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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Erotic Gasp

A long silent breath past my lips
A quiet hush surrounds the room
A deep sleep has taken me away
All my senses are numb with my slumber
A faint smell trickles in my nostril, my mind slowly tries to trace it to its origin, but before it triggers my memory, my lungs suddenly let out a deep audible gasp
My eye lids squeeze tight, my hands grab hold of his flesh, my entire womb burns with mind ravaging sensations, as his manhood intrudes past it's closed doors
My legs lift and lock behind his back, holding him in a death grip as my hips push up to meet his
Slowly, steadily, the mushroom head of his endowment pave the way for his full bloom of harden flesh, it's not long before my womb starts to shower his manhood with my clear nectar of passion
My eyes open, just in time to see the last of his harden flesh disappear between my thighs, bringing my mind up to pace with the start of this erotic dance
He gasp as the walls of my womb surround his harden flesh with tightness, moments before his first thrust
His first stroke sends waves of pleasure deep into my womb; a shriek escapes out my throat from the sudden passion pain from his second loving thrust
It's slow and soft, as if teasing me before the passionate ones comes and awakens my soul
His lips find mine; he slowly kisses me tenderly, deeply with softness, taking my breath away
As my lungs gasp for air, his tongue slips past my lips, darting inside with precision
marksmanship, touching every erotic spot inside my mouth as our hips gently collide in this soft passionate dance 
He moans as his pace quickens, thrusting inside me deeper, bringing my ecstasy closer to closure
While looking deep into my eyes, his upper body slowly rise up on his hands, while still groggy from my deep sleep, the sensations from his deeper strokes quickly awakens all of me
The intensity of his trust between the softness of my womb walls is ultra slow and very deep, making me feel every fractional inch of his harden endowment flesh as it plunges downward, then upwards, as my wet walls grip him tighter
D..o..w..n he thrust; my walls feel every ripple, every swollen blood vein in his endowment as it swells, pushing my walls open seemly to their limit
Every thrust builds my inner fire bigger, burning my passion deeper, giving him my will
My fingertips find his hips and pull deeply on his buttocks flesh, anchoring his endowment into me deep as humanly possible
As my fine clear nectar lube his shaft, his thrust comes in me smoother and faster, at times violently, rocking my hips deep into the mattress on each downward thrust
Closure is near as his name whispers into his ear
My back arch as his hard thrust pushes his harden flesh deep into my molten core
A soft cry of passion fills the air, as my closure rips through my body
As my walls spasm and squeeze on his hardness, I can feel the heat of his release covering my womb walls; with none stopping palpitations of his endowment deep inside of me
I awaken from a deep sleep; his endowment is hard, long and wavering in the air
The softness of my hand grips his endowment girth, my wet lips surrounds the mushroom head of its harden flesh; his loud gasp breaks the silence in the room....


  1. Beautiful. Lost myself in the sweetness of your words... in the erotic tenderness that lies in each phrase...

  2. Simply beautiful and felt so real :-)

  3. Thank you Seline, your comments are appreciated...

  4. Thank you kitten, always a pleasure ....

  5. Very heated erotica, a joy to read


  6. Thank you fro stopping in, and leaving a comment ceri....

  7. Se és um gajo, porque escreves no feminino? Está genial.
    Desconfiança vibrante.
    Não te deixo um abraço nem um um beijo até perceberes quem és :-))

  8. Não há nada mais prazeroso do que ouvir o sussurro do nosso nome pelo Amado.

    1. Obrigado pela visita e comentário ...
      Por favor, retorne novamente ...