neck, causing my body to stir and wiggle, my haven walls to tingle,
As the center of my haven, feel the start of our next sexual dance arising....

(C) 1ManView

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Inside the lines... Prose poem


 The soft pliable tip of my tongue 

Shall softly slither inside the lines of your body flesh

Until I find the one 

That leads me to your sunrise


Friday, August 12, 2016

Fall For You ... Song poem

Repetitive poem -Song poem ... (Me before you motion picture) Falling for you by Leela james..

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, 
Using a phrase, sentence, or word from that song. 
It must also be written in the melody, rhythm or spirit of that song:
(Please push play)

Continuous flash of moonbeams shining through the window pane,
Interrupts the darkness of the cramped bedroom
Where you and I lay quietly intertwined in the position of spoon

Dolce fingertips play my flesh like the scales of a Baby Grand piano,
Making my body shiver, tremble, twist with nowhere to go,
As the strength in your arm hold me steady,
While surreal foreplay makes my body ready,
But this time, I feel something completely different inside myself than before,
I feel as if ...
I might be falling

Deep kisses that mesmerize my mind,
Is sweeter than the most expensive red wine,
And when your embrace wraps itself around my body,
I use to only feel the sensations of thrill,
But tonight, it's much more than that I feel,
I feel as the whole of my soul is content,
Like you are the one that was meant,
To trip me,
So I would fall

Each time your deep thrust falls deeper into my demise,
My mind ponders, is this wise,
To let this lustful relation continue,
Unless I unequivocally see the same feelings in you,
Because I think I could be...

When I call out your name,
It's no longer a game,
Because making love to you feel so good,
Like concentric love should,
When you have -

My heart constant beat of steady,
Tell me I'm ready,
To fall in love,
And be loved,
With your presence,
So please be a gentleman and catch me,
As I profoundly...

In love with you....

(C) 1ManView

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Imprinted ..Erotic Prose peoem

Soft tip of fingertips

Trace the curvaceous arches of my flesh

Tracing all of its perfections

All of its imperfections

While leaving an imprint

For phantasmagoric sensations to follow

(C) 1ManView

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Awaken.. Erotic prose peom

Sun rays creeping through slightly opened window blinds,
Leave a beam of light on the exposure of his broad chest flesh,
Soft long fingertips follow the sunbeam lead, and eased across his firm baby smooth flesh,
They follow the sculptor lines of his chest, the hardened tip of his blood filled nipple, over the washboard muscles of his stomach,
After they slid into the confine of his tight red shorts, they softly wrapped around the hardening flesh between his thighs, his sleeping eyes slightly opened, while his voice softly gasped

Lips hotter than penetrating sun rays, 
Suckle on his neck,
Leaving a red risen on the side of its flesh,
When her lips covered his nipple and smothered it with her mouth heat, it became erect,
They then followed the trail blazed by her fingertips over the flat of his stomach,
When they came to the bulge that pressed tightly against his tight sexy red shorts, they playfully covered it with their voluptuousness, 
Air from her lungs, blew through his red shorts soft fabric, blowing warm air over his hard extended flesh, causing his body to shiver,
Fingertips grasp the elastic of his tight fitted shorts, and slowly pulled them down,
The sight, the feel, of the slow tug of his shorts being pulled over his full-blown erection, made erotic thoughts flash through his naughty mind

Shorts removed,
Soft warm kisses rain on his inner thigh muscles,
Tongue slither up and down on the sensitive parts of his thick muscular thighs,
Then darts on his scrotum clean-shaven flesh, leaving his scrotum wet,  his mind wanting

Back suddenly arch,
Hands grasp air into a tight fist,
Instantly his mind goes blank, his voice gasps then whimper,  as searing sensation of her lips sucking his sac into the heat of her mouth, run ferociously from his tender sac, into his loins

Lungs exhaled as her lips released his sac from its grip, but quickly inhaled when he felt her lips cover his erection swollen head

Hips buck than flex tight,
Voice moan in pleasure-pain,
As exhilarating sensations rush from the depths of his loins, then up his spine into the back of his mind that has become delirious from the immense sensations of pleasure flooding its senses

Lips linger on the ridge of his harden sex head, 
Then slowly drop down his hard extended girth,
His mind bathed in the warm exquisite sensations, as her soft firm lips slowly rode up and down the length of his swollen throbbing shaft,
His body became sexual contented relaxed, while his mind was blanket with the warmth of the exquisite sensations surrounding it,
Complacent thoughts drifted into a space unknown, while her lips slowly eased up and down his thick harden shaft flesh, 
Mind, body, and soul had relinquished to the slow upbringing of his release, that rested in the shadows of his loins

Lips grip is felt tightening, as her head dipped faster,
A deep groan rush passed his lips as her head weaved faster and faster,
Hands reach out and grasp the side of her head,try to slow its quick movements,
But instead of relenting her pace, her lips grip his shaft tighter, her head dipped down further and faster,
Guttural groan begs her to stop, as a flood of razor-sharp sensations started to overwhelm his loins,
Even after hearing his pleas,  she continued her fellatio assault at its intense pace

Hips pump involuntary up, 
Fingertips intertwine into her hair, while his hands push hard down on the top of her head,
His voice cursed her name, then moan deeply in sexual agony of intense sensation overload,
While his body stiffened, then violently shook as if one thousandth volts of electricity was shooting through it
An unheard scream reverberated in his chest, as an explosion exploded from the dense depths of his loins, 
An explosion that shot thick white rope of sperm deep into her waiting mouth

Lungs gasp for air as her lips deeply suckle on his throbbing sex, milking his loins of all of its  white sweet tart substance,
"You tried to kill me" was the last words his voice moaned before his body collapsed into a sexual content heap,
She smiled to herself, as her lips soft suckle on his limp sex, brought his body to sexual slumber

While his body laid in the warmth of her arms, 
It slept contentedly, 
His heartbeats beat in his love for her,
His mind dreamed of dreaming fantasies

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the warmth of the wandering sunbeam shifted into his manly sex, 
Its warmth woke it up from its sexual slumber, 
Its deep hard throbs awaken his body,
After his eyes finally opened, he smiled to himself as his favorite song, "don't let the sun go down on me" played in his mind,
She awakened with his hard intention, pushing into the softness of her pink haven...