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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Friday, May 7, 2021

Head first - Continuous Sexku ...

Sexku was introduced to me by Wet Bliss. I miss her dearly. It is a sexy Haiku that is written in the same form as a Haiku. Three lines in 5-7-5 syllables.  Continous is when you add to it by picking up the last line and adding two new lines while keeping the 5-7-5 form. It can also be written in the 5-7-7 form. 

Open your legs wide

Letting my tongue slide within

Firm, lush, creamy thighs

Firm, lush, creamy thighs

Wrap around my head tightly

Suffocating quench

Suffocating quench

Prelude to final chapter

Of orgasmic shake



Thursday, April 29, 2021

Saturday seduction: Imprinted - Intimate Prose poem

The soft tip of fingertips

Trace the curvaceous arches of my flesh

Tracing all its perfections

All its imperfections

While leaving an imprint

For phantasmagoric sensations to follow


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Monday Moaning: Morning brew

 The smell of brewing coffee stimulated her body to move from a deep slumber to it's almost time to wake up to another Monday morning posture

 Her body rolled from its side to its back.

Deep breaths are taken in an attempt to stimulate her body to awaken 

I'm going to have to go to “Starbuck” to get something stronger than his sweet cream coffee to get me moving, traced through her groggy mind


Lethargic body stir

Sleepy mind finally focused enough for her to open her big brown eyes and peep through the slit of morning eyelids

Within a split moment, her legs spread open wide

Her back instantly bows into an inward arch

Heaving round firm breast heave toward the morning sky

While once idle hands grasp at blue wrinkled sheets, as sheer sensation attack her nervous system with electrified sensations that overstimulated her body senses


Eyes wide stare glance down her body

The top of his head could be seen under the sheets, slowly gyrating in a spiral motion between the center opening of sleeping sex


Surreal sensations of his tongue dipping and swirling deep in the wake of her quivering pink sex rushed through her extremities

Leaving her body with miniature body shivers and moving imprints of goosebumps racing across her tender flesh

Deeper, quicker, his tongue deeply swept through her sex slit

Enticing her hips to gyrate in his tongue, rhythmic slashing motion.


Right leg slowly rose then tightly hug against the back of his head

Pulling his mouth closer to her sex while pushing his tongue deeper into the void of her pink wetness

Oral assault hesitates

Her sweet clear nectar tasted then swallowed

Soft voice moans her approval

 As his tongue resumes its assault on her swollen sex, 

A flashing thought of "Starbuck has nothing like this" tracked through her mind.


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Slowly - Sensual Song poem

A song-poem is a poem written in a preferred form of poetry, from a chosen song. It must use a phrase, sentence, or directive word from that song. It must be written in the melody, rhythm, and dictated spirit of that song...



His lips tenderly brisk past my cheek,

As he slowly, deeply, inhaled the scented essence of me



Lips slowly embrace with a moist, soft kiss,

It was long and tasted as if his lips had been sweet honey-dipped, 

Then he slowly laid me down on warm silky white satin sheets,

That covered our big brass bed,

Through the gaze of his eyes, he slowly undressed me. 

Buttons on my blouse, long fingertips did reach,

Then slowly, and gently breached,

Exposing the firm frontal round flesh of me

Fabric that covered my body whole,

Slowly fell to the plush carpeted floor,

He slowly pulled my soaking wet panties down,

Leaving me naked for only his eyes to see,

He slowly undressed and became butt naked like me.

Slowly, his touch, 

Touched me,

A gentle touch that was so docile, 

It makes me feel like a beauty queen in a mountainous white castle,

My soul felt the release of tranquil calm,

That made all my insides feel heavenly warm,

Showing me why our love had survived all life's unpropitious storms

My mind quit counting the sacred places his slow, soft-touch had touched me,

As my body relaxed like a piece of driftwood, bathing in the warmth of the morning sun while floating in calm waves of the vast blue sea

Soft, slow kisses between my swollen folds made my body slowly tremble, with exquisite waves of pure ecstasy,

Which made my mind no longer ponder, if he had remembered,

How to completely fulfill me

His delicate, slow lingering licks, made my heart skip between beats,

While making my inner seems heavily leak,

As his hardness slowly fell deep inside me,

My thunderous inner storm slowly rained all over him,

His lovemaking felt so darn good,

The bright moonlight had become dim,

As he slowly made sweet love to me

It's been near an hour every-since he was inside me,

Slowly thrusting deep, inside my pink sea,

Slowly bringing up my sexual essence, 

That I held on tight like it was my first ever Christmas present

Slowly my back arched then bowed,

As the first of my orgasmic sexual releases flowed,

He slowly made me creme until I just could not creme anymore,

Reasons why my mind, body, and soul adored,

The expectancy of his prowess, of making sweet slow love to me

As I felt his palpitations increase,

I could not wait for him to ejaculate deep inside of me,

Fill my seems with his white creamy hot cream,

But he just kept slowly, making sweet love to me.

He slowly made love to me until my face glowed,

Then with a deep graveling moan, he released inside me until my pink walls overflowed,

Staining, my new white satin sheets,

With the mixture of hot fluids of him, and me

Bodies dripping wet, in each other arms,

Subdue sleep covered me like a magical charm.

As my eyes slowly closed, a beam of hope eased slowly through me,

Hoping I would wake up to him, making slow sweet love, to me.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Feel like love _ Sensual Prose poem


Strength of manly arms gingerly surround me

They squeeze my body   precisely



With the feel of no escape

But yet, with a tender touch

My voice sigh

My knees feel weak

The sensations of feeling giddy:

Feeling secured  -

Feeling alive -

Feeling loved -

Bombard my mind

My body 

The eternity - of my soul

Blouse opened - Removed

Pants unzipped - Taken off

Naked body exposed to his eyes

Body lifted than gingerly laid down on a mattress

Sensations of a moist kiss linger on my neck

Track across my shoulder-blade 

Wonder down as it seeks the fruit of my breast

The rise of a tender nipple

Then travel down the smooth path of my stomach

In search for the pungent sweet nectar of my womanhood

That I only give to him 

The man of my dreams

The man who holds my love in the palm of his hand

My husband