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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

IF .(Prelude to love making) ... Repetitive poem

If you              Entice my mind

If you              Exhilarate my soul

If you              Persuade me to love you with all my heart 

If you              kiss me tenderly deep

If you              lay me down    on the bed   as if I was fragile as glass 

If you              Whisper softly inside my ear     how much you affectionately  love me

If you              Tell me you want me    need me     so much it hurts

If you              Caress my naked flesh      softly   gingerly

If you              Excite me      with loving words that reach out    and caress my beating                                          heart
If you             Touch my most sensitive  spots    until my sex sweat 
if you              Slowly     completely    fill me     with your hard elongated dagger

If you              Make sweet love to me in the moonlight   until the sun chase the moon                                            away

If you              Ejaculate your hot seed deep inside      the furthest corner of     my                                                wanting      weeping    womb   
I would           Let my body Shiver Tremor   uncontrollably Quake -- under your attentive                                       body

I would           Cum profusely     steadily     on the velvet soft flesh of your rock hardness

I would           Always love you for the person you are 

I would           If you 


Monday, January 27, 2020

Nook and cranny ... Senryu poem

My nook and cranny
Wept under red silk panties

I did not realize other countries would not understand what nook and cranny was ...  So lets try this version...
 My steaming pussy
Wept under red silk panties
Anticipating .(foresee)


Senryu poem- is a Japanese form of short poetry similar to Haiku in construction. Three lines with 17 syllables. (5-7-5)

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Redemption ... Sensual Prose Poem

Warm breath lingers 
On the softness of neck flesh

Tender touch squeeze a nipple tautly
Then firmly squeeze the nakedness of a full breast
Soft flesh lean back against harden flesh
A voice softly gasp
Another slightly sigh
Is it the beginning of passion lust
Or redemption of love for one another?

Image from SEXART

Monday, January 6, 2020

Forever wet ... Erotic prose poem ..(Forbidden word challedge)

Was the state of my body
As my mind anticipate "your tongue first taste"...
Warm breaths of air ease on moist swollen lips, as they gradually unfolded...

Inhaled breath breathe in the aroma of my feminine fragrance
As fingertips ease slowly up the tender flesh of my inner thighs
Pushing my legs open wider
So you can get: "Closer" to the source you are after...
Soft moist kisses, rain gingerly on the texture of my thighs
Head tilts back, eyes close, as my mind bath in the swirling sensations...
Warm breath feel cool on the wet trail that follows the pink pliable tip of your tongue
Legs shiver as goose bumps run up its sides from the sudden chill...
Breath withheld
Bodies lay motionless
Silence crowd the room surrounding, as our bodies take in the impassioned moment...
Extended tongue softly ease across the swell of my folds, slowly tasting my wet droplets...

After first taste
Comes another taste
Then another
Again another

Just like a wine connoisseur, your tongue slowly taste small portions of the droplets of my honey nectar
Letting its robust taste absorb into your tongue palate...
Penetration deepens into my folds, as the pink tip of your tongue travel inside their softness, tasting the full pungent sweet boldness of my flavor
Enhancing a quiet scream from my lungs, that reverberates inside my throat...
Hips tilts backward, to entice your tongue to taste the even sweeter liquid fluid receding in the deepest, darkest, corner inside my womb depths...
Fingertips reach deep into the mattress, as overwhelming sensations unfold from the center of swollen folds, while the tip of your tongue slowly sip and taste the warm wet offering presented before it...
My body lift higher off the mattress as your tongue slip ever deep into the dark depths of my womb...
Hips gyrate in rhythm of your tongue deep lashing, while my lungs grasp for air...
Hips thrust wildly, as my hands pull and mesh your head tight between my thighs
Finally out of breath, my body stiffens then spasm in orgasmic release...
Ears tune in the rapture of your lungs moans, as my purest sweet nectar flood your mouth, while your tongue dash on the tip of my most sensitive spot, until my orgasmic release resent...
Spent body crash down into the mattress like a comet that has traveled too close to the earth gravitational pull, and is pulled hard into the ground
As my mind cleared of the passing sensations I pondered.
Why does anything that feel or taste so good to you, is supposedly  forbidden...


Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year

You don't need a big clock to count down to twelve
You don't need Fireworks lighting up the dark sky
You don't need a room full of people partying and blowing loud horns
All you need is a dark room
A roaring fireplace
And that someone you love with all your heart
To bring in the New Year with a bang
Happy New Year...