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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Native Tongue ... Prose Poem

Silky hair, luscious lips, calling my name

She lays there, quietly still, in a dead state, while in a dream

I stand before her, wanting her

Wanting to touch her softness, 

Wanting to kiss her moist lips

Wanting to slide my tongue between them, and taste their delicate inner ridge, then slowly plunge my tongue deeper, and taste her full flavor

Wanting to hear her moan, as I taste between her lips deep

I lean down and part her hair with my tongue, sliding on her lips edges, slowly down one side, then slowly up the other 

Now bestowing a soft kiss on them, before I let my tongue ride gently on their tender inside ridge

First one, now the other

They're now plumb, juicy, succulent looking with flavor

A quick lick to tease and moisten, then a slow long lick down the middle of her slit

A gasp, hips bunk, legs widen, as my tongue starts its journey

First up one side of her womb opening, slowly, softly, than down the other, going a little faster each time

A quick reverse in travel, my tongue now moves more in a circle, it stops for a second and taste its offering, then speeds back into a quick circular rhythm

Hips fly off the masteries as my tongue plunges deeper inside, tasting the pinkness between them, feeling the velvet flesh of her inner walls, plunging as far as possible, tasting her flavor, licking her inside, sucking up her nectar, as her hips roll in rhythm with my tongue lashing

She moans between deep breaths, while her thighs tighten on my head

My tongue now circles in a figure eight, licking inside her lips higher and higher each time

Her sweet spot is meet; she cries out loud, her hips stroke harder, her offering taste sweeter, her hands pull on my head with all her might

Faster, harder her hips roll, my head bounces up and down as if on a roller coaster ride, a vibration travels through her arms making them shake

A quiet scream, her body bucks, then another buck, her body goes rigid as her womb muscles spasm, as her pinkness floods my mouth with its clear nectar 

My tongue trash inside her swollen lips like a hurricane, seemingly touching every spot at once, sending spasm after spasm running through her velvet walls, making her body quake

One last quake and her body falls to the mattress in a heap, while my tongue slowly lap up her river of wetness

She lies still, at first gasping loudly for air, then quietly, in a complete calm, finally her body goes into a silent hush

I stand and watch her sleep peacefully, her hair is wet, her lips has a darker pink tint to them and swollen

Quietly I lie back down next to her, and hold her sleeping body tight, next to mine 

Holding her between, my loving arms


  1. have you "email"? I need your email for give código html de translate if I can read you. Thanks. MUAC

  2. Letras llenas de pasión y sensualidad, como ese beso húmedo que das.



  3. O prazer do nosso conhecimento, do toque e do momento, todo o encanto e sedução nas tuas palavras, amei!
    Miminho para ti no Mimus e Erectus, espero que gostes

  4. Beijos, bastante inspirada e imagens lindas.

  5. As pessoas mais felizes
    não têm as melhores coisas.
    Elas sabem fazer o melhor
    das oportunidades que aparecem
    em seus caminhos.

    Boa semana
    um beijo

  6. Eu não falo inglês, querida ! Mas acho lindo o seu Blog ... entendo muito pouco do texto, só em linhas gerais !
    Kisses for you !

  7. Eu não me canso de te olhar...
    Belíssimo o seu blog.



  8. *clears throat* HOT HOT!!!

  9. I think the lips is what drives the sex. Delicious poetic prose. I love your blog and know that love is following me. Hot kisses.