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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Runnning ....... ( A Repetition Poem)

Why do run away?

Are you afraid of me?

Afraid... of what you might find?

Afraid... of what you might see?

Afraid… of what you might feel, once you let me inside of your mind, your being, share your love

Are you Afraid of my roar?

Afraid of my thunder?

Or just afraid of the beast that lies inside of me!

But once, you feel my tender side...

Once... you feel the softness of my kiss

Once... you feel the gentleness of my caress

Once... you taste my love of life on your lips

Once you feel my being floating into yours

You will stop, running away, from love...



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Erotic Gasp

A long silent breath past my lips
A quiet hush surrounds the room
A deep sleep has taken me away
All my senses are numb with my slumber
A faint smell trickles in my nostril, my mind slowly tries to trace it to its origin, but before it triggers my memory, my lungs suddenly let out a deep audible gasp
My eye lids squeeze tight, my hands grab hold of his flesh, my entire womb burns with mind ravaging sensations, as his manhood intrudes past it's closed doors
My legs lift and lock behind his back, holding him in a death grip as my hips push up to meet his
Slowly, steadily, the mushroom head of his endowment pave the way for his full bloom of harden flesh, it's not long before my womb starts to shower his manhood with my clear nectar of passion
My eyes open, just in time to see the last of his harden flesh disappear between my thighs, bringing my mind up to pace with the start of this erotic dance
He gasp as the walls of my womb surround his harden flesh with tightness, moments before his first thrust
His first stroke sends waves of pleasure deep into my womb; a shriek escapes out my throat from the sudden passion pain from his second loving thrust
It's slow and soft, as if teasing me before the passionate ones comes and awakens my soul
His lips find mine; he slowly kisses me tenderly, deeply with softness, taking my breath away
As my lungs gasp for air, his tongue slips past my lips, darting inside with precision
marksmanship, touching every erotic spot inside my mouth as our hips gently collide in this soft passionate dance 
He moans as his pace quickens, thrusting inside me deeper, bringing my ecstasy closer to closure
While looking deep into my eyes, his upper body slowly rise up on his hands, while still groggy from my deep sleep, the sensations from his deeper strokes quickly awakens all of me
The intensity of his trust between the softness of my womb walls is ultra slow and very deep, making me feel every fractional inch of his harden endowment flesh as it plunges downward, then upwards, as my wet walls grip him tighter
D..o..w..n he thrust; my walls feel every ripple, every swollen blood vein in his endowment as it swells, pushing my walls open seemly to their limit
Every thrust builds my inner fire bigger, burning my passion deeper, giving him my will
My fingertips find his hips and pull deeply on his buttocks flesh, anchoring his endowment into me deep as humanly possible
As my fine clear nectar lube his shaft, his thrust comes in me smoother and faster, at times violently, rocking my hips deep into the mattress on each downward thrust
Closure is near as his name whispers into his ear
My back arch as his hard thrust pushes his harden flesh deep into my molten core
A soft cry of passion fills the air, as my closure rips through my body
As my walls spasm and squeeze on his hardness, I can feel the heat of his release covering my womb walls; with none stopping palpitations of his endowment deep inside of me
I awaken from a deep sleep; his endowment is hard, long and wavering in the air
The softness of my hand grips his endowment girth, my wet lips surrounds the mushroom head of its harden flesh; his loud gasp breaks the silence in the room....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All Of ME

Every time my body falls, my mind feels you deep inside me, your girth fighting to open the softness of my taut walls.

Sensations run rampage throughout my body, as my lips whisper out your name

My toes tingle, my ears ring, my body pores leak clear liquid as your harden manhood ease between the softness of my domain walls

Tears of desire runs down my face, as my mind entertains the passionate feelings raining inside me, as it feels all of you, tapping my core

My eyes watch your manhood disappears between my thighs time after time gain, it watches your eyes fixate on its shinning surface, while your hips gyrate in rhythm with mines

My lungs screams and moan, my body shivers, my arms contracts, as my mind takes in the electrified sensations from your passion thrust

But your body remains silent, as if you can't feel the inner me, only reacting to the tautness of my domain, and the climaxing end

Your eyes don't watch my breast bounce as my body rise and fall on top of yours, they look straight ahead as if you are looking through me, or your mind is seeing someone else riding your manhood to its demise

Your fingertips don't seem to touch my flesh with any emotion, like mines does when they touch yours

And afterwards, after our passion dance is over, and my voice whisper I love you, your voice still remain silent, your lips just press up against mine, seemly just to start another passionate dance

You act as if you can't get enough of me when your manhood is swollen deep inside the tautness of my domain, but now, at the height of this passionate moment, my mind wonders, are you feeling all of me

Do you feel my heart pouring out its love, my mind always thinking of you, my soul feeling all of your inner energy?

Or is it just the tautness of what's lying between my thighs the only thing you feel, or the smoothness of my lips as my head does a dip

My mind is wondering are these only things you crave

Or, Is it the power you feel, the power of making my passion tears, but it seems you forgot about the power of protecting me from my fears

As another deep thrust sends your enormous erection down the center of my domain, instead of a deep sigh, my mind ponders on if you can feel my inner passion of life, or just your passion of lust

Maybe you love the power your mind gets when I call out your name when you are between the thickness of my thighs, playing your, " I have the power game"

You might think you have the power over me, when you putting my body though the test, while making my hair sweaty and a mess, but you can't have the power of my mind, unless you can feel all the rest of me

Just like you feel the warmth of my womanly juices run down your leg, you have to feel the flow of the warmth from my heart that I'm giving to you

And just like your harden flesh feels the softness of my lips kissing it, your heart should feel their softness when they wrap your lips into a deep intimate embrace

The softness of my walls feel your manhood swelling, your girth is pushing my walls open wider; your eyes close and your mouth opens, the throbbing of your upcoming release is felt inside me

My body goes numb as my mind clearly see through your attempts to keep my body your captive

As my finger points you to the door, my soul is set free, but I shall forever remember, the rhythm of our last dance...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Desire ... (Love Me For Eternity)

Mass clouds of steam emits from the water as raw passion explode from their internal love of each other, burning desire deep into their souls, while igniting the texture of their flesh on fire
Moaning, groaning, deep breaths echo's in the warm air as they lose their orientation of place, and sense of time, while ignoring all whom may be around them
Lips melt on lava hot flesh as their bodies lock in a lustful embrace
Necks, shoulders, breast are lick and suckle on as hair is pulled out by the roots
While splashing, diving, half drowning they try to put out the fire of desire as their minds and souls are consumed by the lustful flame
Kiss, touch, pull, nails rage across flesh that bleeds
But to put out the desire the lust must be doused with nothing but the purest of passion
Legs spread; harden flesh lowered as their bodies balance on the water edge
Penetration on one's face, as the other one thrust with animalistic rage
Up, down in a rhythmic wake of raw passion their bodies bounce on top of each lustful wave
Moans, groans, an eagle screams high into the sky as a baritone voice rumbles into the depths of the sea
The steam clears and all you see is a ripple in the outgoing waves that breakdown and dissipates as it enters the open sea

Friday, April 17, 2009

His Warmth ... Prose Poem....

The sun slowly rises, turning my lonely night into day
As it soft glowing rays fills my window frame and seeps through my windowpanes, I sit up in the bed while letting my naked flesh bath in its warming rays.
I ponder on the future, while blocking out the past, because you are my future, and you are the only thing I want on my mind
As the sun rays warms my body flesh, my thoughts of you warm my soul, my mind slips into a fantasy as I think of how the warmth of the rays feels like the touch of the gentleness that's in your hands
You hold me tight, your warm naked flesh mesh into mines, while holding me tight like a piece of toast being grilled in a toaster
Once my will has popped all so slowly, your fingertips run across the softness of the textured of my bare flesh 
My body weakens; my mind goes blank, as the warmth of your caring touch overrides everything in my mind
Harden nipples become harder, as your fingertips touch them, I sigh as your fingertips twist them all so gently
The sensations are twice fold as your fingers twist one nipple while circling around the other, my body leans back on yours as the sensations runs into my loins, causing my offering to moisten
A gasp escapes into the air, as your hands squeeze the bottom of my breast, firm but not to the point of pain, but to the exact point of instant pleasure
My hands grab yours and squeeze them, the warmth of your touch sinks deeper into my breast flesh
As my hands continue to hold his, one of his hands continues to manipulate my breast and nipple, the warmth of the other ease down my waist, stopping and spreading it's warmth on the sensitive part of my navel, then ease down to the moisten heat that's hiding between my legs
His hands warmth touches my haven opening, my insides instantly catches on fire, pushing out my hidden desires
His fingertips touches my folds, sliding down their slippery surface, while another fingertip slips through my wet slit
My legs widen as the heat from our hands melts the flesh on my inner thighs, while seeping through my womb, setting my soul on fire
Audible moans roam the room as his fingertips ease into my offering; I feel my own wetness on my fingertip as his plunges deep into my pinkness
Sweat runs down my forehead as my inner heat, starts to come to a boil
His finger excites my opening, and circles the erectness of my clit
My body softly shudders as the sensations fills my loins with pleasure
Heat, moister, suction, a caught off guard scream emerges, as the warmth of his lips suckle on my neck flesh
Breast tingling, haven screaming, as his hot kisses run rampant on my neck, has my body squirming, my breath rushing, my heart racing, as the pleasurable sensation build in the pit of my stomach
My hand push two of his fingers deep into my offering, my hips gyrate wildly bucking my clit on the smooth surface of his hand; he squeezes my breast tighter, his kisses on my neck are deeper, my body sweats as the pleasurable sensations builds ever higher
Small tremors buck through my body, my hand pulls his fingers out my offering and slide them frantically across my clit
My back arches, my eyes close, as a thunderous orgasmic release powers completely through my body
His free arm holds me tight as my body trembles and shakes; body spasms tighten, as the powerful orgasmic release peaks 
My body collapse in his arms, my lungs struggle to inflate, my mind falls into a deep calm
Eyes open, the warming rays of the sun continues to caress my naked flesh, my womanly scent fills the air, my offering nectar has ooze on my leg
As I remove my fingers from my offering, I can no longer feel his, just the feel of the sticky residue from my nectar on my fingertips
The warmth of his flesh is gone, just the memory of him is here
I sit up in the bed and wonder, when will my man in his warm naked armor will come and rescue me, from these fantasies of him….

Monday, April 13, 2009

Passion Waves ... Prose Poem ........

 Picture borrowed from 
Joana. blog, modified by 1manview

Up, down, up, down, up, then slowly down, my body follows the rhythm of your long smooth thrust

Sensations burn deep in my womb, then run rampage up my spine into my brain, as you kill me softly with each gyration of your hips

My body rides yours like a sailboat, gently over the lustful thrusting waves, as my passion crest deep inside me

Perspiration pours off my body, as our body heat soars from our passion

The smell of you sex, mixed with mines fills the air, as your none stop trust fills my womb full, again and again

Moans escape my lungs; gasp escapes yours, as our sexes tightly massage each other 

Gyrate, hesitate, your strokes change its rhythm, my mind quietly screams, as my body tries to find your new body rhythm 

Blissful, tingling sensations, is the beginning to a upcoming passionate quake, that I can feel deep in the pit of my stomach

Higher are the thrust waves, pushing my body higher in the air, making it fall  harder, faster, as your swelling girth fills my womb tighter...

Tighter... Tighter.. Your manhood swells on my womb walls, filling me completely, while sending electrified shock waves through my womb

Body shutters, muscles vibrate, as my release comes quickly 

A scream, an audible moan rips into the air, as your lava hot white juices, burns deep into my womb

Gasping of air, quiet moans, give why to silence

Passion waves become calm, as the moon rise higher in the sky

Friday, April 10, 2009

Epidemic Of A Caress ........ Repetition Poem .....

As my head lay between your breast, and my ears listen to the slow soft rhythmic beat of your heart, feel me
When my head lies motionless on the soft tender flesh between your breast, and the words "I love you" whisper past my lips, feel me
As the softness of your finger tips strum through the thickness of my hair, spiraling, twirling, raking, slightly pulling, feel me
When your eyes look deep into mines, with that loving glare of affection, feel me
As my hand reaches up, and lightly stroke across the tender softness of your cheek, feel me
When your hand ease across the nakedness of my chest flesh, resting, playing with the thin patch of hair on its surface, feel me
As your fingertip circles on my rigid nipples, causing small electrified tremors to race deep into my loins, feel me
When your fingertips barely touch the ridge of my ear lobes, causing my legs to squirm, my face to smile, my lips to part and let out a sigh, feel me
As your hand ease downward on my body, contiguously touching all my naked flesh, then stopping to gently hold my scrotum in its warmth, feel me
When your hand softly stoke the sides of my flaccidly, until it throbs and slowly reaches high toward the sky, feel me
As our lips intertwine, with a tight, sweet, suckling, embracing kiss of affection, feel me
When my tongue touches yours, and exchange their taste of sweetness, feel me
As my body turns over onto yours, and our naked flesh touch each other in a cuddling body kiss, feel me
When my tongue, slips over your nipples just before they slip past the sensitive part of my lips, and slide into the warmth of my mouth, feel me
As the tip of my tongue twirls on the tip of your erect nipple, making your body shiver, feel me
When my warm breath blows over your wet nipple, causing goose bumps to rise on your flesh, feel me
As I take my hardness between my hand, and slide it between the caress between your thighs, and wet its tip with your clear lubricate, feel me
When the bareness of my harden flesh, penetrate into the wet velvet softness of your womb walls, feel me
As a moan slip past your parted lips and a sigh slip past mines, feel me
When the bare head of my hardness, slowly penetrate to the deepest depth of your womb, feel me
As my hips gyrate slowly, pulling all of my manhood in and out the heat of your wet pinkness, feel me
When the intimacy of our love dance flows though all of us, my heart will feel all of you, like your heart and all of you, will feel me

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Penetrated ........ Prose Poem

Smooth, soft to the touch is its texture
Tall, wide, hard as a mountain is its under layer
Thrust, pressure, is the start
Inhale, then breath is held
Anomalous is the facial expression
Opened slowly like a flower on a hot summer day, is the beginning
Pressure, stretched is the feel
Tense, tight, are my muscles
Pain, pleasure, overwhelms my feelings
Erotic sensations, override my brain
Back arch from its rapture
Mouth opens, the sound of a gasp slips out, as my lungs exhale
Dig, sharp, are my red painted nails
Erotic, is its feel, as it slowly opens then fall into my pink domain
Penetrations, into one's domain is the action
Pure pleasure is the beginning 

Soft moist to the touch
Pressure, pliable is the feel
Quick inhale fills the lungs
Arms muscles flex, back bow inward, buttocks tighten, stomach flattens as its harden flesh sinks deeper
Sharpen pain, pleasurable sensations run into one's brain
Wet, hot heat, velvet soft is the feel on ones inner texture
Resisting tightness, slickness, is felt on ones girth, as ones harden texture slides downward
Sensational feelings, overwhelms ones loins
First penetration of the night is the action
Complete feel of eroticism is the reaction
Blissful cumvulsions is the ending

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sexual Control ... (PT.2) ... Her .... Prose Poem

She's in the superior position
The alpha male is just lying there in a relax state, letting her sexuality subdue him
His hands are tied to the bedpost, giving her total control
She's upright, dancing on his manhood like a ballerina dances on the tip of her toes, up then down in a precise graceful motion
He watches her every movement, he feels every vibration of her body on the tip of his shaft
A teardrop of sweat slowly travels down from the top of her forehead, gracefully sliding down the side of her face, coming to a rest, on the top of her breast
A small part of the dance, but leaving a larger impression by tingling her face all so slow, heightening her nerve sensations; it's movement catches his eye, seducing his mind with her bold sexuality
He watches her taut smooth stomach, slowly curve in and out, like a slow moving ocean wave
The movement reminds him of watching a belly dancer seducing her alpha male, putting his mind in an erotic trance
Her small round breast, dance in a rhythmic beat, back and forth, back and forth, putting his eyes in a fixed state
Her eyes watches his, as she uses their expression to control the rhythm of her sexual dance......
While his eyes are open wide, she dances with quicker movement, seducing his manhood into a calmer state
With his eyes half close, she moves slower and smoother, sliding his membrane all so deeper in the wet velvet soft chamber of her kingdom
Once his eyes close, her hips moves with swiftness, but the rhythm is still smooth and gentle like a ballerina dancer, while circling and squeezing his manhood tighter, overloading the tip of his manhood with vibrant sensations, sending small tremors throughout his body
She will seduce him with all of her, from the feel of her soft skin riding on his, the sound of her quiet moans will seduce his hearing, letting him watch her cup and squeeze her breasts, seduces his will of control, the feel of his manhood gliding inside the tautness of her kingdom walls, seducing his alpha male sexuality
She's in complete control, she controls the feel of her chamber walls, she controls the flow of the rhythm, how fast, how slow, how hard his thrust will be, how rough or how smooth the dance shall be, how deep his manhood can go into the confines of her chamber
She controls all of his will, she even controls when he can release inside the warmth of the velvet chamber inside her kingdom...
His eyes are now tightly close, she decides she will let him release soon, but not for now
The rhythm of her hips moves faster, sliding his manhood in an out her chamber quicker, as she feels the fore coming of her own release
The rhythm of her hips pick up, deeper, and deeper she rocks his manhood, tighter her kingdom walls tug on the hardness of his manly shaft
After commanding him to trust harder... harder... then relinquishing her control, as her body surge, and quivers with a large, exquisite, release....
After her release is complete, she again slowly takes control of her alpha male; she lets him thrust deeply in her chamber, so deep she feels his scrotum tickling her bottom
She decides; it's his time for his release, and does what feels like a pirouette on his manhood
He tries to moan quietly as his shaft swells larger, but he cannot...
His breath comes in short burst as his manhood palpitates wildly inside her taut velvet slippery chamber
His body goes rigid as her sexual dance, dance his manhood to flaccidity, while her taut walls squeezes his manhood of all its thick white milky seed
Her warm body lays down on top of his, then they embrace and lie in silent
But their minds, ponders...