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Friday, May 5, 2023

Let me - do you - Prose poem


knees slowly rise

Trying to reach the blue hue of the morning sky

As I made love to my feminine prize

Ears hear a whisper-"Oh my."

Followed by a deep audible sigh

That closely resembles a curling voice wanting to cry

As congelated passion drives deep into the moist hollow space between creamy thick thighs

While you let me, do you


Friday, February 24, 2023

Honey Dip - Erotic Prose poetry

       Lackadaisically ease over my stomach flesh 

Tasting its bare essence 

My womanly fragrance spills into his nostrils 

Teasing his brain with its infatuating scent 

His tongue slowly spirals downward, 

Over the thin fabric that keeps his tongue from tasting the full robust flavor of my vulva's inner layer 

Legs raise. 

My womanly musk grows stronger, 

As his tongue eased between my legs across the soft lacy fabric covering my folds 

My body twinges and jerks as his tongue tease the surface of my folds with its heat and sliding motion. 

My mouth opened wide when the imprint of my folds was inhaled into the moist heat of his mouth. 

Leaving my mind a visual of the coming proceedings.

Stiffen tongue pushes aside pink fabric. 

Then lick the moistened offering in front of it. 

As the taste of my haven flavor eased down his throat, 

A quiet moan disturbs the quietness that surrounds us. 

Breath inhale 

Then exhaled in a short burst, 

As his tongue parts my folds and slides slowly down its length 

Legs weaken. 

My body leans back, searching for the support of a nearby wall. 

My fingertips intertwine into his hair as surreal sensations reel through my womb's sensitive layer of pink flesh. 

My quiet screams fall on deaf ears




Saturday, January 21, 2023

Inside the lines - Eotic Prose Poem


 The soft pliable tip of my tongue 

Shall softly slither inide the lines of your body flesh

Until I find the one 

That leads me to your sunrise


Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year

May you find peace in your life
love in your heart
And your soul full of happiness



Sunday, December 25, 2022

Twelve Days Of Loving You - (12) Spoken Heart - Love Letter

Whispered words in the dark, 
Can seduce your mind's thoughts, 
From the point of their supposed meaning.

They can softly mist into your soul,
While leaving feelings of love and desire,
Deep inside your heart

But spoken words can easily be broken.

They can be purposely misleading,
To make you think someone is thankful and forgiving,
That's why I rather speak with my heart,
Because my heart is always authentic,
Even when things in our lives are blue,
My heart will always tell the truth

I wish there were a doorway to my heart,
So I could walk you to its opening,
And open the door, 
For your eyes to see,
Just how much your presence in my life, 
Truthfully mean to me

I wish I could show you the love I have for you,
The endearment that reaps from my heart center core,
The fondness I have for your laughter,
The lust I have for your gentle touch,
The adornment of your gentleness,
The desire for the fire that lingers quietly inside your soul,
A fire that only my eyes can see, 
My hands can touch, 
My heart can feel 

I could speak many thoughtful and loving words. 
Words that I would love to whisper into your ear,
But my voice cannot pronounce them,
Because my mind lacks their true meaning, 
So I speak with all of my heart,
A heart that beats in a quiet, continuous rapturous love 
Just for you

All you have to do is listen,
And your ears will hear,
Your mind will see,
Your heart will feel,
The meaning of my life,
That I share with you