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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sexual Control ... (PT.I) ... Prose Poem

I want to control you, for just a little while
Just long enough to taste the sensually sweetness of your lips
To play a soft game of swords with your tongue, afterwards gently glide my tongue over the softness of your neck
Be still and let me have control, so I can suckle on your neckline, that will give you electrifying thrills, chills, making your heart flutter
Let me have control, so I can continue the slow decent of my tongue over your skin, and ride it all around your taut breasts, through your breasts valley, then glide along the outer ridges of your rapidly growing nipples, so I can gently suck the strawberry taste off their protective layer
Let me have control, so I can kiss your flat stomach, tease it with the soft touch of my tongue, until it inflames with heat, then wet it down and send cooling sensations across its smooth surface, by gently blowing moist air across it
Let me have control, so I can satisfy my thirst of the sweet nectar between your delectable thighs, consume it like a alcoholic consumes strawberry wine, until I'm drunk with passion
So drunk, you'll have to take control and quickly drive me home


  1. You never disappoint me :-) Always a grand-slam out of the park to make me wiggle in my seat!!

  2. Thank you kitten, I always enjoy your comments and your blog...