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Friday, April 10, 2009

Epidemic Of A Caress ........ Repetition Poem .....

As my head lay between your breast, and my ears listen to the slow soft rhythmic beat of your heart, feel me
When my head lies motionless on the soft tender flesh between your breast, and the words "I love you" whisper past my lips, feel me
As the softness of your finger tips strum through the thickness of my hair, spiraling, twirling, raking, slightly pulling, feel me
When your eyes look deep into mines, with that loving glare of affection, feel me
As my hand reaches up, and lightly stroke across the tender softness of your cheek, feel me
When your hand ease across the nakedness of my chest flesh, resting, playing with the thin patch of hair on its surface, feel me
As your fingertip circles on my rigid nipples, causing small electrified tremors to race deep into my loins, feel me
When your fingertips barely touch the ridge of my ear lobes, causing my legs to squirm, my face to smile, my lips to part and let out a sigh, feel me
As your hand ease downward on my body, contiguously touching all my naked flesh, then stopping to gently hold my scrotum in its warmth, feel me
When your hand softly stoke the sides of my flaccidly, until it throbs and slowly reaches high toward the sky, feel me
As our lips intertwine, with a tight, sweet, suckling, embracing kiss of affection, feel me
When my tongue touches yours, and exchange their taste of sweetness, feel me
As my body turns over onto yours, and our naked flesh touch each other in a cuddling body kiss, feel me
When my tongue, slips over your nipples just before they slip past the sensitive part of my lips, and slide into the warmth of my mouth, feel me
As the tip of my tongue twirls on the tip of your erect nipple, making your body shiver, feel me
When my warm breath blows over your wet nipple, causing goose bumps to rise on your flesh, feel me
As I take my hardness between my hand, and slide it between the caress between your thighs, and wet its tip with your clear lubricate, feel me
When the bareness of my harden flesh, penetrate into the wet velvet softness of your womb walls, feel me
As a moan slip past your parted lips and a sigh slip past mines, feel me
When the bare head of my hardness, slowly penetrate to the deepest depth of your womb, feel me
As my hips gyrate slowly, pulling all of my manhood in and out the heat of your wet pinkness, feel me
When the intimacy of our love dance flows though all of us, my heart will feel all of you, like your heart and all of you, will feel me


  1. Bonito como sempre adorei
    continuação de boa Pascoa
    um beijo

  2. Touch can be such a magical thing we take for granted... Fingers are clearly an instrument meant for exploring and pleasing ;-)

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Uma boa semana para ti meu amigo, não voltaste ao meu blog porquê

  4. Amigo obrigado pela visita
    olha podes tirar tudo que quiseres está a vontade
    um beijo

  5. Não sei falar iglês, mais ainda assim quero lhe dizer o quanto amei seu blog e suas imagens. you is pretty

  6. Graças jorginho tempo ... Eu não posso falar Português ... Eu uso um tradutor para ajudar a ler as palavras ... ...
    Não é perfeito, mas ok ...