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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Passion Sensation 2 ........ Prose Poem ..

In between the moans and sighs, a soft whisper appear in my ear, " Somebody really gets into this position, don't they?"

At that particular time, my eyes had been fixated on her body, but after hearing her voice, I gazed into her big light brown eyes and smiled

Afterwards as our bodies intertwine in a love embrace, she whispered "why do you like that position so much"

At first I'm silent, as my lungs inhale large quantities of air, reviving my senses

Then a reply slowly creeps out my mouth, "As my manflesh feels every stroke inside the wet softness of the inner you, my fingertips feels its caress of the soft texture of the outer you, while my eyes sees it all"

Not only do I feel my fingers roam over the smooth texture of your breast flesh, but my eyes witness, how their light touch makes your nipples rigid, how a soft touch makes your stomach quiver, while a firm touch makes your thighs quake

My eyes see every passionate change your body goes through, and the every changing expression of passion on your face

They watch your eyes flutter, as my fingers ease down the flatness of your stomach; the slow tilt of your head backwards, as I touch your clitoris

Then when your haven is warm and wet, and anticipate the arrival of my harden manflesh, my eyes follow its tip as it intrudes into your pinkness, while pushing your womb lips open wider and wider, until they are open wide enough for the swollen head of my manflesh to ease into the heat of your wet haven

Then as I feel your tightness surround my swollen head, my eyes watch my shaft slowly descend down your haven slippery corridor, visually stimulating the front half of my mind as the sensuous fell of your taut womb walls stimulate the back half of my mind

Haven't you ever wondered what the intricate part of lovemaking looks like, or do you just accept the feel of it all?

After a brief silence I whisper, "I have a surprise for you"

The TV comes to life as the button on the hidden remote control is pressed,

She sees we are the stars on the TV screen and frowns as its starts

Together we watch the first kiss that lead too a assortment of deeper passionate ones

We watched the steamy foreplay, then her eyes becomes fixated on the TV screen as she watches my lust filled manhood jumping and throbbing just before I cupped it between my fingers and ease it to the front of her womb

She had never notice the pink color flesh of the head of my blood-swollen manhood before it enters her domain

In silence she watched it slide up and down her lubricated slit, never knowing its size compared to her small love womb; its bold color compared to the paleness of her entry

As my finger press the zoom button on the remote, in awe she watches my manhood size push her swollen womb lips aside, then slither inside her tight, hot-wet-pinkness as her soft swollen lips yields to the mushroom head of my shaft

Her mind now visualize the feel of the soft pink flesh inside her womb, surrounding my shaft with a tight hug as it passes by

She watches the screen even more intensely as her hips lift off the mattress, then hearing herself gasp out loud while my shaft slowly impales inside her treasured domain

She fills a dampness between her legs as her mind flash back on the still lingering effect of my manflesh shaft slowly descending and disappearing into the darkness of her pinkness

Her brown eyes fixate on my shaft flesh as my hips rock back and forth, thrusting the harden flesh of my manhood into her slowly

Still in silence, she watches the warmth of her hand slowly stroking up and down my thighs

Now she sees her hips instantly match my strokes rhythm, and the wet look of her juices on my shaft flesh as it glides in and out her crying womb

Her eyes never leave the TV screen, but her fingers gently roam around my scrotum and wrap themselves around my semi hard shaft, then slowly stroke it to its fullness

Her eyes focus on my fingers roaming softly across her breast; her skin tingles from the remembrance of the sensation of her nipples rising, as she watches her body contort and twist from the sexual feelings, while her body jerks on each of my hardest strokes

While still watching in silence, I can hear her breathing getting louder and faster

Her grip on my shaft was getting tighter, as the heat of our lovemaking on the TV screen turned into a lustful ball of fire

She wears a curious smile as she watches my shaft ease quickly back and forth smoothly through her womb, while making that slurping suction sound in her well-lubricated tightness

Excitement fills her eyes as she watches my hips roll in a tight circle, burying my manhood deeply inside her wet hot haven, while watching herself as she gasp and moan, while her body convulsed

Now her eyes see, while her mind visualized the feel of her fingertips digging tight into my thighs flesh, as they pull hard on the thickness of my thighs, burying all I have to give, deep inside her

Her eyes never blinked, as she watches herself cry out while her body jerks uncontrollably, as the full length of my harden shaft completely disappear, in the depths of her small womb, bringing us both to the point of release

She watches my arms extend, as my fingers grip the roundness of her butt cheeks, pulling her hips off the mattress and colliding our bodies together again, and again, as she moans passionately on each hard thrust

Her fingers squeezes my manhood with all their might, as her light brown eyes watches my back arch seconds before the ultimate release rocks through my body

Her mind still feels the lingering heat of my sticky hot white seed, ejaculating deep inside her pink domain Her eyes freeze frame the sight of my body shuddering, as my arms violently shakes

A sudden scream from the TV shakes her out of her trance, she marvels at the sight of her back being in a perfect arch as her body vibrated from a sudden thunderous orgasm, brought on by the feel of my manhood palpitating between her sensitive womb walls, as my steamy hot seed burns its way down to the darkest corner of her womb

The TV screen goes silent...

Instantly her soft body rolls on top of mines, she quickly guides my harden manhood between her thighs, sinking most of it inside her haven with one quick thrust of her hips

She has the remote in her hand and pushes the record button

As my throbbing manhood slides deeper inside her wetness, a smile crosses her face, then she whispers, "Close your eyes, it's my turn to watch"

My eyes slowly close as the feel of her velvet soft walls surround my shaft as it impales into her womb depths

The softness of her fingertips wondering across my body is felt, it stops to manipulate my nipples to an erection, then ease over my face softer then a feather; my body shutters and vibrate from the sensations

Her walls contract tight on my shaft as she works my manhood up and down between the velvety softness of her walls, as she takes me on her visual quest..



  2. Que delícia! Upa upa.