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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday "Red Panties Dairy" ... Come without ... Prose poem

Quietly I walk around his naked appearence

Eyes catch a glimpse of new bright red panties
Fingertips grab and violently rip them off my hips
Darting eyes look through his smudging smile
A moment before pouting lips surrender to his...

Sot kisses 
Search for the softness of my lips 
Once found, 
He kisses me directly
He kisses me with tenderness
He kisses me with fiery desire 
That move me
That groove me
That inflame the very soul of me

Naked body laid on edge of bed mattress
Legs elevated unto broad shoulders
Harden mass rest at the heated opening of my appetency
And slightly dip its head into my wetness
Temptation resisted to dive face first, into the warm waters between my legs

Soft flesh wrapped in steel washed over the erect-ness of my nub,
Hips rock methodically, gently, in love rhythm, back and forth, back and forth
Sliding hardness effortlessly over my erect nub again and again
Sending waves of euphoric sensations washing inside me
Making moans of pleasure vibrate in my throat
Making my body wanting to climax

Its weight
Its heat
Its bulbous head that leads the way for his hard as steel exterior, inches closer to my sex entrance, that's plump from need
Wet from wanting lust

His harden shaft head rest, while pulsating on my homage opening
A gentle thrust
A quiet moan
A silent groan
Emerges as his width gradually stretch the pink walls of my sex, its elongated length slowly push into my secured depths

Is followed by
More pain
More ecstasy, rushing through my extremities, as inch by inch of his swollen harden mass steadily penetrated into my wishing well, stopping only to allow my womb walls to accommodate his size, then plunge again ever deeper into my pink darkness

As shear erotic ecstasy filled my womb, his girth fills the cramped space inside my womb walls
Once all of him was buried balls deep inside me, his hips rotations become completely dormant

Firm lips tenderly suckle on my soft full lips
They gently suckle on the side of my neck 
They gingerly suckle on the edge of my earlobe

Warm breaths of whispers love, fall quietly into my ears
While the warmth of his body, seep into mines

Harden flesh pulsate in my depths, each erotic deep pulsation send electrified sensations up my spine, into the back of my mind, to the farthest corner of my loins

Eyes close
Lungs moan in need
Body shiver in wanting 
Breath hitch, as unexpected spasm ravish my womb with an uninhibited burst of orgasmic release
As my body lightly shuddered under his
He made me cum once again
Without a stroke...

(C) 1ManView


  1. Gonna have to remember not to come visit here unless I have time to 'cool' off afterward. ;) Thanks for the lovely, erotic poem, 1MV.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. "...each erotic deep pulsation send electrified sensations up my spine, into the back of my mind, to the farthest corner of my loins" : so erotic!
    Have a beautiful day.

    1. Super pour voir votre visite ...

      paix et amour

  3. "...gently, in love rhythm, back and forth, back and forth..."

    This is the rhythm! Uauuu!!!

  4. Good afternoon, it is always great to come to your blog and read your poems and writings, that the inspiration is always inside you, hug!

  5. Always good to be here ... Delicious...

    1. Ótimo para ver sua visita ...