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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It's OK to Cry ... Thoughts series from my Intrigue blog

WIth a sudden outburst we went from talking about me, to talking about you
WIth tears in your eyes, you finally open up to me
Finally burying some of the hurt in your past
That had plagued our future
You open your eyes completely for a moment
And for the first time, open the door to your heart completely
While finally seeing that all of this time
I was yours Faithfully...
Faithfully standing by your side all this time
Faithfully, totally, deliriously, in love with you........


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Wooden chair ... Erotic poetry

Empty room
Dark corner
The old wooden chair sat forgotten

Stepped around
Dusted around
For a decade, the old wooden chair silently sat in its corner

Lights low
 A chance, two people meet
A glance
A smile
An intimate hug
A breast caressed
 A neck Kissed
A deep lips embrace, fuel their inner fire
 Intimate encounter slowly convert into lust

Blouse unbuttoned
Shirt undone
Bra unclasped
Paints unzipped
Clothes disregarded on the hard wood floor

Bedroom too far for passion quest
Chair grabbed and put into chosen placement

He sat down on the old wooden chair
She slowly sat down on his erect harden crown
Wooden chair first sound loudly cracked into the air
Startled laugh and giggle rip into the air

Hips gingerly rotate, gyrate, in the sensual rhythm of love
Crack - crack -  crack, the old wooden chair speaks in the rhythm of conjoined hips rotations

As hips rotate harder-
The old chair crackling sound become louder
As hips move with urgency
Cracking sounds cadence out quicker

 Loose joints hold tight
While old wooden chair rocks back and forth
As their passion lust for each other near quest ending

Passion scream, deep moans, drown out the old wooden chair cracking sounds 

As deep shivering quakes mix with hard palpitations
The old wooden chair joints strain not to become unglued

Deep breathes become silent breathes
Two persons in love retreat to bedroom
Leaving the old wooden chair to sit silently in the middle of the room
With old memories of two persons endearment for each other, added to the new


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Hear me ..... Sensual poem

Image from Sexart
To hear me,  is to know me
To know me, you most be close to me 

Close enough for your fingertips to touch my body flesh

Ease them slowly around its curves
Edge them through its long hair

Close enough:

To smell, the light fragrance of my body scent permeating into the air
To hear, the quietest beat of my heart
To hear,  the lowest whisper of my voice
To know, what I'm thinking because you were close enough to me to hear exactly the meaning of what I had to say

And once you have mastered being that close to me

 You will know want it is to hold
 All of my love, in the palm of your hand...


Monday, August 20, 2018

Love calls

Soft hands wash dirty dishes

While quiet humming linger in the air

Hard body press against her softness

Manly hands slide under blouse and envelope firm full breast

Fingertips tenderly swirl on nipples tip

Soft voice moans quietly

Hard press against soft

Zipper unzipped

Panties fall

Hard enters moist softness

Love for each other -


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Over the years
My lips have embrace the softness of yours a million
More ways than I can remember

But each time I kiss you
One thing always stood  out
It always tasted sweet as it did
The very first time.....   

(C) 1ManView

Monday, August 6, 2018

To the point ... Erotic prose poem

Less than a minute, I had vacated my spot on the sofa
Returning only to find her laying comfortably across its length
She had on a short flesmsy dress, that barely covered her naked ass-
That played peek a boo with my eyes under her dress helm
Politely I asked her to remove her presence from my spot..
As she teasingly stretched her body, she laughed than replied "which spot exactly was yours?"
When I heard her voice deeply moan
I knew I was in the right spot