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Friday, August 12, 2022

Satruday Night Seduction_ Lonely Bed - Erotic prose poem

 A lethargic, quiet walk took him from a dark empty bedroom to the dim-lit living room.

 She lay with pussy lying between her legs on the couch, retaining warmth.

 He gestured his hand and pussy; the cat cruised quickly across the room.

 He facilitates his body between the center of her compacted, creamy thighs. 

 Startled to awakening to his weight made her body abruptly jerk.

 His eyes pierced deep into hers while his left hand swiftly sheathed her mouth to keep her voice silent as he used his right hand to push her pink panties to one side.

 Her body does not resist nor permit him to keep going.

 He lay the throbbing head of his hardened affliction on the opening of the aperture between her thighs thickness.

 He was surprised to find her sacred space moist enough to aid its penetration.

A sobering moan resided on his hand as his unyielding affliction slowly descended into the epicenter of her aperture moist-soft walls,

 Her back profoundly arched inward as his rigid size forced her intimate space wider as his thick chocolate shaft slowly plunged into its darkest depths.

 He smiles knowingly; love made it easier for her to forgive someone who acted like an authentic swine, as he accomplished earlier.


Friday, April 1, 2022

Saturday Seduction: Consented__ Erotic prose poem

Legs widen, soft flesh lowers, then delays.

A whisper of a moan drifts into the air as the softness of swollen folds slowly part.

Her body continuation to lower starts again. 

As her body lowers, the tautness of her soft pink walls caresses the girth of his rigid manhood as manly hips gently thrust upward.

Lungs expand but do not fill as indescribable sensations spiral rampantly through their lions.

Heartbeats become rapid as the desire of the flesh takes control of the mind, while voices become silent while their bodies prepare to make harmonizing music together.

His length disappears deep into the dark abyss of her womb, pushing her pink flesh open wider, broader as it slowly soars on its upward flight.

Short breaths of air burst past their lips as their hips move in a synchronized movement.

Rough fingertips dig deep into soft bare flesh as his length rises and falls inside her domain.

Breast rubs against chest; sweat rubs against sweat as hips softly collide head-on.

The deeper his inflexible stature ease into her domain, the higher her voice whispers his name in his ear as their minds are bath in sexual bliss.

The moon smiles at them through the window. But before their dance of desire ends, the sun will be smiling upon them too.


Thursday, March 3, 2022

Flame - Sensual Repetitive poem

A Flame has been stirred profoundly within me from the docile touch of a lone fingertip.

A flame that once was a hint of smoldering ashes residing inside my loins

A flame that has grown to epic proportions

A flame that has ignited all the passion I have to disseminate from me to you


A flame that has grown five times hotter than desire itself 

A flame that has ashes burning red hot in the center void between my thighs

A flame that needs to be distinguished immediately by your hard lustful touch and the wet white substance of thick creamy liqueur that awaits to be liberated from the hidden culdesac residing inside the immense manhood depending between your manly thighs



Monday, February 28, 2022

Reasons - Repetitive sensual poem

Why does being close to you change my body demeanor, my mind thoughts?

Why is it when you look at me a certain way our lips find themselves in a soft, tender kiss?

Why does my body react to a single fingertip soft touch of yours? An indication that can make me docile and quiet or elated in a matter of seconds

Why is embracing you tight in my arms so spontaneous at times it feels like an addiction?

Why is it when I sneak up behind you and lay a kiss on the back of your neck to witness your body reactions, which are still pretty much identical as the very first time? Yet still, a trill after all the years we have existed together?

I believe the only explanation for the whys is that I'm still deeply in love with the body, mind, and soul of you.

Happy Birthday LC

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