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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Served ......... Prose Poem

Moonlight, Stars bright, Soft, moist, a warm tender lip embrace 

Hot, firm, knee bending sensation enters her mind, stirring passionate feelings deep in his loins 

Deeper the lip embrace embarks, flooding her mind with sensations of ecstasy, filling his mind with visions of passionate desire

A sign, a quick deep breath, lips clash again, much harder then before

Lips part, tongues emerge from one mouth into the other, they fight for supremacy

Moans, groans, bodies pulled into each other tighter, resulting in a tight body embrace

Hips push, then slightly gyrate, the feel of harden flesh press hard against her inner thigh

Moisten dampness appears on flesh as passion soars higher, exciting a deep unquenchable ache

A gentle push, a slow descend, an orchestrated fall of her body onto the night dampen ground

Desire of the flesh overtakes the passion, as the sound of a zipper being pulled down cuts throughout the night air

Legs spread, eyes widen, as harden flesh springs out into the open air and pulsate up and down

Clothes in the way, but lust overrules all things logical, as his hands push her legs wider, her shorts and panties to one side

Hastily between her legs his body falls, his harden flesh follows the heat between her thighs, to the small crevice opening between them

Mouths open, sighs ring out, as harden flesh intrudes into her crevice tautness

Grunt; push, pain then pleasure as his hardness slowly falls into the wet, pink velvet softness of her crevice 

Moisten heat, tightness; his hardness must endure on the way to its lustful conquest

A muffled scream, a bitten shoulder, as lust rage takes over their wills, their emotions, their body functions

A thrust, followed by a even harder thrust, causes moans to escape past the softness of her lips, her nails to dig deeper into his clothing; as her back arch, her crevice opening sucks his hardness deeper inside her

Urgency thrusting, body clashing, hair pulled, foul language slice the air, clear liquid flows from their flesh pores

Harder, harder, a raged voice speaks out

Harder his hardness plunges, faster she now pleas

His hardness now coated with her juices, slide in and out of her crevice almost effortlessly

His hardness plunges deeper and harder into her, it plunges into her like an oilrig drill plunges into the earth, trying to be the first to tap into the earths riches of pure black, liquid gold

His hardness is meet with even more tightness, his lust runs rampage throughout his body, he closes his eyes as the sensation of his loins burning with his white liquid fire shoots up his spine

The sound of repetitive squish of his hardness penetrating her crevice wailed in the night air

As the thought of being caught ravishing his lover in the dark, in the middle of the park, pushes his lust beyond his dreams

His membrane swells tighter, a deep passion kiss is bestowed on his lips, a deeper thrust follows as moans vibrate in their throats

Her legs are quickly pulled up on his shoulders, she screams in passion pain as his hardness slams and anchors deep into her crevice depths

Harder, deeper, faster… The raged voice whispers in his ear, as his thrust violently pounds his harden flesh down the tender softness of her taught pink walls while she gasp with shock and extreme delight

Her body stiffens tight from the overload of sensations bombarding her brain as his hardness pounds between her taut sensitive walls

His fingertips squeeze into her hips tighter, the ecstasy of sensations burns in his mind; her womb burns with desired heat, as her passionate lust comes closer to closher

A back arch, a grizzly bear grunt, she screams as his hardness shoots his hot lava cream into the darkness of her small crevice opening

A loud groan, a body vibrates and quakes, a sudden low moan of disappointment overshadows all voices, as only one had their passion lust consummated...


  1. Is it getting hotter in here or is it just me? My goodness!!! That is such a powerful erotic piece of work!! I loved it!!!!


  2. Kitten, after reading your story, it seems we both need a fan...
    Hugs... 1Manview

  3. Pure erotic poetry, pure fire... words aren't enough to translate the emotions caused by this post. Congrats! It's amazing.

  4. Fogueira de sentidos, entregues em momentos unicos...e a vida é feita disso mesmo, momentos:)
    Beijinhos e obrigada

  5. Palma da Mão, Obrigado pelo comentário ...

  6. O destino nos dá os irmãos mas o coração nos dá os amigos
    um abraço

  7. Romeu .. Obrigado pelo comentário ...

  8. Obrigado pela visita ...Menina do Rio

  9. Os momentos da vida precisam mesmo ser bem aproveitados...
    Boa noite pra vc
    Beijos aliciantes

  10. Desejos Aliciantes .... Obrigado e boa noite para você também

  11. EU SOU NEGUINHA .. Obrigado pelo comentário e visita ...

  12. Seline, obrigado ...
    Abraços ....

  13. que pena poder leerlo en español