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Saturday, July 11, 2009

High Tide.... Prose Poem .....

I lie on top of you, in the middle of a passion thrust

The extension of me rides inside the middle of the velvet soft tunnel of your womanhood

Heavy dew drops falls off my forehead, landing in the valley of your soft pear shape breasts

Intimate moaning, groaning, heavy breathing, the smell of intimacy, the sound of soft music in the background crowds the air

My extension falls in, then pulls out, falls in, pulls out, deeper... deeper, inside you, while staying in rhythm with the movement of your hips

It floats inside you like a big ship in a hurricane, crashing through the high waves on it's way up, Then slamming it's way down, slapping the bottom of the waves like my extension slaps the back of your womb

And just like a big ship out in the high seas, the waves are rough, but the ride is smooth, once you ride in the rhythm of the waves

Right after you hit the peak of the storm, the eye of the storm cums in, then you take rest, before the swell of the storm starts over again


  1. que bela imagem!!!.....bjus suaves amiga bons sonhos

  2. Muy, muy bueno. Nice, good.

  3. Hi, welcome to my blog. Yours is very hot!


  4. Obrigado fatti ... Tenha uma ótima semana .. Abraços ..

  5. Angus ... Obrigado ... Aprecio o comentário ...

  6. Jorge Ampuero ... Gracias, por visitar mi blog y dejar un comentario

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  8. I love it when the storms hit. I honestly love this!

  9. @Kindred, A humble thank you, I'm always happy to see someone read the older poems..