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Friday, May 29, 2009

He... An Act Of Surrender... PT1...

I wrote this for my friend Complicated Kitten, who one day, stumble unto my first blog. I have followed her since, reading her adventures of life. This was written from one of her blog comments that stuck in my mind.. (I hope this cheer you up..) P.S. -"HE' is the dominate. one....

The reflection of myself was compiling, over powering, as I admired the curvature of my own body

Short skirt, showing off the taut thickness of my thighs, the long length of my legs, the tight woven top was capturing the pear shape of my naked breast, and the length of my now excited nipples

Slowly and softly my fingertips ease over the soft fabric that covered my flesh, making my nerve endings tingle

As one hand cupped my breast, my mind instantly thought of "He", and his powerful grasp, that could be so gentle and loving, especially when I was compliant to his wishes

A gentle touch on the end of my nipple makes my chest heave forward from the explosion of sensation running down to my den, my legs squeezed together as the sensations started my moister to trickle

In the corner of the mirror, my eyes caught a reflection, the reflection of "He", watching me

At first my mind felt embarrassment from my open display of arousal, but a split second later my mind went into a tease him more mold

My hands dropped and slowly eased down my thighs, just like the way he does it, my fingers ease toward my den and lightly stroked on my inner thigh flesh, soft moans past my lips as my legs stretched tight from the flow of tingling sexual sensations running rampage, exciting my mind, body and soul

As one hand slid under the tight woven top and cupped my breast, my other hand slowly eased up the hem of my skirt, giving him the view of the very top of the thighs he loved all so much to caress, to kiss

"He", had positioned himself closer behind me off to the side so he could still see me in the mirror and still hide, not realizing I already knew of his presence in the room

Just as my skirt hem was pulled higher, a thought flashed through my mind

"He", had told me not to wear any panties today, because "He" knew how I love to feel their softness tight on me and "He" didn't want anything touching me there but the caress of his fingertips

Quickly my hand was lowered, hoping "He", didn't see the flash of my panties fabric

A deep, loud, audible voice vibrated in the room, "HE", was on top of me in a millisecond, his strong grip grasp my arm and spun me around as his demanding voice demanded my full attention

"HE", reminded me of how he told me not to wear any under wear, and sense I listened like a kid, I was going to be punished like a kid

My flow of nectar increased as I wondered what was "HE", going to do to me

"HE", grasp got tighter on my arm, with a twisting force, the force bent me over while his other hand ripped the soft fabric of my panties off the flesh of my derrière... To be continued....


  1. 1manview, You are always so thoughtful and caring. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing for all of us to enjoy and absorb. Your words are magical! I am blessed to call you my friend.


  2. @Kitten, Yes your are .. LMAO... You are welcome, more to cum...

  3. Such a tease...

  4. "Somos assim,
    sonhos iguais
    A vida cheia de
    coisas tão lindas
    Que a gente faz
    Na sintonia da emoção
    De coração pra coração."

  5. Obrigado Princesa, você está sempre me pergunto deixando palavras ...