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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tormented... Nonet & Reverse Nonet Poem

Lips heat singe the nape of my neck flesh,
Breath hotter than the sun swirls on
Its smooth warm expose flesh
Waking up my desire
While his bulbous tip
Spread swollen lips,
Inner heat
Of his shear heat
Torments the passion
Building up inside me
That soon has to be released
By dredging of his outreached mast
Inside the confines of my womb walls

A nonet is a nine line poem. 
The first line containing nine syllables, the next line has eight syllables, the next line has seven syllables. 
That continues until the last line (the ninth line) which has one syllable. 
Nonets can be written about any subject. 
Rhyming is optional.

(c) 1ManVien

Friday, April 21, 2017

Seduce me....

Eyes water in lustful cry
While quiet sigh
Turn into passion cries
As the tip of your tongue pay homage in the center of my thighs...
Hit my spot...
Hit my spot...
Legs shaking
Body quaking
All the while your tongue seduces me with its soft wet touch

(c) 1ManView

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monday Moaning .... Just fək me ... Erotic prose (Corected)

Hips gyrate,
Pushing my swelling immensity deep into the warm wake of your womb,
Soft moans and whispered coos drift into my ear,
While measured strokes ease In and out,
Back and forth, inside the moist soft coven between your thighs

Passion rises,
Lust rage,
Love cushions the inner storm,
As hearts start to race with urgency

Tears of sweat ease down my face, then drop on your soft flesh,
Each drip feels like an explosion on your flesh surface,
As sensitivity of your tender flesh kicks into overdrive

My arms pull your body tighter into mines,
Yours pull our bodies together even tighter,
Making our bodies feel as one,
While maximizing my thrust penetration into your wake turbulence 

Soft kisses bite with deep sensations,
Soft rake of nails, across butt flesh, leaves a jagged trail of blood,
Soft bite on breast flesh, causes a passion scream of pain, as teeth leaves an indention in breast tender flesh,
Slight pull of hair, cause head to jerk hard backwards, as hair roots feel as if being pulled out
As the burning fusion of pain between our legs, aren't enough to satisfy our urge of wanting

My sex size intrude deeper into your sex,
Your sex surrounds my sex with its warmth and tightness,
Causing an optimum friction of pleasure-pain

No switching of positions are going too be needed,
No flexing of backs,
No twisting of torso,
No riding upright like a cowgirl or cowboy,
No darting of tongues, 
No back door,  with balls loudly slapping the back of your firm behind,
Is needed to appreciate the blissful orgasms of passion in the missionary position

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Monday, April 10, 2017

You Can Leave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker

One of my favorite sexy songs, hopefully one day I will do a song poem for this, but today I found this sexy vedio on YouTube to share

Baby take off your coat 
Real slow
Take off your shoes 
I'll take off your shoes
Baby, take off your dress 
Yes, yes, yes 

You can leave your hat on 
You can leave your hat on 
You can leave your hat on 
Go over there, turn on the lights 
All the lights 

Come back here, stand on that chair 
Get up woman, that's right 
Raise your arms up in the air 
And now shake 'em 

You give me reason to live 
You give me reason to live 
You give me reason to live 
You give me reason to live 

Sweet darling 
(You can leave your hat on) 
Just leave your hat on, girl 
A little wild man 
(You can leave your hat on) 
Leave your hat on 
(You can leave your hat on) 
(You can leave your hat on) 

Suspicious minds keep talkin' 
They're tryin' to tear us apart 
They don't believe in this love of mine 
They don't know what love is 

They don't know what love is 
They don't know what love is 
They don't know what love is 
I know what love is 

And baby, put it my way 
(You can leave your hat on) 
And just leave your hat on now 
They don't wanna 
(You can leave your hat on) 
Won't you do that for me, babe? 
(You can leave your hat on) 
And just leave your hat on, girl 
(You can leave your hat on)
entended arms are inviting
Their embrace is enticing
Femme Fatale. movie....
nine and a half weeks....

You Can Leave Your Hat On - By Joe Cocker

Thursday, April 6, 2017

That look....Erotic Repetitive poem

His sexy smile made my body vibrate 
His deep kisses left my lungs breathless
His docile touch left my sex misty with feminine sweat
His insistence - slowly took all that was mine to give... 

(C) 1ManView

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday erotic smile

This was my first thought when I came upon this GIF...
Sweetheart, I feel as if I have a temperature, feel my head and see....
My poor baby, you are hot, I'll give you something to cool you down

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Smile....

Now that's what all women should say to their husbands before they leave for work
(Ok-That's one man opinion)

Monday, March 20, 2017


Its strength
Its radiating burn
its affliction 
Its restraint
Its aroma
Its captivating sensation
Its total domination
Completes me.....

(C) 1ManView

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thought series: Lost and found... Prose poem

Between the winter storm and life itself , I had only time for one posting,. Since I haven't been posting regularly on my other blog, I figure i would post there and share that poem on this blog...
This is part of my Thought Series... Poems from a moment of my thoughts....

In this moment of time and space, you are not here
But your persona is felt
In every strike of my heartbeat
In every breath my lungs take
In my eyes glance of this room, that feels empty without you

My mind slips to the past of just yesterday
Lingering on your gentle touch
Your loving embrace
The sound of your laughter
The way you present yourself as one big open heart

I know you are not here
But my eyes still see you
My fingers still feel the presence of your flesh softness on their tips
The tender embrace of your lips on my cheek
I love the taste you leave on my lips
 The taste you leave just before you whispered goodbye
As another breath draws in, I smell essence of your body scent, that's fresher than the air that gently breeze over the calm of ocean waves

How can a person miss another as soon as they are out of eyes sight comprehend  my thoughts,
but its a fact
Yes, I know it's all Inside my mind
All my senses are wishing you were still here with me
At this precise moment of time
In this precise space that I'm standing in
Lost is my mind in thoughts of you
And I'm wishing you would hurry back and find that my thoughts were only thinking of you...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Caught in the act...

We did not  hear the door peep open
We didn't notice small innocent eyes watching us
Nor knew innocent hears had listened to the sound of our passion 
But what we do know is -
When we notice the innocent eyes looking at us
And a big smile was across its face
We knew for sure
That the whispering sounds of being loved
Innocent knew what that sound was....

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Head Day ...... On the prowl .... Prose poem

Like  a lioness creeping up on its prey,
My body slowly,
Ease between firm muscular thighs

Naked flesh is felt brushing against naked flesh, 
Causing a quiet sensational sigh to release from my lungs,
The hair on the back of my neck stood up, as excitement of catching my formidable prey asleep, shoots up my spine

Fingers lightly grab the lethargic prey and envelop it in its firm grasp,
One hand holds it still, as the other used a close fist to slowly walk up and down its limp length,
My eyes watch the soft slightly curved mass between the man beast legs grow longer, become heavier, swell wider and firm to the point it pushed my fingers grasp further apart,
My prey had transformed into a sizable beast to reckon with, 
Leaving my mind a split second to decide if I would fight this solidified foe, or retreat,
Since I already had the upper hand, I decided to slowly execute my prey 

Tongue tip slowly extends, than swirl on the faceless face of my adversary,
Its taste intrigue me, 
Its scent intoxicate my senses,
Its smooth dark flesh stretches paper-thin, as it reaches out to the slow-soft-flickers of my tongue tip
My body start to vibrate from the feel of the man beast thick manly thighs lightly shaking against me

Hushed moan floats into the quiet of the air, as my lips cover the hard faceless head of my adversary,
As my lips rest on its indented tender ridge, I slowly suck until my cheeks become  gaunt,
Than slowly twist my head side to side, dragging my lips back and forth alone the ridge of harden flesh between them,
My action persuades an audible moan to speed passed the beast parted lips,
Now that my lips has the man beast harden pride completely surrounded, they proceed to slowly kill it with sensations of pleasure

As my head slowly ease down the beast shaft like a corkscrew, my lips leave a wet trail on the beast swollen flesh surface, 
A trail for my lips to easily slide slowly up and down my hard prey thick girth,
After slow continuous travel of my lips repetitively sliding up and down my prey hard extended length,  my head eased up and relinquish the faceless head of the beast hardness out of my mouth with a loud pop

While my hand holds my prey tight,
My tongue lick its head tip with vigor, 
It flickers its tip around the beast pulsating ridge until it find its sweet spot, 
Once found, my tongue gingerly, continuously, flickered directly on it

The beast lungs moan, 
Its hips bulk,
Its legs straighten taut,
Its body squirmed as if it wanted to pull its harden mass away from the soft butterfly flutters of my tongue tip,
But my needy lips quickly cover the pulsing head of the beast and suck with smooth continuous suction before it could jerk away,
Rapturous sensations causes the beast body to completely stiffen and shiver

My lips assault on the beast pride abruptly stops, 
While my ears collect the sound of its deep heavy breaths, the beast wide heaving chest catches my eyes attention, 
Fisted hand slowly eased up and down the beast wet velvet soft shaft flesh,
My eyes now feast on his body every reaction, and every reaction causes sensations of excitement to build between my legs, excitment that enticed my sexual center to weep in wanting

Mouth open wide,
Lips encircled the harden mass of the beast,
Head slowly eased down, slowly easing my lips down my prey pulsating shaft,
As the swollen head of the beast push into the front of my throat, my lips closed tighter,
After my head moved up to the tip of its harden shaft, my head quickly assert down, thrusting the bulbous head of the beast shaft deeper into my throat

Shearing moan scream into the air,
The beast hips hovered in mid-air like a helicopter smoothly hovering over a grassy pasture
My instincts sensed it was time for me to stop teasing my meal, and go for the kill

Once again my head slowly eased down than pull up the beast shaft,
Each time a little more of its elongated shaft inched into my throat, each time his body wrench in pleasure anguish,
As the beast entire harden mass disappeared between my lips, its fingertips deeply dig into my  shoulder flesh
The look of pleasure anguished inserts on the beast face, as deep boobs of my head enticed it closer to a submissive - death

Big light brown eyes now focused on the beast contorted facial expression, that had the look of being tortured over time,
Strange sounds exited its mouth, sounds that was badly garbled, or whispered words that was so soft only silence itself could hear them,
Each deep boob of my head enticed my harden prey closer to a submissive - death

Sensations of deep hard suction, and a slow twist of my head while it eased down the beast swollen shaft, had the beast legs twitching, when my lips touched its scrotum flesh, its hips involuntary started to rotated in rhythm of my head bobbing movements,
The once audible moans and groans flowing from the man beast mouth, turned into a shallow hitch of un-caught breaths

Resting hands were felt on each side of my head as it boob and weaved in a steady rhythmic movement,
I could feel my harden prey was on the edge of death by the hard deep pulsations of its shaft on my lips, but I refuse to let it die at this particular time,
I kept enough pressure on its harden shaft to keep it in the moment, I wanted the beast to feel the fiery sensations inside its loins burn from the inside out before I put out the hot combustible flames within,
I wanted the beast to know what it was like being the prey to something as soft as my lips, against his hard man pride

A pleading whispered groan of "let me come"was barely heard between the suction and slurping sounds that crowed the bedroom air
The word mercy wasn't a thought in the forefront of my mind, 
So the oral assault continued

The beast begs were finally heard
And mercy was on its way

Soft lips became firmer,
Their suction pulled harder,
While my head weaved up and down in the rhythmic rhythm of his quivering guiding hands

Suddenly his back arched,
His breath hitched than became caught in his throat,
Pain from my hair being pulled by his fingers tight grasp swept through me, as his body bulked like a bucking stallion while his orgasm exploded inside his loins with the force of two neutron bombs,
The hungry lioness in me greedily feasted on the massive ejaculation of the beast hot - wet - tangy - sweet cream

After the beast limp pride died in the moist heat of my mouth,
 I savored the very last drop of its tangy sweet offering

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tongue tied .....

Tongue tip lick curvature of fleshy swollen folds 

Dips into the void of its sweeping hidden valley

lightly stumble into spasm of its cavern walls

All while waiting for sweet tart taste of its thunderous rain.........


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A touch of pink........

He came from work and kept to himself
He sat in the dark alone
His thoughts were to himself
His voice was deafening silent
His body demeanor  was none existence
His eyes glare, glared in the far distance of the universe

When I spoke to him he didn't hear me
When I stood in front of him, his eyes looked through me
When I caressed his hand with mine, he didn't acknowledge my touch

I stepped into the shadow of the dark and removed my clothing
I stood in front of him once again, this time his eyes saw me, but did not focus on me
I reached out and unzipped his trousers
While looking into the stare of his eyes, I caress his manhood until it became slightly erect
I gingerly stepped into his space and eased my body over his  lap
After guiding his unwilling desire into the heat of my pink affection, I place his hands on my hips

My voice remained silent
My thoughts were only of him
My hips slowly gyrate on top of his lap

His blanks stare began to glance into my eyes
His hand began to tenderly caress my buttocks and back
His endowment became hard as steel as his hips gyrations synchronize with mine
His manly lungs gasp became vocal
His hands now touched my body with the firmness of passion
His lips lustful embraced the erect tip of my breast

My lungs moaned in endearment
My wanting affection open wider to accept his deep hard-driving endowment
All while the profound affectionate love I have for him
Brought him back to me...


Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Moaning: Killing me softly.... The punishment .. Erotica in prose

He's been quiet about it all evening,
He never said a word about the punishment at dinner time
He never said anything as we cleaned up the kitchen
He smiled at my jokes as I tried to see just where his mental mood was at
He wasn't playing the dominate game at all
He was showing me who was the dominate one
Which is not good news for his naughty submission one....

"Jean come here," echoed down the hall
It's that time eased through my thoughts
As I walked down the hallway of shame, I notice there was nothing in his hand,
that's a good sign were my thoughts
I walked straight into the bedroom, after seeing nothing new there,  "Oh boy over his knee time" flashed through my mind
Just as I walked up to the spanking chair he spoke
" I didn't say anything about in here, I said come here young lady"
His voice tone was extra deep and rough, I guess two days in a row missing meetings wasn't a good showing for the owners to their employee's
But Damn, a girl has her needs, and what good is it being the boss if you can't do what you want to do?
"This way young lady" was all he said to me as he walked away

After following him to the next bedroom, my eyes took a quick look around inside
The only thing amiss was a wooden chair in the middle of the room
Kinky I thought....
"Walk over and bend over the back of the chair please"
As instructed, I did just that

Here are the rules young lady
You will not cry out (he  know I'm very vocal), or I shall double the punishment
You will keep your panties on, but the rest of your clothes you will take them off by my command
"Your command, yea right we shall see I stated under my breath"
Whoosh - tap " what the!"... "Silence woman he snaps"
Whoosh - tap,  Whoosh - tap
My body twisted as the sharp pain rushed through my ass flesh
Whoosh - tap!
Whoosh - tap! sounded as a thin wooden cane came crashing down on the soft flesh of my firm abundance fanny that started to burn like liquid fire
His caning action stopped as fast as it started

"Now that I have your attention young lady," turn around and slowly take off your blouse and bra 
I hope by doing a semi slow strip tease with my blouse and bra, it would help take his mind off the punishment, but his facial expression never changed, which mean my ass was in deep trouble 
After doing just as he said,  I stood completely still and waited for more of his instructions 
'Squeeze your breast like you are always asking me to do"
I have hardly squeezed my left breast and twisted my nipples softly to mock him, but as soon as my eyes caught a twitching movement in his wrist,  I quickly squeezed  my nipples  so hard it brought tears to my eyes 
Just as sensations of pain flowed through me, I felt my legs become weak,  my voice softly moan
"Damn," I'm such a slut traced through my mind

"Now, make your nipples hard and perky for me"
Perky I thought, they're already so hard they hurt, I guess you want me
Whoosh - tap! sounded on the side of my butt cheek
Stunned was my reaction, stunned he could twist and strike my behind solidly that quick while standing almost right in front of me
Quickly my fingertips twisted my nipple harder, as the pain intensified, I felt my legs trembling
My body tensed as I fought back a gasp that was levitating inside my throat, because I wasn't going to give him satisfaction to hear it

"Take off your skirt" was the next instructions I heard
Quickly I unzipped my skirt zipper, then let the skirt slowly slide down the curves of my hips
Next I eased off my pink slip
Silently he stood in front of me while his eyes trace the feminine figure of my body
While pretending to look him in his eyes, my glare traced the slight curve of the growth of his cock slithering down his left leg
Suddenly my lungs gasped  after being caught off guard by the tip of the cane gingerly sliding up my right inner thigh, my lungs was finally able to exhale when the cane tip came to rest at the swell of my sex
A deep exhale followed a deep inhale, as he slowly slid the cane tip up and down the moist center of my folds
Miniature tremors swept through my legs muscles, as the hard wood of the cane mimic the hardness of his cock playfully sliding up and down the slick center of my folds 
He pulls the cane back and look at the tip, "Wet" was his choice of words , then take a finger and rub it over the tip wet spot, then slowly spoon his wet finger into his mouth
After he taste the sample of my nectar that was on the cane tip, he takes the finger out of his mouth and  just stands there with an none emotional look on his face
Yes he's a little devil run through my thoughts, but not out my much too talkative mouth
His eyes glance over to his office lounge chair, "over there he points"
I walk up to the back of the chair and stop

"Bend over" 
I spread my legs and bend over at the waist, taking hold of the back of the longe chair
Without another word:
Whoosh tap!
Oooch.. oh shii!..
Silence he barks, this is your last warning 
Whoosh tap, Whoosh tap, Whoosh tap

Whoa, he fires that darn cane faster on my backside than a machine gun can fire bullets were my thought, as my backside started to quickly warm up with sensations of fire
My legs jump, my ass moved away from the whisking sound of the cane coming down hard on its flesh, making him miss his spot
"Be still Jean" or else barks in his deepest baritone voice
Or else what I thought, crack that cane on my big ass some more
 And where and the hell did he get that nasty little cane anyway?
It stings more than that hateful whip of his
As soon as I cleared my thoughts and held my ass still 
Whoosh... tap! Whoosh... tap! Wooosh...tap! I never heard the sound of the cane making contact on my ass flesh because the fiery pain shot right through me and made me instantly scream out
It seems he can whip that cane faster than my voice can scream out
Whoosh tap!!
Oouch - damn I moaned out loud....
It's not that I wasn't trying to move from the next hit of that cane, it was that I didn't want to feel the raining pain it was putting on my behind 
I had moved too fast and too far to the left and the cane clipped my hand that suppose to have my hand on the back of the chair, but the reaction to protect my ass flesh was faster than the price I was about to pay to that vicious hitting cane
He stops the caning as soon as he realized he struck my hand and walk up to me to survey the damage
Just a nick he said, stay there and I'll be back in a flash
In a flash, how ironic I thought

Whew, maybe I should have done that sooner, because tap jean ass now has an all new meaning to me,  but once he hurt me, my love went to get something to ease my pain
I heard him reenter the room, I spread my legs wider and slightly wiggle my tender behind side to side in an intent to entice his attention else where, but how silly was that, tap Jean ass was already on his mind
Suddenly he push me tight against the chair, then quickly hog tied my upper body to it
With a firm grip, he pulled my panties down my legs than, then ripped them off with one hard tug 
Next he ties my arms so I couldn't move them,  I suddenly realized my naked ass was a perfect target for his air strikes
He starts to walk away then said, "Oh yea, I almost forgot", then turn around and placed a medicated bandage on the small welt were the cane struck my hand
His loving jester made me so mad I buck so hard the back of the chair jumped up off the floor
When it came down hard on his perfectly hard wood floor, my thoughts went from being angry to Oh-no, I wish I hadn't done that
"Are you through" he mumbled?
I chose silence to answer him

Now, where was I he said?
 "Ah yes, " tapping that nice-round-firm-ass
Without another word, the ragging thunder returned

Whoosh - tap!
Whoosh tap-tap!!
He was striking my hiney so fast it sounded as if he hitting it twice with one swing of his hand
My husband always has been a precise person, and precise was each strike of that cane
He hit the same spot twice, then move to the next
When this is over, I can forget about sitting down for a least a week

Normally I won't let myself cry during punishment, but I felt the tears flowing down my face like a waterfall
Whoosh tap!
Whoosh tap!!
Then came silence

Silence was diffidently golden when the sound of that cane kissing my backside stopped
As I quietly sobbed to myself while my thoughts ran rampant, one thought stood out
The next time I get real mad at him and tell him to "just kiss my ass" knowing it's going to get me an instant spanking, I will not ever mention kissing ass again, because he just might kiss it with that nasty cane again...

The door of the office room was heard closing, something else he usually doesn't do
He usually comforts me by telling me why the punishment while he sooth my wounds
Then we have quiet time together or terrific sex or both
But not today....
As I laid tied to the couch quietly sobbing to myself and wishing I could rub my wounds, I had time to think about why I was in this moment of predicament, I also thought about the next time I get real mad at him and tell him to "just kiss my ass" knowing it's going to get me an instant spanking, I will not mention kissing my ass, because he just might kiss it with that nasty cane again...
This silence by myself is killing me more than being tied up, I'm use to being pampered and maybe some cock worship afterwards to say I'm sorry
Well at least that's what he thinks, I love cock worship because I'm the one really in charge
But the firmness in this punishment was so different today, maybe I have pushed his buttons too far this time

 I'll just have to wait to see what else he has in mind
For this sore red behind