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Friday, February 15, 2019

Euphemistic Sex .... Prose Poem...

While your harden sex 
was inside me
Eyes eagerly watched me, as my body twisted and contorted  from the sensations of our sexual play
Hands knead my body like dough
While passionate kisses build a fire in the gut of my belly
That's burning hotter on every sweet deep lustful kiss
As one hand holds tightly on my backside
The other roam the bare sweaty surface of my flesh
All while your hips smoothly gyrate in wanting, me
needing me, having me
While your inflated manhood slowly pierced deep into my watery depths

A hushed scream escape my lungs, hurriedly rushing past red painted lips
Breaking the silence of the darken room, as your length immerse itself inside my wake like an oil drill rig,drilling for oil deep in the ocean dark depths, lethargically slow and precise
Enticing moans and groans of ecstasy to echo in the rhythm of your hips, that's vertically impaling your rock hard manly membrane down the swell of my sex

Heaving breast lightly bump into muscular chest
While painted fingernails leave a trail of etched skin on smooth baby back flesh

Legs  open  wider
Manhood descend deeper
Into the wants of my wetness

One set of hips buck up, as the other thrust down
Pushing deep breaths of air out my lungs, on each of your hips profound plunges
Blissful sensations rush into our minds
Overwhelming the primal sexual existence of our being

Up... Down...
Up... Down...
Hips gyrate in perfect sync
Pushing, pulling, your blood engorged membrane in and out the tight confinement of my pink depths

Right there, right, there
My softest voice whispers into your ear, as your spacious girth slowly slide directly on the side of my fully erect Clit
Slowly bringing my sexual need closer to closure

A subdued voice whisper faster...
Faster - oh faster
Then become audible loud while screaming, harder baby, harder

Painted nails anchor deep into your firm yet soft textured back flesh
As your hips gyrate faster and dig deeper into my pink haven
After pulling the head of your rock hard assassin out of the comfort of my womb, you insert  just its head into my wetness opening
Without warning you thrust your hips in brute force, impaling your size deep into my demise again and again without mercy
Squealing scream of passion lust reverberate off the the room walls
As my hips bounce off the plush bed mattress on every deep stroke
Groveling voice whispers "I 'Mmm, cumin-n-n", as sharp shear sensations run amuck inside the dwell of my loins

Orgasmic quakes consume my body
As your forever swelling membrane urgently slide up and down the center of my haven walls, that spasm tighter and tighter as orgasmic waves vibrates through it

Hips thrust harder, to push your swell beyond my haven tightness
But soon, it's completely consumed by its heat and overpowering grip
Enticing your swollen palpitating swell, to spill and fill my opening with white-hot seed that's so hot it causes my haven to once again convulse,  while my voice perpetually scream in jubilant ecstasy

Bodies hotter than fire, quake to a rumble
Shake to a stumble
Then crumble
Into a sexual fumble

Limpness lay still inside my wet core
While words of deep affection bath the roots of our love inside me

Soft kiss embrace my lips
Deep affected hugs envelop my body...
Sleep consume the sexual afterglow surrounding our bodies extremities...
Eyes open, mind awaken to fingertips soothing my back flesh, as our bodies spoon in the quiet of the room
Soft kisses seek the sensitive spot of my neck causing my body to stir and wiggle, as haven walls tingle.
While the center of my haven feel the start of our next sexual dance quietly arising....

(C) 1ManView

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Monday, February 11, 2019

Book worm ... (Educate yourself) ... Prose picture poem...

He walked into the evasiveness of his private library
There he found his lovely wife standing in front of his beautiful monument of books in six-inch high heels, and naked as the day she was born
He just stood there with that look of what to do look on his face, because reading to educate himself was his life, his existence, and she stood in his way

After a moment watching his lost wide-eyed stare, she became annoyed and spun around than bent over to find a book that would explain to him what he should do next
After giving him a full view of her firm heart shape ass and perfect smooth plumb vulva lips, she turned back around and gave him a sexier view of full round breast, small waist, and curvy hips that's supported by long shapely legs. A view that completely complexes his mind and body. A view he wasn't educated about. She smiled at her book-worm, than in a sultry purring whispering voice, she said " Oh here's a good book for you to read," The Positions Of Tantra

With shaking hands he took the book and sat down at his reading desk and began to read 

After patiently waiting for him to completely read the first two chapters, she took the book away from him, slowly poured her naked body into his lap, and begin to give him a hands on demonstration of the book first chapter. She made sure she was very thorough of the book meaning to him
After giving him hours of demonstrations of how to pleasure by bumping and grinding, gyrating his hips fast or slow, positioning himself for best penetration, how to use the flatness of his tongue verses only using just the very tip. How to master the giving of a low moan, to and audible scream. How spanking, slapping, slurping sounds, made love-making even more pleasurable. She taught him how to prolong his spermination until his partner was completely satisfied. 

Now when he sneaks into his library to finished reading the next chapter in his book, he quietly waits for his lovely wife to come to him naked and unafraid to give him a hands on demonstration from the book of Tantra...


Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday Moaning - Lick-A-Clit. ... A erotic rhyming poem

Trembling thighs
Are gently pried
Open wide

Gently dip
Inside moist swollen lips

Head slide
Between firm thighs
Causes an anticipated sigh 

Moisten lips
Softly sip
On pink erect clit

Hips gently buck
As lips lightly suck
While surreal sensations run amuck

Monday moan
Becomes full blown
As lips suckle, on her erect pink throne

(C) 1ManView

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Tease ... An sensual smile poem

With an eye-catching seductive walk, she quietly walked  into the living room 
She was wearing an eye appealing tight-fitting knit dress
That made my eyes pop, my jaw drop
Its woven fabric wrapped tightly around her sloping curves and bare feminine necessities
That left out a man thoughts of what's underneath curiosities
A smiled curled on my face at the marvelous sight
 A sight that made the fabric of my pants restrain my affliction inside it with all its might
As her eyes glazed at the enormous bulge in my pants,  as a reverse tease  I whispered,  "now what you see is a real big tease ", that I would be more than happy to show you, if you turn around, bend over and drop to your knees
 When she just smiled while slowly walking away, I was taking off guard
But when her footsteps stopped and she turned into the solid beam of sun light piercing through the window, I realize I was the one caught in the middle of the biggest tease that roused me off the couch, down to my knees...


Friday, January 25, 2019

Say it ... Sensual repetitive poem

Sometimes, it doesn't have to be a faint whisper into her ear
Sometimes, it doesn't have to be a soft touch at the right time nor the right moment
Sometimes, it doesn't have to be  a long trailing touch down the softness of her flesh
Sometimes, all it takes is a light brush of a fingertip to say, "I love you" ...

(C) 1ManView