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Monday, April 20, 2009

Desire ... (Love Me For Eternity)

Mass clouds of steam emits from the water as raw passion explode from their internal love of each other, burning desire deep into their souls, while igniting the texture of their flesh on fire
Moaning, groaning, deep breaths echo's in the warm air as they lose their orientation of place, and sense of time, while ignoring all whom may be around them
Lips melt on lava hot flesh as their bodies lock in a lustful embrace
Necks, shoulders, breast are lick and suckle on as hair is pulled out by the roots
While splashing, diving, half drowning they try to put out the fire of desire as their minds and souls are consumed by the lustful flame
Kiss, touch, pull, nails rage across flesh that bleeds
But to put out the desire the lust must be doused with nothing but the purest of passion
Legs spread; harden flesh lowered as their bodies balance on the water edge
Penetration on one's face, as the other one thrust with animalistic rage
Up, down in a rhythmic wake of raw passion their bodies bounce on top of each lustful wave
Moans, groans, an eagle screams high into the sky as a baritone voice rumbles into the depths of the sea
The steam clears and all you see is a ripple in the outgoing waves that breakdown and dissipates as it enters the open sea


  1. Dazzling! Intensely seductive. I loved to "lose myself" in your blog.

  2. You are truly gifted my dear friend. I just loved it, but the line that reads as, "Penetration on one's face" brought a wicked smile to my face.... -sighs-

  3. Hey kitten, I think we talked about that first penetration before ...

  4. I know! I can't help myself. I just love it ;-)

  5. Pena ser uma tradução brasileira.
    Deixe em inglês ou traduza para Português de Portugal.
    É só uma sugestão

  6. Very sexy, keep it up...