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Monday, June 15, 2009

Energize Me .... Prose Poem

She thought about it all on her way to work
She couldn't concentrate on her work at all today
She wanted to do it before she left home this morning, but she got up to late
Now she'll have to daydream about it all day
She thought of its long-ness, the girth of it in her hand, the texture of its outer layer, the smoothness of its head
The feel of the ripples on its sides, and how all so good it felt as it slid in her hot womb
As soon as work was over, she rushed home to get it
She was yelling for her baby as soon as she opened the door
She yells for it as she quickly walks toward the bedroom, baby, are you ready, she yells as she walks into the bathroom
Now before her its stands tall
She can fill the moistness between her legs as see gaze upon it
She gently grabs it by the shaft and again is reminded of its girth
Her head leans down as her hungry lips open wide
She flips her tongue around its crown, getting it all so wet
Now she's massaging it slowly, in and out between her lips
She now has it like she likes it, hard and wet
Mmm she whispers, I've waited all day for this moment, I want it now
She lays down in the bed and spread eagles her legs, and then guide it into her pink inferno
As the head penetrate her outer door, her back arches, a gasp, then she whispers, come on baby, you can take it deeper 
Deeper it travels, up and down, in and out as she loses all control
Faster baby she moans, faster
The pace quickens as her womb oscillate from the sensations 
Faster d-eeper, fa-ster she moans
Yea, yea, oh yes baby yes, she screams
Her hips rock in time with its strokes, as her wetness creams over the sheets
I'm coming baby, faster she whispers, Aww-Yea... Aww-Yea...Thump!
Oh.. D*%... I knew I should of bought those energize batteries 



  1. Hello dear !


  2. Eu compreendo amigo e estás perdoado sim

    Amizades verdadeiras são como árvores de raízes profundas
    nehuma tempestade consegue arrancar.

    Feliz dia amanhã

  3. Vim agredecer por acompanhar meu outro blog.
    Desculpe não ter vindo antes, estou em alguns momentos críticos e tentando guardar energias.
    Agradeço pelo carinho e presença.
    Beijos com carinho.