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Monday, June 1, 2009

HE.. An Act Of Surrender PT4..

He became rock hard faster the a light brightens a dark room

After grasping my head and forcing his enormity into my throat, "HE" pulled it away from my lips grip and stood in silence

My eyes was staring at "HE" hugeness, which its head was now a pretty pink –red in color, as it waved up and down in the air

With no words spoken, "He" puts a finger in my eyes view, then pointed at the floor, my body quickly got back in the doggy position

Quietly he steps behind me and kneels down, I feel the mushroom head of his enormity sliding up and down my wet slit, “HE” circles it directly on my clit and a small orgasm smarts between my legs, it takes all my will to keep still as the orgasm spark through me

A quick thrust push the mushroom head of his shaft inside my pink walls, my lungs quietly moans as he holds it there for a few seconds, then withdraw it

Now the feel of "HE" lubricated enormity is felt pushing up against my darkest hole opening, “HE” lays his enormity on my darkest opening, and thrust it forward with a slow constant thrust

"HE" slick mushroom head ease into my anus tight opening, the pain from it shoots up my spine, but as my mind concentrate on relaxing my sphincter, the split second of pain turns to pleasure, as "HE" large mushroom head paves the way for his shaft girth

As "HE" huge girth stretches my tightest hole wider, I can feel his shaft thick blood filled veins as it slide into the tightness of my anus canal

The beat of his heart pulsating his thickness against my anus walls is felt, the sensation of first penetration of my tight dark hole rips thru me, causing an audible gasp to rush out my lungs into the air

After partially filling my anus cannel, "HE" gyrates his hips in a slow push-pull movement

The gyrations are soft, slow and smooth, as "HE" ease more of his enormity inside my black hole, blissful pleasurable waves floats inside me, as my black hole starts to feel full

Deeper, deeper his enormity sinks down my anus canal until it enters in my rectum

Back and forth "HE" pushes and pulls his enormity in and out my anus cavity like a large long Tootsie Roll 

My body wants to vibrate in pleasure, my lungs want to scream in passion pain, my fingers want to ease over my clit again and again until my body quake in orgasmic pleasure, as the smooth strokes of "HE" penetrates my anus deeply, but I remain still and silent as "HE" pleasure himself to the maximum

"HE" scrotum lightly taps my red flesh as his fingertips grips tight into my waist, anchoring my body completely still, as his enormity glides in and out the tightness of my anus opening

The rapture of "HE" vigorous strokes makes my breast bounce back and forth like a pendulum 

"HE" body raises up, "HE" slap my butt hard as his enormity raged deep inside my anus, the lustful slaps pushed both of our sexual lust even higher

My anus fills full as "HE" enormity voyage through my canal with strong smooth strokes, sending my orgasm over the edge

My lungs gasp, my legs tremble, as my orgasm raged through me like a bolt of sizzling hot lightning

"He" bents over and grabs my swinging breast, "HE" fingertips lightly clasp my harden nipples enhancing my already raging orgasm

As my body exhaled in orgasmic release, my sphincter tighten on "HE" enormity flesh

"HE" arms vibrate, his breathing becomes erratic and gasping, the smoothness of his strokes has become jerky, as he pushes his enormity in as deep as possible on each thrust of his hips

His thickness is pushing tighter on my anus canal walls, oh she-it, oh she-it whispers into the air, as his hot white manly seed shoots and burns deep into my bowels

Again and again, "HE", thrust his palpitating enormity between my butt cheeks, again and again his hot white seed ejaculates deep into my bowels, just as my mind thinks it won't end, "HE" body collapses on mines

As "HE" spent body leans heavily on mines, the last of his enormity palpitations pushes on my anus canal walls, and the last of his milky white-hot seed ejaculate into the darkness of my bowels

The complete surrender of "ME", has completely satisfied the animal lust of "HE"

THE END.....

This Poetic story was written from Complicated Kitten remark (on several occasions), I wish he would spank me and fill all three of my holes...  That is such an erotic thought, went through my mind..


  1. Por onde andas amigo não tens aparecido no meu blog
    Lutar pela felicidade e viver a vida.
    Valorizar as coisas boas
    E contribuir para melhorar o modo de vida de todos
    O presente é a base do futuro.
    Viva feliz e ajude os outros a serem felizes.

  2. I had no idea that my words of longing to be used by my Master registered to anyone but me... There is something very magical in a D/s relationship that causes the bond to be so strong and powerful that you ache terribly for the other when apart. I never felt the erotic heat for another until I discovered my submissive side allowing her freedom to no longer hide in shame. So, with that I thank you my friend for writing such an erotic story. I am thrilled that my words inspired you!


  3. Uuuuuufa mas que gente levadinha :)

    Perco fôlego...


  4. Vim lhe convidar para conhecer meu novo blog.
    Bjs com carinho.

  5. Ooooops...
    Very, very hot ...


  6. ...The End?
    Never, my friend.

    Gostei muito!
    Bjs de Lua Cheia.

  7. Em sua primeira paixão, uma mulher ama seu amante, em todas as outras tudo que ela ama é o amor.
    um beijo

  8. “O triunfo
    Não se mede
    Pelo estatuto que
    Se atingiu na vida,
    Mas pelos obstáculos
    No caminho”

    E pronto já está…Desejo

    Um bom
    Com esta pequena mensagem...

    Beijos Mil

  9. Excinting and almost make me cum ....

    Hot Kiss

  10. you are quite the wordsmith

  11. Erótico relato que sube según se leen sus renglones en fuego y sensualidad.



  12. Kitten ... Thank you for the inspiration

  13. Luna, você é tão certo

  14. Joana, de forma verdadeira

  15. Princesa, Muito sensato ..

  16. DocePecado, almost isn't good enough...

  17. the eternal list, Thank you for the visit and comment..

  18. oi angel tudo bem... feliz dia dos namorados viu...
    Tem selopremio do traços de um homem lá no meu blog pra vc gostaria q aceitasse meu presentinho é com muito carinho...bjussss