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Monday, February 11, 2019

Book worm ... (Educate yourself) ... Prose picture poem...

He walked into the evasiveness of his private library
There he found his lovely wife standing in front of his beautiful monument of books in six-inch high heels, and naked as the day she was born
He just stood there with that look of what to do look on his face, because reading to educate himself was his life, his existence, and she stood in his way

After a moment watching his lost wide-eyed stare, she became annoyed and spun around than bent over to find a book that would explain to him what he should do next
After giving him a full view of her firm heart shape ass and perfect smooth plumb vulva lips, she turned back around and gave him a sexier view of full round breast, small waist, and curvy hips that's supported by long shapely legs. A view that completely complexes his mind and body. A view he wasn't educated about. She smiled at her book-worm, than in a sultry purring whispering voice, she said " Oh here's a good book for you to read," The Positions Of Tantra

With shaking hands he took the book and sat down at his reading desk and began to read 

After patiently waiting for him to completely read the first two chapters, she took the book away from him, slowly poured her naked body into his lap, and begin to give him a hands on demonstration of the book first chapter. She made sure she was very thorough of the book meaning to him
After giving him hours of demonstrations of how to pleasure by bumping and grinding, gyrating his hips fast or slow, positioning himself for best penetration, how to use the flatness of his tongue verses only using just the very tip. How to master the giving of a low moan, to and audible scream. How spanking, slapping, slurping sounds, made love-making even more pleasurable. She taught him how to prolong his spermination until his partner was completely satisfied. 

Now when he sneaks into his library to finished reading the next chapter in his book, he quietly waits for his lovely wife to come to him naked and unafraid to give him a hands on demonstration from the book of Tantra...