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Sunday, May 31, 2009

HE.. An Act Of Surrender PT3..

My lips tighten on "HE" flaccidity flesh, they suckled on it until his entire shaft had disappear completely between my lips

Then it happen, "He" flaccidity started to grow in my mouth, his girth became semi hard, his length grew and grew until it pushed out my mouth, the fill of "He" enormity growing in my mouth was so erotic my nectar started to free flow 

After "He" enormity became rock hard, "He" withdrew it form between my lips

Without saying a word, "He" grabbed me by my hair and let me to a couch in the room; again "HE" put me in the same position on the edge of the couch

"He" position himself behind me, without any foreplay, any warning or a gentle touch, "HE" plunge his enormity down the middle of my wanting wet womb

The sensation of "HE'' penetrating my pinkness, made my eyes close, my head tilted backwards, my mouth open wide while my lungs gasp

The sensation of having my small opening stretched was sensational, 'He" grasp my ample breast as "He" enormity slithered down my pink corridor

A scream osculated in my throat as his size stretched my walls beyond their maximum capacity

He moaned as my taught hole squeezed his enormity with all its might

Once "HE" enormity became accustom to my tightness, "HE" thunder his hugeness down my walls with lighting quickness and animalistic viciousness

It took all my might and will to hold still as "He" thick girth rammed inside between my thighs again and again, while his scrotum slapped my bottom harder then his hand had before

My head would pop upward on each thrust, "He' fingertips dug deeper into the softness of my breast flesh, as "HE wailed his enormity viciously deep into my pink domain, sounds of "HE" deep breaths was ringing in my ear as "HE" lungs gasped air deep into them

Pop, pop, pop, sounds wailed into the air while the wet sloshing sound of my taught womb pulling on his girth played in rhythm in the background

My orgasm was growing on each thrust of his hips in the pit of my stomach; I could feel his punishing thrust bringing me to an atomic orgasmic frenzy

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to move, I had to nurture the orgasm building within me, without reservation, my hips thrust in time with is, my butt slapped against "HE" stomach as I let all caution go into the wind, I didn't care about the punishment that I would receive later for being disobedient, I wanted this now, I needed it now, I wanted all of him now…

My lungs groaned, my mind screamed as my womb creamed all over his enormity

"HE" leaned my body forward, I felt his fingertips intertwine into my hair, and then pulling on it with great force, getting all the power he could to viscously slam his enormity deep into me 

MY body felt like it was wedged between a hard brick wall while being hit with a wrecking ball; his enormity was hurting all so good inside my taught pink den

My mind went blank as my orgasm release through me, my legs quivered as my womb creamed heavily on his enormity flesh, my lungs cried out loud as his enormity raced in and out the pinkness of my den

The sensations of "HE" enormity swelling tighter against my sensitive pink walls raced through me, the ejaculation of "HE" hot seed pouring into my den like a roaring river made my body tremble helplessly

The sensation of 'He" hot manly seed, washing down my pink walls, triggered an atomic orgasmic release deep in the pit of my stomach

Suddenly "HE" lungs cried out, as "HE" lost control of his body functions 

"He" orgasm was so violent his body jerked and quake with viciousness, "HE" never notice nor felt the orgasmic meltdown of my body

When "HE" body finally stops trembling, its dead weight leaned heavily on my backside

After several minutes, "He" woke up from the sexual dead; quietly "HE" pulled his flaccidity out the tightness of my den

"HE" said nothing until he was standing before me, "HE" growled "sit up' which my body eagerly did "HE" took a step forward and told me to take his limpness in my hand and lick it clean

A quiet Mmm floated in my throat as I tasted his seed mixed with my womanly juice, my tongue slashed around his crown and down his shaft like it was a melting ice cream cone, when the flat part of my tongue eased up the sides of "HE" shaft, and the tip of my tongue swirled on his limpness head, "HE" hands reached out and rested his weight on my shoulders as his knees buckle

"He" moaned ultra quiet, trying not to let me know I was pleasing him tremendously, but his body language was giving him away

In the lowest tone of his voice, "HE" demanded I suck his limp enormity completely down into my mouth 

Mmm... echoed in my mind because giving oral pleasure always make me all so wet between my thighs... To be continued (Hehe...) 


  1. To be continued... Ufaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Hot very hot heehehe


  2. Rsrsrs, isso é que é marotice:)
    Fico a aguardar pacientemente, mas já aqueceu,rsrs

  3. Just read parts 1, 2 and 3... This is a great story, it's hard to imagine continuing in part 4 after all that 'work' ;-)

  4. Gasp ;-) I can't wait to keep reading...


  5. @Topaz.. As you can see in part 4, I had to finish what she started...
    It was not work, it was fun writing kittens thoughts.. Glad you enjoyed it and left a comment..

  6. CAMILLE, agradeço o, comentário e visita.

  7. Palma da Mão, obrigado por ter vindo, espero que você goste ... PT4

  8. Kitten, glad you are enjoying this...

  9. Deixando beijos !! Belo momento de amor ... e paixão !! E bota paixão nisso ... rs