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Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Moaning.... Killing me softly (2) ... My need .. Erotic prose poem .....

While his body laid in an orgasmic heap 
My eyes traced his scrumptious flesh like a hungry loin eyes red meat
My imagination surely did rape him while he was asleep
But his explosive orgasm means he'll need time to recover, and time is an essence 
There's no time to waste
I have to get his cock back up in a haste

Between his thighs my body slid, head first mouth open
I took his limpness deep between my lips
Mmm, so this is what it's like to deep throat
To have a cock swimming in the wetness of my throat moat
But I really know if  hs cock was at full mast, I would surely choke

Wake up my pretty dick
It didn't take too long for his little prick
Too turn into a pretty-long luscious hard thick dick 
A hard dick I need inside my wet heat really quick

"Baby", what are you doing his groggy voice moan
Moans that soon turned into deep I'm in ecstasy groans
As my soft moist lips slipped up and down the length of his girth that's now wet and harder than granite stone

While I deeply sucked his hard mass 
Which was now twice as hard as a broken leg cask 
My eyes wondered and did stare
At that darn big black computer chair

All my mind could think of was having sex with him in that chair
And the more my mind lingered on that darn chair
The more my needy wanting lust inside me flared
Quickly out my mouth his wet cock eased out with a loud wet pop!

Quickly I stood up and pointed at that stupid black chair
Than politely asked him, "Baby, could you please sit down right there?"
I know his mind was still kind of hazy
By I had to laugh too myself at the way he look at me as if I was crazy

But he stood up anyway and settled into the computer chair
Which left his hard cock pulsating so high up in the air
It caught my eyes collected stare

Quickly my body ran up to the chair as if it was in a race
My thighs open wide as I tried to straddle his erection while looking at him face to face
But my efforts left me giggling in an unsuccessful disgrace
Because his towering erection was too high and unbending for my body to clear
As it throbbed up toward the upper atmosphere

His eyes glared at me while his face smiled 
A smile that turned into a smart ass smirk
The kind of smirk that's usually on the face of a male jerk
That think they are just all so clever
Because they knew about that small black lever
A lever, I will diffidently be reminded about forever
That lets the computer chair lower
But once he pulled the lever and that chair did drop
I quickly straddled that pretty smooth-skin veining looking cock.....

(c) 1ManView
Ok-This time there's no holidays nor excuses to stop (pt 3) of Killing me softly... 
(Link to Killing my softly PT 1)


  1. Now that was a lovely, hot story in a poem, 1MV! Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thank you much Cat....

      peace and love

  2. The part 2 is as erotic and sensuous as the part 1.
    Have a beautiful monday!