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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Monday Moan Poem.... Conquest ...... Prose Poem ..

She was to be his latest conquest
So pretty and small
But like the rest
She will confess
He's the best
And before the night falls
He'll have her climbing up the walls

Her womb swallowed him almost whole
As soon as the head of his staff rammed past her folds
Instant heat, a shear grip, quickly envelop his swollen staff pole

Tides had turned
As he was the first, and the last
To moan...

1Manview © 1999 – 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

Never old... Sensuous prose poem

In the dark
Taking in an old movie in the park
In tight huddle 
We snuggle
Wrapped in the warmth of a blanket
Warding off the cool of the night air

Low light
Reflect off our face
While fingers roam as minds contemplate

You touch mine
I touch yours
As deep breathes are kept at bay
While docile fingertips led the way

Head rest
On manly chest
As my body become disarray
From surreal orgasmic fray

Manly eyes close
As his body tremble in orgasmic throe
When usage of a handkerchief came in use
Fingers knew just want to do

Our actions were slightly bold
As we watched a movie that's good even thou it was old
Just like the love 
Lingering between us....


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

That look ... Erotic prose poem

Eyes sensuous glare
Undress the contour of my curves
Touch the sensitivity of my flesh
Rape my being 
Taste my very essence
With that look  of hungry desire......


Monday, October 9, 2017

Dripping ... By Wet Bliss .....

Thoughts of your burning desire permeates my mind
Fingers attempt to recreate exquisite feelings
Visions of you breathing heavy between my thighs
Coaxing out every little sigh, capturing my eyes

Heaviness that pressed firmly above me, so sweetly
Demanding my full attention and control relinquished
Solidity of you stretching, filling me completely
Strength exuded though your every action discreetly

Celebrating our time together through reflections
Freeing the heavy black lace finding my release
Panties are dripping-wet weeping for your affection
Missing your familiar possession and perfection

Poem by Wet Bliss..

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Delicious .... Prose poem....

I stole this image from Ronnie blog,
 I see why see loves black and white images
Here's a quickie poem I make from it

Like home-baked bread
Visions of you sitting in that chair, makes me hungry
The aroma transmitting from your body is intoxicating to my being
The sweeping curves of your body is enticing
The texture of your flesh is moist and soft to one's fingertips touch
The plump fold of your lips are inviting
The taste of the void between your thighs
Is darn right delicious .....

(C) 1ManView

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Disinclination (Stay) .... Sensual Song Poem ..

Please press play....

Bodies deviate closer
As soft words of love, whisper into the calm of the air
Fever of passion beckon, our lips together
A cold sweat race through my extremities, as the sweetness of his kisses
Saturate my lips

Undressed my clothes
Undress me complete, and whole
All the way down to the sanctuary of my soul
With indulging caresses, that eventually caress the mushy swell
Of my tight folds

My body dared
His caresses didn't care
As his docile touch made my voice quietly moan and  swear
While his tender touches, touched me intimately everywhere

His hips gyrate
Their steady motion measured me
They measure the perception of my pleasure
They measure my body needs
Its insatiable greed
  They measured my indulges of the size of his prize
That rode fathoms deep, in the center space, between my thighs
They measure the willingness of my heart 
To give...

Fingertips, hold onto the flight of rotating hips
Deep breaths exhale, through open lips
As uninhibited sensations crash inside me
Leaving me with feelings of wanting

As he rides steady and smooth inside the precipitation of my ocean
My body followed his body every rise and falling motion
Wave after wave of sensations rush toward my shoreline
Making my mind wish one day, he would permanently stay mine
Each vigorous thrust of his hips, pushed my waves closer to the edge
Each passionate kiss, have my waves clinging to the edge ridge
Until my waves crest, and roll into the orgasmic climax of my...

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song... 
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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sweeter than... Sensual poem ...Thoughts series ....

Busy time so I'm posting a poem from my thought series from my other blog...  I really like this image so I used it for this poem also... :)

After forcing her way into the fold of my arms, she whispered into my ear " hold me"
As a soft cheek press against my cheek,  she took a deep breath in to smell my essence
With a smile on her face, she caress the back of my head and pulled my lips into a kiss that was softer than cotton, deeper than the fathoms of the ocean depths, sweeter than any candy made of sugar
A kiss ... That tasted like ... Felt like... Love....


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I ... Erotic Repetitive poem

I can feel your want  in the urgency of your touch
I can feel your need  throbbing against the firmness of my thigh flesh
I can hear your wishes  from the quiet whispers entering my ear
I can feel your desire  in the hard beats of your heart inside your chest, that's beating next to mine
I can feel anticipation exhilaration sensations from first penetration, that's making my body tremor under your naked body

I just heard  somebody scream

(C) 1ManView

Friday, September 8, 2017

I Want To Know What Love Is - Sensual Song poem

Please push play

A finger
A gentle caress
lifts my head
Eyes greet in silence

A kiss..
Erase the darkness of my thoughts
Enlighten my mood
Reminds me
Why I'm here at this moment of time

Kiss transcend 
I want to know what love is
I want you to show me whisper past my lips

Blouse opened
Fingertip trace the lace of my bra
Push their way inside
Sensations rush inside my sweetness
As his caressing touch softly swirl on my nipple budding growth

A slight tug
Bra folds open
Breast flesh heave out
Into the palm of caring hands

Flesh softly kissed
Nipples deeply suckled
Quivering sensations rush into my loins
I hear my voice whisper
"I want to know what love is"
"I want you to show me"
"I want to feel what love is"
"I know you can show me"

Caring hands
Undress my flesh
Lay - the exposure of my naked body down on satin sheets

The warmth of his tongue is felt tracing the curves of my body
Dip into my body creases and crevices
Flicker on my point of origin
Taste the flavor of my pink sweetness

Legs spread
Thigh muscles flex
Sweet tart juices flow over his lips
As first ever orgasm
Tremor my body

Lungs fail to breathe
Voice fail to scream
Sweetness forever cream
As better thoughts start to consume my mind
I hear my voice whisper
"I want to know what love is"
"I want you to show me"

His body centers between my legs
His hard complexity centers on my sweetness opening
A thrust
A grunt
A quiet inner scream
Reverberates in my throat
My sweetness opens for him -
Like a flower in the early morning sun
His rock hard complexity falls slowly into my clear wetness 

Compelling strokes fall deeper inside me then the last
Surreal sensations rush up my spine
Blanketing my mind with its ecstasy

Shivering body surrenders to his gentleness
His quiet passion
The rhythmic rhythm of his slow, long, thrust flow
inside my convulsing sweetness without stoppage
As he show me-
What true love feels like

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase or sentence from that song.
It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song:

Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy labor day......

Happy for who?

Have a great day!....
And happiness

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

In the darkness  fingertips find their way

Over softness of curvy landscape

Across the face of a pink rigid point

Slip through a crevice moisten slit 

Plunge into a hidden wet ravine

Guided by the echoes  of her voice substantial moans 


Monday, August 21, 2017

To the edge... Erotic prose poem

When his tongue is hot and wet
Lapping, licking, swirling, slithering in the warm confine of your sexual substance
Your legs spread
Your hand pull his head ever closer to you
Impaling the tip of his tongue deeper into your pink sanctuary 
Bringing you closer to the edge 

The edge where your lungs moan profusely for completion 
As the very tip of his tongue push your body pass the zone of pure pleasure
Into the zone of extreme ecstasy

(C) 1ManView

Friday, August 18, 2017

Drink... Erotic Rhyming poem

Full lips deeply embrace
Please stop, so I can catch my breath for goodness sake

Whispering words say love, you want to make
Putting my strong lustful urge of "right now" on the list of wait

Who would have guess we would never make it down to the end of the hall
As bodies touch, grope, ground deep and hard up against the wall

Quickly Panties - shorts - pants  dress-bra fall
 Onto the floor in a big cluster ball

After our clothes had completely dissipate
You gently lay me down on the hard cold wood floor for my faith

Opened wide my legs did spread
Oh hell, I wish we were in the warm soft comfort of our king size bed

Between my legs, your tongue did its wondrous magical tricks 
Of quick flicks and deep swirling licks -
On and around the erect bud of my sensitive clit

Soon my body begin to vibrate and quake 
While the thickness of my hips violently shake

Hmm...  I can feel your tongue diving deep into the wake of my pink
Quenching your thirst with the sweet tart taste of my hot liquid  drink

(C) 1ManView

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Deep Throat .... Erotic Senryu poem

Spew hot cum into my throat
A hard cock soften


A senryu is a 17 syllable poem. It is an unrhymed Japanese verse.                                                                   
A senryu consists of 3 lines and 17 syllbales                                                                                                           

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wet ... Sensual poem....

Sir body shifted behind mine
Blinding my sight of him
My body stiffened from the urge of anticipation

Suddenly I felt him along side of me
Almost in my left eye front view
His body didn't move
His voice didn't speak
He just stood there straight and tall
Letting the silence inside the room hold my attention
Seduce my thoughts 

Finally an outreach hand caressed the small of my back
Gingerly eased around the roundness of my ass
Then slowly back again

The second time was more surreal than the first
A caress so soft it was lighter than a feather,
But this time he followed through with a firm grip on my backside
That enticed a low moan to escape past parted lips

Again and again his hand caressed my backside
Causing my back to arch
Lungs refusal to breathe
The making of goose bumps that swarmed bidirectional across my flesh
While wet urge flooded the inside of my womb
That leaked past the puffy swell of my folds
Instantly dampening the center of my black thongs 

(c) 1ManView

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Soul full of Want........... Sensual song poem .....

Stagnated eyes   Watch the coming of another virgin morning
Sluggish lungs   Breath in a quiet breath
Than exhale   Remotely quiet
In the shadow of the window she stood  In the pivotal of my vision
Causing delirium to overtake my mind state
As catastrophic want filtered through the irony of just having before:
Before the need of wanting more  Ever began

Seen    Is her naked flesh that hasten the urge
Being near   Hasten the urgency of the urge   Of wanting more
Enough   Is in my mind vocabulary
But   It's not in my vocabulary of wanting her - Needing her
Because I can't get enough of:
Wanting   To touch the softness of her flesh
Wanting   To be touched by her fingertips soothing touch
Wanting   Of my eyes wandering deep inside the life span of hers
Smelling   The  essential essence of her persona
The taste   Of honey sweet kisses that linger on the tip of my tongue 
Root   In the root of my mouth that always seem to have the need to replenish
The sweet-tart taste of her womanhood  That resides inside the hidden refuge between the indentation between shapely thighs
The pleasure   Of entering her watery refuge with my wanting hard substance
Then ride  Its high tides of deep gyrating motion -
That results  To the end of my complexity of need
But   Refuel the sensations of wanting   
That   Has deeply embedded itself inside my soul...
A wanting that some call   Everlasting love......

(C) 1ManView

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song... 

Monday, July 31, 2017

No Mas .... Prose poem

Lust doesn't have any patients
Desire doesn't care
Passion is the fuel
Release is the only option
To sexual gratification


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Saturday seduction ... Between Kisses .... Sensual poem

Between the kiss... 
Slow shallow breaths are taken

Between the kiss
Sensation of taste  
Become sweeter

Between the kiss
Time has become dormant still

Between the kiss
The soft glow of the moon  
Replace the bright reflection of the sun

Between the kiss
The love between us   
Patiently awaits to flow
From one's lip   
To the other

(I love you L)

(C) 1ManView
This poem was inspired by Hanna poem Kisses...

Friday, July 7, 2017

Sexku .... Spill my wine

Fruit of my labor
Spill past desired swollen lips
Orgasmic Cosmos


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Hump-day... Sexku ... Harden ....

Hard befriends wet slit
Amused between soft wet walls
Laid to rest  was hard

(c) 1ManView
What is a Sexku? less say it's a sexual Haiku....

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Monday Moaning ... Moan .... Erotic Acrostic poem

O  of 
A  appreciative
N  naughtiness

An acrostic is a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message. 

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