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Friday, May 8, 2009

Antithesis Night ... Prose Poem

Exhale... hips thrush slowly forward, sliding his manhood slowly downward in the wetness of her taut womb 

Inhale ... as her womb surrounds his manhood with tautness, pulling on his hardness flesh 

Exhale.... as her hips push up to meet his, sensation of her womb walls giving way to his manhood girth, makes a moan to slip past her slightly parted lips 

Inhale.... as his manhood fights its way back up her tight slippery walls 

Exhale, inhale, exhale, and inhale, lovers breaths get harder to maintain in a steady rhythm or flow 

As in slow motion a drop of sweat drops off her lovers’ head onto her chest, it explodes into steam on contact with her hot flesh 

Flesh meshing into flesh as love and lust fights for supremacy 

She wants him" Forever," he wants her for "One Night", as they inhale and exhale deeply in the darken room 

Every deep thrust of lust, he wants her to feel him in the deepest darkest corner of her womb, every stroke of her hips upward, she wants him to feel her love ooze past his lust 

Lust, love, lust, love they thrust and stroke at each other with dying urgency 

Moans, groans fills the still air in the room as love and lust thrash at each other 

As the thrust of his manhood warms the inside of her womb, the loving touch of her hands on his wet flesh starts to seep into his pours 

His eyes meets hers as he stokes into her womb flesh with all his might to fulfill his one night of lust, and leave her lusting for more... 

While her loving eyes lock into his, she rotates her hips like an exotic dancer, slightly rolling them to one side as her hips dip downward, then roll up the other side while meeting his every deep, hard stroke, leaving him the feelings of her soft tight loving strokes that's slowly consuming his lust will 

The sensations in her womb burns as his manhood fills it again and again, while sharp blissful sensations surrounds his manhood as her hot hands pulls his body tighter into hers, pushing his manhood deeper into her loving hot womb 

As his hips flails up and down lustfully, the warmth of her love seeps through his body extremities 

She whispers I love you in his ear, he grunts and thrust even harder in the depths of her womb 

After a deep thrust, she groans out loud, his lust fulfillment is taking over her body motions as she claws his shoulders, her legs lift up and lock behind his back, give it to me… Give it to me baby... She cries out, then her teeth digs viscously into his shoulder flesh 

A quick snapping hip rotation makes him gasp, as her hips movement quickly push and pull her womb walls up and down over his hard swollen manhood flesh 

Lustful sweat pours from their skin, her nectar runs like a raging river, his loins burns from being full of liquid fire, while her womb burns from sensations overloading her delicate pink walls 

For a moment, their bodies seem to be lost in space 

Her body quakes, her womb shivers and spasm; she screams as her orgasm burst open like a door suddenly kicked open by the wind of a sudden raging thunder storm... 

He grunts like a wounded animal, then his body freezes like he was zapped with ten bolts of sizzling white lightening 

As her love surrounds his heart, his lust rockets through her shivering body, 

now once thrashing bodies of hot flesh, falls into an exhausted heap 

Dead silence falls inside the darken room... 

His eyes opens, he looks at her with love 

Her eyes opens and look into his, she whispers, Mmm… I have to get dress, I'll call you tomorrow, or maybe the next day... 

A sudden gasp, his eyes pop open, his hearts is pounding rabidly, he looks around and realize he's alone in the darken room, his body is covered with lovers sweat and the air smells of sweet perfume, he ponders... 


  1. Tx sweet.

    U r so hot too ...

  2. I've loved it.
    Keep on the good work.
    It's a good therapy.

  3. simplesmente encantador o texto destes dois amantes num momento em q estao fazendo amor.

    bjus com carinho


  4. Hellena, Thank you much...


  5. f_terapia , THank you for the comment, and stopping by...

  6. i Like it
    Please join my Secret group for more Erotic stuff